► World of Warships: Epic Battle Series – 173,000 Damage Phoenix Carry! – Cruiser Phoenix Gameplay

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World of Warships US Navy Cruiser Phoenix Gameplay Review. World of Warships USA Cruiser. World of Warships Epic Battle Series.

Seems like I am going to start yet another new series on my channel, this time with World of Warships. I already have epic battle series going in World of Tanks, so let’s do the same with WoWS.
In today’s pilot episode you are going to see one really amazing gameplay by “huskydawg44” in his USN cruiser “Phoenix”.
I bet his back was hurting after all that carrying…




  1. everyone should report that guy. imagine how much better this game will be
    if we can have a community unlike world of tanks

  2. Really Nice! I however am stuggling alot with Phoenix but that might be
    down to the fact that mine is unupgraded and I have only 3 guns on either
    side of the ship. Looks like I have got something to look forward to!

  3. Nicely done!

  4. I love my pheonix, I just unlocked the omaha and i might just spring for a
    port slot and a new commander just so i can keep it

  5. On my cruisers i am trying to use AP vs another cruisers and 2 tiers lower
    BS. Otherwise it is HE… specially against higher tier BS.
    Weird is, that when i was sailing Omaha and Phx, that AP worked quite well
    on same tier Cruisers, but in Cleveland it seems i just cannot get citadel
    penetrations on any Cruiser same tier or higher. Maybe it is related to the
    fact, that Cleveland has only 152mm guns… Hope it will get better on
    Pensacola :-D

    • +ethan micah Bench
      Yea i figured out yesterday while playing more games in Cleveland, that
      it’s AP are only good against T5 cruisers max, rest is auto-HE…. with the
      Cleveland rate of fire you burn em out pretty nicely. And that AA… its
      amazing 😀

    • ethan micah Bench

      +Corodej Gun caliber on USA Cruisers is the same from tier 3 to tier 6, so
      yes on Cleveland, they are very lack luster for AP penetration, you just
      get more guns, more range, more rate of fire, and much better AA power on
      Cleveland than the rest of the line.

  6. why am I not surprised the phoenix is able to pull off scores like this 😀
    That thing is a bloody BEAST 13.5 click range (can be over 15 with advanced
    training) which is just amazing on a tier 4

  7. lol…. that battleship thinks he cheats because he torped him…..

    i bet that dude only drives heavy tanks in WOT and thinks arty cheats….

  8. Why are they calling a Omaha class cruiser Phoenix the Phoenix was a
    Brooklyn class

  9. Franz Der Sturmführer

    I recorded an awesome game in my Nagato where I got first blood with an
    epic FOUR citadel shot on a Fuso from 19km and finished off the game clutch
    with 5 kills and on cap with barely any health yet. I also have another
    with 6 kills just managing to achieve the last kill at the last second of
    the match. Amazing gameplay.

  10. I also like your new WOWs epic battles feature! I enjoy your commentary
    explaining what the player is doing, and where, and why, and your
    acknowledgement of them.

  11. I have had some very good games. But this guy make me look bad. well done
    😉 and keep the epic battles comming.

  12. Loving this series. Thanks for all the work you put into this!

  13. Epic games like this are not unlike epic games in World of Tanks. Requires
    a little luck and the enemy not shooting at you. There were not many shots
    taken at him.

    • ethan micah Bench

      +exitwound223 This is true, but I used the firing range of the Phoenix to
      minimize incoming fire. There are a few instances where the Tier 3 cruisers
      I was shooting had 0 chance of returning fire due to distance being over

  14. Really did enjoy my Phoenix but my only real gripe with it was the rather
    wimpy AAA it has. But this game shows just how well you can do if your not
    focused down and the other teams not watching.

    btw Dez I have the next 2 days off. If you feel like playing WT or anything
    else zip a pm my way.

    • Sweet. was really looking forward to another stream seeing as I missed the
      last one(I should check more) and If you feel like having me join a couple
      games just shoot me a Steam PM.

    • +onebigfatguy
      Maybe we can do that!
      Trying to stream as well 😉 For yoU!

  15. Someone get that man some fastum gel, his back must be killing him after
    that carry

  16. Realy great gameplay. This Ship is amazing. I did 122k Dmg for a few days
    with the Phoenix without using Torps. To get Confedered or High Caliber is
    not a problem with the Phoenix. I am realy happy to see that this ship can
    do mutch more dmg. So i have to work harder with it to beat this result 😉
    Yeeeehaaaaw !

  17. Truly EPIC WoWs battle. ANYONE who thinks otherwise had better back their
    claim up with something better or STFU. Loved the raging in chat – WG
    player base is often such a bunch of whining beotches.

  18. wow… just wow. I am speechless after watching this greatness

  19. lol I laughed when you said “Omaha”. Your pronunciation is “adorable” as my
    wife puts it.

  20. So many flames! ….. the chat not the fires on the ships. Typical salty
    BB. Well played to the Phoenix

  21. Gotta love the rage in the comments. The dude walked right into the
    torpedoes and says he is cheating…lost hope in humanity.

  22. that chat was in flames xD great battle… keep them coming.

  23. Maarten Engelhardt

    This makes al my battles look very bad, but I love it.
    Please let this epic battles keep coming

  24. Just got my Phoenix, seem to be a good ship, but I really look forward to
    fully upgrade it and then kick some rear ends.

  25. 30k subscribers!

  26. It’s always difficult to know when to use AP rather than He
    In BB looks easier but (at least at low tiers) you tend to over penetrate
    the targets
    In Cruisers you always have to look if you can penetrate…and how can you

    • +Mustache Power – my recommendation (though you weren’t asking me, lol) –
      when shooting at cruisers – AP is wonderful, with Destroyers and
      Battleships – HE is most effective, though a broadside DD will get gobbled
      up by AP from a Phoenix or Omaha with one salvo. BB’s deserve HE because
      they burn down quickly with multiple fires, and their repair crew cool down
      is 1 1/2 minutes long most of the time. Carriers – HE – once their flight
      deck is on fire they cannot re-launch any planes and have similarly long
      cool downs. Hope this mini-recommendation guide helps.

  27. Capt_Rock_Savage lV

    Great Video Dez. I just asking, but does the mouse work alright, are is
    there a better controller for the WOWS. My mouse is a Razor DeathAdder

  28. Iv done 197k with Isokaze :D

  29. Lol Dez says he’s average when he shows us these types of battles a good
    amount of times

  30. Best game in the Phoenix for me was 90,000 and this guy did nearly double
    that >.>

  31. I`m here too! Second, not bad. :D

  32. yay 5 mins ago

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