► World of Warships: Epic Battle Series – 173,000 Damage Phoenix Carry! – Cruiser Phoenix Gameplay

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World of Warships US Navy Cruiser Phoenix Gameplay Review. World of Warships USA Cruiser. World of Warships Epic Battle Series.

Seems like I am going to start yet another new series on my channel, this time with World of Warships. I already have epic battle series going in World of Tanks, so let’s do the same with WoWS.
In today’s pilot episode you are going to see one really amazing gameplay by “huskydawg44” in his USN cruiser “Phoenix”.
I bet his back was hurting after all that carrying…




  1. +ethan micah Bench
    Yea i figured out yesterday while playing more games in Cleveland, that
    it’s AP are only good against T5 cruisers max, rest is auto-HE…. with the
    Cleveland rate of fire you burn em out pretty nicely. And that AA… its
    amazing 😀

  2. ethan micah Bench

    +Corodej Gun caliber on USA Cruisers is the same from tier 3 to tier 6, so
    yes on Cleveland, they are very lack luster for AP penetration, you just
    get more guns, more range, more rate of fire, and much better AA power on
    Cleveland than the rest of the line.

  3. ethan micah Bench

    +exitwound223 This is true, but I used the firing range of the Phoenix to
    minimize incoming fire. There are a few instances where the Tier 3 cruisers
    I was shooting had 0 chance of returning fire due to distance being over

  4. Sweet. was really looking forward to another stream seeing as I missed the
    last one(I should check more) and If you feel like having me join a couple
    games just shoot me a Steam PM.

  5. +onebigfatguy
    Maybe we can do that!
    Trying to stream as well 😉 For yoU!

  6. +DezGamez I did 😉 She wants an autographed picture

  7. +Darude Sandstorm
    Say hi to your wife! 😉

  8. +Maarten Engelhardt
    Exactly what i said… My “most epic” was 2k base exp with St. Louise.. but
    this makes it look really average 😀

  9. +Maarten Engelhardt
    Will do sir, will do!

  10. +Mustache Power – my recommendation (though you weren’t asking me, lol) –
    when shooting at cruisers – AP is wonderful, with Destroyers and
    Battleships – HE is most effective, though a broadside DD will get gobbled
    up by AP from a Phoenix or Omaha with one salvo. BB’s deserve HE because
    they burn down quickly with multiple fires, and their repair crew cool down
    is 1 1/2 minutes long most of the time. Carriers – HE – once their flight
    deck is on fire they cannot re-launch any planes and have similarly long
    cool downs. Hope this mini-recommendation guide helps.

  11. +Juha Parviainen Gotta be that guy huh?

  12. +Juha Parviainen

  13. DubstepinWithSmoke


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