► World of Warships: 9 Kills, 8 vs 16 – Scary Special Event + Giveaway – HALLOWEEN!

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I did never expect anything like that from Wargaming… This is, interesting to say the least! 😀
Today you are going to see Wargaming EU Community special event where I am going to be sailing with scary tier 4 super-hyper-epic-special cruiser “The Salem Witch”.

►In this episode I am going to be able to give even MORE stuff away, again!
– 10 x 10 Special Halloween Camo Packages!

►Both EU and NA servers are able to win.
►Winner is going to receive the prize after this ship comes available for everyone.



  1. OOOH THE SALEM <3 😀
    Love that ship GG!

  2. Are you post armored warfare videos any time soon?

  3. Leave a comment? NEVER! Oh wait…

  4. U r The Best!

  5. i love that halloween skin

  6. I like you videos very much and this ships ar awesome. I would like to have
    one. Bit a Halloween-pack is also nice. Ingame: Joeggi000

  7. thanks for the vide relly liked it.

  8. TheInvisibleStevesNL

    man i want to win that camo pack!

  9. How long will those Halloween camos last after the event?

  10. Nice video Dez.

  11. Lars vG (N0GR4V1TY)

    Giveaway hype!

  12. can you tell me how you get your heath bar like you have it..its better
    when u can actually see there hp..thanks

  13. well That wasn`t really fair xD

  14. I need a decent ship badly!

  15. much OP much LIKE

  16. I haven’t met any of the “bosses” yet… :/

  17. Love your vids Dez, they really entertain me! But I cant seem to not notice
    you might be burning yourself out.

  18. gratz George Cochrane you will really like it, i was lucky and my
    girlfriend bought me it after asking very nicely lol

  19. Nice video Dez, as always !

  20. Nice Battle :D

  21. dirty and satisfied *shipporn with Des* 🙂

    always nice to have something to laugh about

  22. Well….I’m not gonna win….again

  23. Keep up the god work.

  24. Nice video and nice kills! come here camo!

  25. Alejandro Fernández

    So epic are Dez Giveaways =D

  26. Nice game dez alls they did was complain lol. Maybe show some phantom
    fortess gameplay? and hope i can win the camo :pp

  27. I want to win something!!!

  28. Badass!!!

  29. pick me !

  30. pick me !

  31. another giveaway?!? may I join?

  32. Imagine the carnage if this thing’s speed wasn’t reduced 😐 >:D

  33. Hope I can at least win something in my Youtube life D:

  34. good game. opposing team needed to come at you more as a group.

  35. Me like camo.

  36. It is a WICKED CAMOUFLAGE :3

  37. Fun event, gl everybody!

  38. Giveaways in every month! wow, you are better than the roman caesars 😛
    Panem et circenses

  39. Always good work Dezgamer, and what a fun video With super “salem witch”,
    GG. I think its a intressed koncept With higher tiers but fewer ships vs
    low tiers and many ships. I would love to se that kind of games With japs
    vs US.

  40. That ship is a beast 😀 nice game man

  41. Love your videos, keep it up!

  42. I have had an encounter with the phantom carrier and I actually sunk it
    with my Fujin, but the Salem is way OP. The only way possible to win is for
    the team to work together to make it happen. That really means BB’s can’t
    hang back and snipe, they need to get into the fight.

  43. 8 of those guys were tier 3 and 1 was tier 2…the Devil is laughing his
    ass off right now.

  44. gg Dez u rock… :D

  45. u are a very good wows player man love the vids

  46. Ginés Ladrón de Guevara

    Let’s see if I can find any of those phantoms :-P

  47. Nice video as always!

  48. SpookyDez!

  49. Need the sick Halloween came…

  50. Why my World of Warships dont work on my PC :(

  51. Nice playing indeed.

  52. Great job Dez, can you do a review on the E50M? Im at the Panther 2 and
    close to the E50 I would love a E50M review thanks!

  53. That was nice battle :)

  54. mmmm free stuff, yes please :P

  55. Potato? Tomato?

  56. gj dez !

  57. Thanks again for the Fūjin! It’s the first time I’ve ever won something, I
    wasn’t sure if it was real at first :D

  58. what flags can we get?

  59. Great channel, the content is really good and the delivery is top notch :)

  60. KH23 on the EU server.

    Happy Halloween!!

  61. lookin good

  62. beastmode :D

  63. nice

  64. Another great video dez. Thank you

  65. Well, here goes nothing: Pick me, ow honorable random comment picker

    All jokes aside, what a match! GG to you sir ^^

  66. HHHHhhhHhHhhhhhhhhHHhYPE!!!!!!!!

  67. lol everyone was crying so hard in chat.

  68. in it to win it :)

  69. hopefully i get something :D

  70. OMG u sounded like mr terminator and in a terminator ship what a rush i
    got. of to the 7seas witchhunting

  71. nice video plz give us some war thunder RB

  72. Gimme dat fancy XP camo! Gotta move up the new Russian and German trees
    swiftly ^^

  73. Still can’t get the event

  74. That deluge of shell :)

  75. Dayum that was some epic battle dude. You beat the crap out of them 🙂 I
    know this is not the place, but, would appreciate the info about how you
    manage to get the damage done to opponents mod in AW. Saw it 2 week(ish)
    back in one episode of prem tank (Armored Warfare: TAIFUN II – Game play
    and Review – The Swiss Beast!). Cheers.

  76. Wazuuuuup :P

  77. I write something.:)

  78. Dat giveaway action :3

  79. Not OP at all… And the ship is pretty strong too…

  80. I have no idea what they were thinking… :D

  81. OP yes since its the tier10 Des Moines with new camo.

  82. Wow, something nice from WG, unexpected! The ship guys are like, totally
    different from the tank ones, it’s like a different company alltogether, I
    really hope they stay that way!
    Also, what a pity I was busy with my Nurnberg and Aoba, if I played more
    low tiers perhaps I would have gotten a match or two in this event.

  83. Very nice ship!

  84. Salem Witch. The perfect target for the Omaha ;D

  85. How did you get it anyways?

  86. I would love to fight allongside or against the event ships.
    But so far I didn’t see one

  87. Great vid. Nice carry!

  88. Just hope when i see some1 in this ship on my team, he will be as good as
    you :D

  89. I want that camo!

  90. i need this ship badly…i hope i win…

  91. u think that u are scary ey ? Stalins camo would look much more scary…

  92. Hey Dez love the videos been watching for a while now, I played against a
    phantom fortress and got wreaked by those flying pancakes

  93. Give me Camo please

  94. The funniest thing about the replay was the guys who kept asking Dez “how
    you got the Salem Witch?” === they just couldn’t comprehend that it is a
    special event and a temporary ship in game. This is NOT a case of bad
    publicity, but once again a case of players NOT checking the WoWs news to
    learn about what the F is going on. Typical.

  95. Looks like an awesome event :D

  96. imastalker - something :D

    Uhm, what shall I comment?
    EU server: imastalker15

  97. Still not seen any of these Halloween ships :(

  98. Hope to encounter these event ships soon!

  99. This is OP!

  100. The salem Witch is very OP. But can’t say the same thing about Phantom
    Fortress, haven’t seen a game WON when you have the fortress in your team,
    even if you have just 2 ships less than the enemy team.

  101. That camo is amazing! +100% XP

  102. I need them !!!

  103. Hoooolllyyy shiiit da camo.

  104. camp. pls.

  105. nice

  106. Gimme camo! Rawr!!!

  107. Havent seen any of the Ghost Fleet, but I’m still hoping. Keep up the great

  108. Dam that ship looks nice. it would look a lot better in my garage ;)

  109. Too bad I’m potato at WOWS :p

  110. that +100% xp camo allowed me to get gnevnyi and konigsberg double-quick!
    and I love konigsberg already its like pre-nerf clevergirl

  111. *Leaves comment* Nice video !

  112. Someone_who_is_sad_and_will_die.

    Another pagan ?

  113. I want a halloween skin for Fuso :3

  114. i hope i can win this come so i can unlock faster the Mogami 😀
    btw nice video keep up the good work

  115. I really like that halloween camoflauge

  116. I am leaving a comment my master and I`m first!! My lyf is complete. ;)

  117. that st:louise changed speed and then ran into ground

  118. Great work, great channel.

  119. hI dEZGAMEZ.. keep up the good work.. thanks for the giveaway.

  120. Missed the fujin but this looks great too

  121. Nice vid dude!!

  122. That creepy pumpkin XD

  123. cant wait for days off and get some time on this

  124. Hy Dez, what a Epic Silly Ship, because the Fun Pur. GG Dagpuhoo510

  125. Kresimir Jenjic (Panzergranadier)


  126. Can I has camos plez?

  127. u are very good youtuber. Kas sa oled eestlane?

  128. wow this is crazy..

  129. Did WG hype this at all? I didn’t know it was happening.

  130. Enjoy your videos! Keep it up……

  131. Hello plz give me something! I am poor and homeless!

  132. Again a good episode from a good youtubestar.

  133. witch or bitch?

  134. when I saw the camo I thought it was a german flag camo

  135. Travis Tynes-Peissner

    DezGamez! Easily my favorite World of Warships channel!

  136. I’ve only been in one of these special matches thus far….it’s didn’t go
    well. Hahaha

  137. I would love to win!

  138. nicely done, sir! thanks for posting!

  139. Winning is like RNG,, and somehow RNG hate me

  140. Dez….you enjoy seal clubbing i think

  141. All Hallows Eve camo please ?

  142. Sweeet

  143. be very cool if we could get to use these

  144. I still love your videos :P

  145. nice game play

  146. Still not as OP as T18s because of how often that ship can lose its turrets
    from Battleship AP shells

  147. Love the video Dez!! :)

  148. yeah, I’ve seen the Salem Witch in a couple of matches & it didn’t dawn on
    me that it was there for the event.

  149. I think that this event is rather ridiculous, and quite unfair to most
    enemy teams (considering every time I saw these my teams were always tier 4
    and 5 only), they really should have given losing teams a little bit of an
    award to compensate for being reamed so hard. But I will say – I definitely
    respect your choice of actually pushing out into the open and taking the
    brunt of the damage. The 3 times I saw these things (all 3 times on the
    enemy team) the player controlling the ship just hid in the back letting
    the rest of their team get wrecked while just slaughtering my teams.

  150. Thanks Dez for organizing another give-away .

  151. I was only able to encounter the Salem Witch once so far. My team won by
    points, because the witch’s team didn’t support it…

  152. You have some serious seal clubbing potensial here.

  153. The Salem witch is too op

  154. Yaaay!

  155. thanx i love watching these videos your a good captain, i’d follow you to
    davie jones locker!! lol

  156. I joined your sub ranks sir! I think I’ve found a new steady supplies of
    youtube vids!! keep up the good work =)

  157. Leaving a like’cause I love your channel, but salty because SEA server
    misses out on this event ( again ).

  158. Love the channel! Always great content!

  159. Hope I get the Halloween camo packages

  160. Hoping for a win 🙂
    Keep up the good work Deez

  161. seal clubbing at it finest …nothing to be proud off….

  162. Julopabene Bananenplantage

    Oh man this thing is way OP! Too bad I can’t play in the event :(

  163. I want that camo

  164. This event looks like a lot of fun for both teams. And the prizes are

  165. USS Salem looks good

  166. I didn’t encounter any of the “boss ships” so far, that’s (un)lucky me!

  167. I’ll never win one… :P

  168. Legit, I’ve only played one battle with a Salem Witch on my team.

  169. U R the Best Captain at this

  170. goddamnit i never win shite

  171. they are op if your team doesn’t work together 😛 ,nickalaso123

  172. ethansoul98

  173. I haven’t seen a Salem Witch beaten yet, except by another Salem Witch.

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