► World of Warships: Back in The Saddle! – Road to Tier 10 Destroyers

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World of Warships Gameplay. World of Warships Review. World of WarshipsDestroyer Gameplay Review / Preview. World of Warships Class Guide / Tips / Tutorial.

Ou yeah, finally back with some more World of Warships action!
Going to get back in the saddle with tier tier 7 destroyer Hatsuharu and going to sink some ships!



  1. hey dez do u play war thunder? and will u ever do videos on it?

  2. an-shan
    source: i am chinese

  3. Best free to play game :D! You are a cool person bro.

  4. Welkome back !!!! I am glad thats Will se Wow video. Gl to the Tier 10 DDs.
    I am at Tier 9 Flether and i Can tel you that the ship is a Monster… ?

  5. Oh thank you so much! Keep up the good work, I was waiting for this series
    to be back.

  6. yay world of warships :)

  7. I want a full Dez remix of Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ now ;_;

  8. Welcome back from that bloody tank game.

  9. No Tirpitz? I thought you had one. Didn’t see it in your port though.

  10. fun stuff, Dez! A very close loss!

  11. farragut is OP, gunboat without being spotted at max range

  12. ARGH! Why you not show us detailed report???

  13. FINALLY! I was really hoping you would OWN the Gearing and Zao by now!

    I love your content bro, just wish you did more Warships!

    That is my favorite game by far for the last – almost 6-7 months by now! I
    still LOVE WOT too, just most of my game time is spent in WOWS lately!

  14. 666 views, is that a bad thing, or does it happen all the time? 🙂

    btw <3 your channel and vids

  15. surely this game would be better if all the ships were rendered all the
    time, and the ships all had their true maximum range? why is this not the

  16. The Anshan is a pretty good ship as well, can you try it out and give us
    your thoughts?

  17. I wish they would introduce the Royal Navy.

    Hell we even have a ‘pan-asian’ line coming before them!

  18. Is it a daily double in Ships or a x 1.5?

  19. Welcome back! (to WoWS atleast)

  20. I love that Torps Skill for the captain. My Shima now has 15x 72knots torps
    with 16km Range :3

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