► World of Warships: Epic Giveaway + Road To Gearing & Shimakaze Continues – Tier 6 DD’s

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World of Warships Farragut Destroyer Gameplay and Review. World of Warships Mutsuki Destroyer Gameplay and Review. World of Warships Destroyer Class Tutorial / Guide. World of Warships Road to Tier 10 Destroyers – Gearing and Shimakaze. World of Warships Giveaway.

Welcome back to World of Warships live gameplay episode!

Today I am going to continue my epic journey to tier 10 DD’s – “Gearing” and “Shimakaze”. We are already at tier 6, so… We are getting there, slowly, but steadily…

► Also, today I am going to host one pretty awesome giveaway!
► Prize pool:
– 4 x Diana Cruiser
– 1 x Mikasa Battleship
– 1 x Tirpitz
– 2 x 2,500 Gold or Balloons or whatever…

– What ship you would like to see in the game that is not here yet?

► You have at least one week to enter, going to draw winners randomly at some point in next week!

Easy, GL, Enjoy the video!

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