► World of Warships: Blyskawica – New Tier 7 Poland Destroyer on New “Land of Fire” Map

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World of Warships Blyskawica Gameplay. World of Warships Blyskawica Review / Preview. World of Warships Premium Poland Destroyer, New Ship. World of Warships Destroyer Class Guide / Tips / Tutorial. World of Warships Giveaway.

Once again I have something new for you to show in World of Warships. Patch 0.5.1 is live with a lot of changes and you are going to see this new ship on the newest map as well – “Land of Fire”.

► Going to be able to give away one “Blyskawica” as well in this episode.

Going to draw winner randomly from the comment section, as always!



  1. Finally a ship from my country! Thanks for the review Dez really

  2. Woohooo! I love it!

  3. Niceeee

  4. Julien Brouilhounat

    pretty interesting ship, and this time, nobody will joke on poland people
    ou products… respect… any idea about future price in cash shop? anyway,
    as always, thx for your hardwork, for the video, and thx for the gift !!!

  5. nice vid

  6. Nice video and great battle. This little Polish DD looks very nice and
    accurate.. would love to have that one ^^

  7. It’s just too beautiful ;)

  8. Nice boat. Looks like higher tier Gremy. I wonder what the final price will

  9. go Poland

  10. Oh wow! That was an awesome video. I really want my first premium to be
    this beaut.

  11. Polska DD, hell yeah!

  12. wow DD paradise map. Nice shell dispersion on those guns.

  13. Giveaway entry 🙂 (man this ship looks nice)

  14. Wonder if it’s available on the Asian server o.O

  15. Looking like a fun ship !!!! Great Videos !!!! :)

  16. I want this ship :p

  17. Interesting ship

  18. Nice videos dez, keep up the good work

  19. I like the looks of this ship!

  20. Looks like a very capable little DD.

  21. Great review as ever , ship looks to be good aswell .

  22. nice to see the new ships DG ! thx for the Video

  23. Might have to buckle and buy this! Unless I win one Dez!? ?

  24. I’m not sure yet, what to think about polish tech tree…

  25. nice ship nice game

  26. really nice looking ship but why do we STILL not have British ships…..

  27. Nice Shooting.

  28. I wonder when the Polish Destroyer line will be added.

  29. Wonder if the Polish tech tree will get a BB branch.

  30. well i liked the ship and the video … keep on dez

  31. how good is Sims for you

  32. Interesting. Wonder when this is coming to NA server….

  33. Good fight! I saw that it was at first a tier VI ship, do you know why they
    have changed it to T VII? Have they modified it and then decided it got too
    strong for T VI?

  34. flash :)

  35. I rly like u but thats not Poland destroyer and u dont have Poland fans.
    This is polish destroyer and u have polish funs plese correct your mistake.

  36. British made beauty XD

  37. Oh man… you mangled it. B-whisk-a-vee-tsa. Although, any English speaker
    would mangle it, English doesn’t have that distinct ‘c’ sound, let alone
    the rest of the weird letters in Polish.

  38. keep up the good wqrk!

  39. Might have been better to compare this ship to the Mahan, and not the
    Sims. The Mahan went through some interesting changes in the last patch,
    and not just to the torpedoes. It’s a stronger ship than the Sims is.

  40. Antonis Zavogiannis

    looks like an awesome ship

  41. thx for quick video relese. i was looking for it and end up here.
    about ship. are you aware that without skills u have like 500m stelth
    shooting range. with cammo u can strech it a bit more. and like us and rus
    dd it should shine there the most.
    btw give me the ship :)

  42. Nice one :”) will be cool dd 🙂 and hope i can win one ;)

  43. Awesome ship.

  44. I hope more Polish ships will be added :D


  46. Onya Dez another brilliant give away, if i dont win it when can i buy it??
    I only play DD’s, this one has good guns AND usable torp range!

  47. So, where’s the Royal Navy?

  48. Hopefully it will be available for dubloons and not just in an inflated
    shop pack.

  49. Polish tech tree coming? :D

  50. Definitely getting one of those polish vodka ships! Looks like everything
    you want in a dd. When will it be out for sale? :)

  51. nice, I’ll bet I won’t be able to get the same result with that ship :)

  52. That camo pattern, lol.

  53. Looks like an awesome ship! I wonder if (or when) more poles are added.

  54. GG DEZ!

  55. Looks like a decent DD, might have to give this one a try, especially since
    they nerfed my poor Nicholas. :-/

  56. This Polish DD seems to be a nice ship.

    Thank you for your videos and reviews.

  57. Fantastic video! This Polish destroyer is a very much needed addition to
    the game.

  58. can i haz ship? =D

  59. Yes please! At least if it will work on the NA server! Nice game, also.

  60. epic…

  61. thanks for another great video.

  62. i want that ship!

  63. Destroyer Blyskawica, Looks like a great addition to WOWS

  64. The battle is gonna be more exciting with more nation

  65. Love the videos keep up the good work, Oh and i would love the new premium
    ship cheers.

  66. Great reviews. Keep it up!

  67. 7 guns! Gonna be a great time.

  68. Nice little ship

  69. That is really cute little ship, I think I’m in love. And You did better at
    pronouncing polish shenenigans than most of foreigners do 🙂 (still
    butchered it a bit tho)

  70. Are NA players eligible for the give away, because this ship looks sweet.

  71. snoogens.

  72. Dez, you are awesome :D

  73. That, kind Sir, is a fine ship you’ve got there!

  74. Lol, why don’t I ever run into as many potatoes that want to suicide on my
    torps as you do? This ship’ll be cool to see on NA. Would love to get this
    for myself!

  75. Hey Dez you make great videos! Keep up the good work you beast!

  76. nice ship

  77. comment for the win

  78. Potatoes

  79. Poland can in to space?

  80. Love the videos! Keep up the good work!

  81. Epic gameplay Dez! Seems like the Russian DDs are having company “soon”….

  82. ERMAGERD is Poland so excited :3

  83. comment

  84. Gary Bromiley (Maddog2uk)

    oh look its the rudy on water
    now for the disappointed face at never winning giveaways :(

  85. Nice! They finally introduced a Poland ship. :)

  86. I def need dis Dez

  87. oo oo me plz! Schnoodles on the NA server.

  88. Looks like a nice DD


  90. what do people think the special feature of polish dds will be?

  91. When will Royal Navi come in?

  92. kurwa…. and so on….
    but can it into space?

  93. great gameplay Dez… great guns plus good torps equals $_$. Wows surely be
    awesome next year with its contents. and the “DIG IT” haha.

    and i think you did not have your coffee your seeing Mahan that is not on
    the game =)

  94. Jack Packet (gaming)

    Yup itle be good to get

  95. Angela Pilar Rubio A.

    Im like Hey What’s up Helloooooo…. I would love to have that ship :P

  96. i need another premiun dd please :3

  97. Interesting ship. I’d love to win one.

  98. gameplay looks like gremyaschy (<- something like that ^^) at tier 5 i like it

  99. man i love destroyers, relieves my stress after karlsruhe and furutaka (man
    those suck)

  100. Enter me in for the ship giveaway. thanks

  101. Polish powah!

  102. Hi, I’m interested in the destroyer, although I’m not poland

  103. Really looks like the Blyskawica will be a will be a better destroyer than
    most at teir 7 if played right.

  104. Best camo yet

  105. Looks like really nice ship.

  106. rly enjoy you vids, thx for bringing up the news about BLyskawica. Eager to
    get one myself since im a Destroyer Player (75% DD Matches)

  107. Nice vid as always :)

  108. Awesome gameplay! Love the videos

  109. nice vid

  110. could be an interesting ship

  111. I would love to be given this sexy beast :P

  112. Great video! Greetings from Poland 🙂 Świetny filmik! Pozdrowienia z Polski

  113. Nice video as always buddy , keep the beast mode on ! :)

  114. OMG I want this beauty

  115. Seems to be a Gremy v1.5. Practically the same torps and AA, almiost twice
    the number of guns (though they are smaller) and… well… twice the
    rudder shift time.

    Now if only I knew what the heck a Polish captain is good for (knowing that
    the Chinese navy is planned sooner than the Polish one)

  116. Polska kurwa !

  117. A nice destroyer for those of us who are more into a gunboat style of play
    using the main guns more than torps. Wouldn’t mind grabbing a free one,

  118. Nice Vid as always
    Seems like it’s an upgraded grem :D

  119. May I have one? Never get any winning so maybe it will be that moment :).
    Wouldnt write if it wasnt Blyskawica. Love that ship and it is gonna be my
    favourite :)

  120. I actually was on this ship in Gdynia.

  121. GG Dez. I like that DD. Do you mostly play on the NA or the EU server
    hopefully ill catch you in game sometime. I play both servers btw. Keep up
    the good work!!!

  122. Excellent stuff ;)

  123. Alexander Sime-Scott

    Destroyers are always best served with potatoes ;D

  124. Błyskawica i need this hehe :)

  125. I realised something after moving to europe. You guys are all so close to
    one another, yet you all speak differently. Sometimes very differently. I
    would walk to any capital city in Western Europe for €10,000.

    Human beings are naturally not very friendly to one another. We need to mix
    more. Somehow we need to encourage migration amongst the nations. No jews
    or niggers though. That’s ironic humour. I was completely sane until I
    mentioned the…people of colour and…fuck…those that are of a race that
    is curiously very attractive and very clever with money.

    No gays though. Srsly. It’s for health reasons so it’s ok to say that.

  126. Lol, a lot of work in a destroyer for having a single torp hit. Nice work

  127. Super cool game play, too bad you were unlucky with a few of the lost
    kills. Better luck next time!

    Keep being awesome on your channel!

  128. Nice video, great ship! Me likey!

  129. Just subscribed couple of days ago, like the channel and the Nordic accent
    :). So we have new DDs with ever improving firepower entering the game.
    Wonder what the British DDs will be like…

  130. Why doesn’t this ship come with a dog?? Step up your game World of
    Warships! ;)

  131. Finally the… Blyskawica 🙂 hmm tier 7… wasnt expecting that, guess it
    was too OP in tier 6 apparently

  132. I would love to get this beauty on the water 😀 Please make it come true!


  133. The Destroyer looks realy nice. :)

  134. Looks pretty nice, I wanna I Wanna Pleeeeeaaaaassssseeeee!!!!!

  135. nice! i visited it some years ago in gdynia

  136. Cool looking DD, especially the camo looked great.

  137. Oliwier Kolczyński

    I’m Poilish!!! I play world of warships and i’m getting that and i also
    play wot and i have the rudy

  138. Another epic gameplay by you, thx! you really inspire me playing this game
    just by watching your vids.

  139. looks good!

  140. Siema. :-)

  141. yay more nations :)

  142. Awesome ship, hope I can get it

  143. a new winner ship

  144. I’m polish American and I would love a błyskawica
    (Pronounce bwyskawicha)

  145. I don’t it’s pronounced Blyskawica, that strange L is more like a w, if all
    my polish friends taught me anyting. And I’d also love to get one of those

  146. Dawid Ernest Kamiński

    Tier 7 :/

  147. may I have that ship!

  148. Nice vid! Love it.

  149. this thing is great

  150. Thanks for that review. Well known ship to uk historians

  151. Is it already in the NA server? She seems like an interesting ship,
    something I would actually enjoy. Me wants!

  152. Hey man, thanks for showing off the ship! It’s my favorite WW2 warship. I
    can’t wait to be able to get in-game :)

  153. Oh yes!!! I was so hyped for this!!! I also im a Polish fan

  154. Would love to have one since I spent to much to grind my Khabarovsk :p

  155. Nice gameplay, looks like a fun ship. Keep up the good work.

  156. Luís Henrique Dória Santos

    “Well all in all I like potatoes” – DezGamez 2015

  157. Looks like a fun ship =P, and I’m amazed how you always get given ships to
    give away!

  158. Luís Henrique Dória Santos

    Really like the cammo!
    Great vids m8!

  159. You make it look easy.

  160. can’t wait for more polish ships!

  161. nice little dd

  162. Pretty nice ship, similiar to Kiev, but with more GUNS! Can i have one
    please? I promise i wont go pinky with it. 🙂 im such a sucker for DD´s.
    thx for another sweet gameplay.

  163. If I’m chosen I solemnly swear to only play this thing when I have a plate
    of kielbasa in front of me. You have my word.

  164. Huh. so Poland is also going to be in the game. News to me. Great game tho
    Dez! this looks like it’s a good harassment DD.

  165. very nice video as always Dez. Realy nice ship and looks fun playing it.
    keep up the good job m8 ?

  166. Impressive guns on that boat. It seems that it should be able to
    invisi-fire quite easily.

  167. Here for the giveaway :)

  168. lower the win rate :)

  169. I too would like free things. :)

  170. Minecart104 MyMinecart


  171. The WoWS Rudy? Couldn’t hear the dog barking though.

  172. This thing looks fantastic

  173. nice video, as usual! Blyskawica come to me!

  174. gimme 🙂 GLHF

  175. You have Polish fans, worry not ;)

  176. Poland for victory!

  177. Hey man nice video. My name is loltard on WoWs, would love it if I got to
    win that amazing ship.

  178. Looks really cool, can’t wait to play them


    “Błyskawica” translates to “Lightning”, and it is spelled like ‘Bwy – ska –
    vi – tza’: ‘W’ like ‘water’, ‘Y’ like ‘i’ in ‘Misery’. Accent on the
    second-to-last syllable.
    Hope this helps.

  180. I am in you can pick me on not

  181. Nice match, nice ship, nice channel!

  182. This ship really looks like a must have for a DD player =3 Good guns, good
    torps, good speed, and a nice camo. I need one now XD

  183. Like your videos very much. Nice polish ship. Ingame: Joeggi000

  184. oh please pick sirdano

  185. A+ For trying to pronounce blyskawica properly ;-)

  186. Wow looks awsome:)

  187. i like it ^^ sexy ship

  188. really nice vid and gameplay ! that ship looks really nice ^^

  189. cool vid, this DD looks to become a favorite for many DD skippers!

  190. I want you polish powership!

  191. love ur vids dez would love to set sail in that awesome polish destroyer

  192. Cammo looks really nice

  193. RNGesus bless me with a Polish DD.

  194. hoping to win it ;p

  195. Hears Dez say ”this is like destroyers paradise” and in my head i hear
    this to the tune of Coolio: Been firing torps all day and night living in a
    destroyers Paradise…

  196. I hope i win, cheers from Norway!

  197. Comment

  198. Nice clip as always, Dez. I must say that Blyskawica looks pretty darn
    tasty with such firepower.

    Keep up the good work!

  199. finally the first Polish destroyer!!!!!

  200. Hello Poland!

  201. intereseting

  202. She was definitely historic, and Błyskawica is a great name for a warship.

  203. nice game, nice vid dez. do I get a ship now?

  204. Shame it is a Polish tree ship, making it much less useful to me then if
    they had put it in as a Royal Navy ship, as is historically defensible.
    There is unlikely to ever be a full Polish tree so I cannot use this to
    retrain a captain.

  205. Yeah im not going to win, but it would be nice :)

  206. n1 one

  207. That destroyer is awesome how much is it ? Love the video!

  208. Hi dez, are you surprised we are seeing Poland before UK? in terms of naval
    size it makes no sense

  209. just do it!

  210. Oh Gawd RNGeezums be with me… i want that ship!
    Besides you should say Błyskawica like B’whi”sku’wi’tza… “B” like B in
    Boobs or Balls; “whi” like in whiskey; “sku” like in skunk; “tza” like in
    blitzkrieg… or something like that

  211. I’m even more excited for Bly after reading her history. Never discount

  212. Pan Granat (Mr. Grenade)

    So we have Błyskawica, now we are waiting for a submarine, ORP Orzeł!

  213. pick me lol i wish

  214. I just can’t believe you don’t have more subscribers.
    Epic vids Dez, keep it up m8

  215. this new map looks awesome

  216. Might as well put my name in the hat!

  217. Love this new map.

  218. Looks interesting, better than the Simms it seems.

  219. looks interesting…

  220. Sounds like it could be a really good all-around DD. I’m grinding for the
    Kiev now. How do you think they compare?

  221. Rafał Kaźmierowski

    You can see the ship in reality in Gdynia

  222. yolo rng

  223. looks like a very good ship! I would like to see if fight a Kiev ;)

  224. let’s roll the dice :D

  225. What is that ? BlyskaKurwa ?

  226. Looks pretty good. 7 main batteries but only 9rpm. Should be interesting at

  227. This looks like an awesome ship. I’d like to have it in my port =)

  228. Dam nice destroyer and vid man.

  229. i must collect all dd.

  230. Nice vid! Would love me a Błyskawica. Greetings from Poland! :)

  231. Of course you have fans from Poland! Cheers and drink vodka :D

  232. it looks like a very good dd that i definitely want to have in my port.
    Also, nice video like always :)

  233. id love to have one! :)

  234. That’s a nifty little ship.

  235. Great vid.

  236. nice ship I hope to win this one

  237. Nice vid m8! I’m never gonna win but it’s still worth it.
    Ingame; Drbernd

  238. Daniel Clem (garmus)

    Nice ship!

  239. looks great , cant wait to play it in game

  240. Looks really nice.

  241. Juan Andrés Méndez

    Hi Dez good video of a very good destroyer 🙂 Im doing my grind in USN and
    Soviet DDs and im enjoying a lot in the Gnevny and the Farragut.. If i win
    the Blizkawyca i will love it :)

  242. Looks like a pretty nice DD…. If you’re giving it away i guess i could
    help you out…. ;)

  243. Me me me ! o/

  244. Can I has the ship?

  245. Cool night map.

  246. nice video
    good luck to everybody^^

  247. The camouflage pattern look super cool. Can I have one Dez?

  248. me me me :D

  249. Dat name will give people headaches no doubt lol

  250. looks like Russian dds on steroids

  251. Comment doesn’t matter its still RNG :)

  252. great dd,hope I win Blyskawica :D

  253. Nice little ship !!! With a 12km range and with 7.7km detection she mite be
    able to invisafire be nice to try. enjoy the vids cheers.

  254. Man, that Polish ship is sweet!

  255. GómiMiszczó Pisionty

    błyskawica in polish means lightning.

  256. The kurwa ship

  257. not to late to win? Even that i know wont :p

  258. I wanna win win win :p

  259. Błyskawica is both a beautiful name as well as a beautiful ship :)

  260. definitely a must-have!

  261. no dislikes

  262. Nice video and the lightning in this map looks awesome.

  263. pick me rnjesus!!

  264. 1 polish destroyer please :D

  265. I follow you on WoT, didn’t realize you were such good player @ WoWS as
    well. gg

  266. nice ship :)

  267. Hi Dez, great videos

  268. oooh saw this thing leaked a month or so ago, I thought it was scrapped or

  269. Very good DD I must say

  270. Yay free Blyskawica polish power

  271. Hope it will be available on NA

  272. Yes please !

  273. nice work Dezgamez 🙂 keep up the good work!!!

  274. cheech of the skatepark

    Greeting from Poland, i watch your videos quite alot and they entertain me
    keep up the good work :3

  275. I’d love this DD!

  276. Best channel EU!

  277. Nice battle. That new map looks really good and that new destroyer looks
    like a lot of fun

  278. will there be a polish tech tree or is this a one-of-a-kind ship?

  279. in it to win it :)

  280. Damn Dez, gotta love watching your videos! I hope I’ll get to sail the
    first destroyer from my country – Błyskawica looks so sexy :D

  281. damn that ship looks awesome! thanks for the good review

  282. grats dez for ur vid about the polish destroyer :)

  283. Dats a nice boat :O

  284. Nice vid, keep em coming

  285. Nice! can’t wait to try it out!

  286. Hello I wanna win it.

  287. Good Vid, and looks like good ship :)

  288. yay new dds to play… I wants one

  289. Błyskawica looks freaking awesome, I’d love to get one!

  290. i want that DD so much :)

  291. Epic gameplay, epic commentary. :)

  292. love ur vids dude, hope I win the ship

  293. Man oh man! I want this DD! As a Polish-American, I need to fulfill my

  294. Nice! I’d love to win it :D

  295. This seems like a pretty snazzy tier 7 destroyer. I like it more than the
    tier 7 Soviet destroyer

  296. Awesome destroyer. I like it. Nice video btw.

  297. very interesting ship definetly want one

  298. The Hype is real!
    Also its so cute to hear You try speak Polish :D

  299. Great gameplay, the ship looks really interessting, would like to own one
    too 🙂 Looks almost like all but Japanese Destroyers will be better
    gunboats than the US DDs.

  300. it’s BŁYSKAWICA (lightning) !!!! :D

  301. Thanks for the overview and gameplay. Blyskawica looks great. What does her
    camo look like? Did I miss that?

  302. nice dd

  303. Looks good


  304. This map is pure horror for BBs, getting fire raped from behind those

  305. So basically it’s like a Russian DD, with usable torps. Good speed, almost
    decent maneuvrability, good guns, good range, good shell velocity, usable
    torps, not that great turret traverse, but overall a good ship.
    I like it, should bring good credits! Now I wonder how expensive will it

  306. Dez may u stream today and show us more of this sexy dd from my country 🙂
    Btw I’ll be so glad if i could win it

  307. i love destroyer…pls let me win hahahaha

  308. Great vídeo dez next video could you talk about the graf spee and what it
    would be its place in the game :)

  309. blyskawica is an awesome ship in my opinion

  310. Love that accent
    i dig it xD

  311. Another enjoyable vid ?

  312. Yes you have fans in Poland 🙂 keep going..gj

  313. Nice ship would like to have one :D

  314. Awesome video!! I might be lucky and win one DD ;)

  315. Nice video, and the ship looks amazing! But wasn’t it supposed to be a tier

  316. Nice one Dez. Keep it up mate. Cheers

  317. Great Battle

  318. love your vids. ceep up the good work.

  319. I hope this means that they’ll add HMCS Haida with the Royal Navy

  320. Looks like a pretty good ship to use i might get it but if i got it for
    free that would be amazing haha

  321. Casper Søgaard Christensen


  322. Yay I was looking so much forward to see it in a game and now its real

  323. great ship !

  324. Looks like a very cool ship.

  325. weird that is it’s in its own tree and not in the British tree

  326. Good Video and cool DD. Not sure if North America servers are eligible to
    win this ship, but if so:
    Server: NA
    Player: Caducus46

  327. Hey, nice to see this ship in WoWs. For all of you if you want to see this
    destroyer in real life you can come to Poland to Gdynia. Now it’s a Museum
    Ship, the oldest destroyer in the world. It would be nice to see you all in
    Poland :)

  328. I whant this DD. It;s great…

  329. Adrian Karwath (flox100)


  330. i want it! :DD

  331. Please give me a blyskawica, i am from Polyandrie and i am Waiting for it
    Since it was annouced.
    Blyskawica = Lightning
    A Nice Video about this ship, by The Way 

  332. Dez, the way you keep trying to give us stuff is unreal. Thanks!

  333. I would love to get my hands on this ship. Another great video as always.

  334. Nice video, I want to win the Błyskawica :)

  335. Always good to see new ships and always good to be one of the first YTbers
    to show it :-D.

  336. Love the vids, keep up the great posts. HF

  337. Polish Masterpiece

  338. Awsome video Dez, and a beautiful new destroyer we can ad to the collection.

    Keep up the good work.

  339. nice ship:)

  340. well seems like a decent dd! keep up the good work!

  341. Mario “Principio” Rudolfo

    Yes you have m8, and its lightning btw :)

  342. sniper ship good range torpedoes, seems really competent!
    dat top speed too

  343. and it its Lighting in english

  344. Great video Dezgamez!!!!

  345. Great video as always, Dez :)

  346. Give me that beast :P

  347. Looks like a fun ship!

  348. Good to see you’re the first to get new stuff out Dez :D

  349. I hope that the price will not be too high. :D

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  352. This ship is my next ‘MUST HAVE’ 😉 Do you know maybe when it will be
    available in prem shop?

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  354. Yes the ships of my homecountry are comming

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  356. i’m your Polish fan, we are here 😉 greetings from Poland

  357. /luck :D

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  359. looks good, is it a British design?

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  361. be nice to win a give away

  362. That is one delicious destroyer! On a scale from one to ten, how would you
    rate it?

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    the warship served from first day of the war in Europe to the last… She
    escaped Baltic in last hours of peace, took part in Norway campaign,
    evacuation of Dunkirk, and 1944 Battle of Ushant. During the war, she
    logged 146,000 nautical miles (270,000 km) and escorted eighty-three
    convoys. In combat she damaged three U-boats, helped sinking other ships
    and shot down at least four aircraft. She ended the war escorting captured
    U-boots to scuttling places in operation Deadlight.

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