► World of Warships Benson Destroyer: Gameplay and Preview – BOOM!

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World of Warships Benson Destroyer Class Gameplay, Tier 8 Destroyer. World of Warships Destroyer Guide/.
►Welcome Home!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the battle is on! World of Warships entered into closed beta stage and that means we are able to share our videos, thoughts and gameplays about World of Warships.

You can’t get enough of some epic World of Warships destroyer action, right? 😛 Well, let’s see what we are going to be able to do in tier 8 destroyer – Benson. Finally something good from US Navy as well. 🙂

What do you want to see next?

Enjoy! 😉



  1. Y like this game much . My father god bles him say when a ship mouve in
    wather you think that you die special in storm y like the sound is super ty
    all who work to this game send them for me gggggggggggggggggggggg all lines
    of HART from me ty
    . sry english ty to suport me sry see you

  2. that speed is hilarious 😀 it actually seems like at least 70 knots

  3. Can you please tell me how to remove the hud ingame?

    STILL NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. We are 20 seconds from…..shiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttt.

  6. UltimateDarkStar1337

    Is World of warships music this EPIC ?

  7. Sub earned, epic job.

  8. capitan!!! were are u from???

  9. i memba this game, i was in Benson, and stuck on island cuz massive FPS
    drop 😛

    GG mate see ya on sea

  10. Is this a reupload? I saw this last night in my subfeed.

  11. the hundreds of hours you sank into this game are going to get wiped so how
    does that make you feel ?

  12. btw just wanted to say you are quickly becoming my go-to youtuber for WG
    stuff, you always have all the latest news and a TON of informative and
    funny content, whereas quicky and foch release stuff too infrequently and i
    watch jingles more for entertainment than in-depth info. keep it up! :D

  13. great vid! idk what it is about WoWS but watching all those ships sailing
    and blowing shit up feels so serene and relaxing!

    i’d love to see some BIG DERP action sometime, i.e. kv-2, su-152, arties in
    td mode, etc

  14. benson torp speed is just too horrible. unless you caught the bb off guard,
    there’s hardly a chance to hit them with it.

  15. Sounds amazing game can’t stop watching these videos … keep them coming
    bro .. if i can’t play at least i will watch you doing … can’t wait to
    join …. I know I am probably late to the private “beta” party

  16. Lithuainian Eagle

    what is that box on the top of the ship it it AA?

  17. more fv215b before they get rid of it plz!!!!!!!!!!! you only good youtube
    that shows it

  18. Also looking forward to the next stream! when is it again?

  19. I wanna see the Pensacola! CRUISERS! but on the other hand I think your
    better off staying with the upgraded torpedoes on the Benson. More damage
    and more range means you can fire and flee and still stand a good chance of
    hitting with them and the upgraded damage means even if you only hit with 3
    your still almost doing close to 45k damage. And the fire control upgrade
    is something you should want when you have to fight BB’s from range…being
    able to hit them at 11Km gives you alot of room to dodge return shots.

  20. Can you play the worst tank there is in World of tanks?

  21. Let me check.
    yes, i can see that now as well.
    (I am here from facebook)

  22. Saw that last night as well, but I enjoy it again! :D

  23. i wish I got invited to the beta :(

  24. Second try, let’s hope you guys actually see the video now as well..
    Youtube… :@

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