► World of Warships Gearing Gameplay: 165K Ocean Action! – Tier 10 USS Destroyer Gearing Review

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World of Warships US Navy Destroyer Gearing Gameplay and Review. World of Warships USA Destroyer Class Tutorial / Guide.

It is done… Closed Beta Test seems to be over and it is time to wrap things up… Most likely this is going to be my last episode in CBT, maybe going to make my last ride with Montana and Yamato as well, but will see…
This time you are going to see my third tier 10 in action – Gearing. It was worth the grind! Finally I can enjoy long-range torpedoes… 16,5km is luxury for US Navy DD’s! 😀




  1. I had just made it to the Benson, shaking and sweating, now the reset 🙂
    Teir 7 in most other ships but the US Destroyers were hard yaka at least to
    me 🙂
    Seeing the Gearing in action has reaffirmed what I want to grind towards
    though hehe, great game thanks for posting it.

  2. Well I just got an email confirmation that my OBT pre-order package was

  3. Ship, Arkansas is said ‘Arkansaw’, yeah, I know Americans are almost as bad
    and the English for strange place names.

  4. What’s your biggest damage game dez?

  5. And now we say farewell to a man who was the real MVP of Dez’s many ship
    sorties. RIP Charles Powers and may the seas forever embrace your noble

  6. You made it, annnnnd you lost it!

  7. and tomorrow you can start all over. obt is tomorrow right?


  9. Lol they going to take back from us

  10. For future reference, Arkansas is pronounced Ark-in-saw. Great video!

  11. but i think i saw on patch notes that they will wipe with the upcomming
    patch so that has 2 mean Open Beta

  12. THE big question, can anybody surely confirm or infirm if OPEN beta
    progress will be wiped at full release of the game?

    • not only in the past, literally all the time, that’s what i’m scared of ^^

    • +DarkAngelZz59 Yeah that is what WG has said in forum posts (I can’t find
      an official WG link, but I know the posts are out there), but honestly we
      know that they have changed their minds in the past.

    • +mindsmirror so it’s the last wipe a,d i can play my socks off during the
      open beta? sweet! thank you, random stranger, i love you! (no homo)

    • +DarkAngelZz59 Let me repeat it in a more clear manner: They’ve already
      said this was the LAST WIPE and it happened LAST NIGHT and there will be NO
      WIPES after the CBT to OBT wipe.

    • +mindsmirror aaand another one who can’t read, sorry, but let me repeat it
      exactly as i wrote: “if OPEN beta progress will be wiped at FULL RELEASE”
      what got wiped was CLOSED BETA and it was for the OPEN BETA opening

  13. just wondering if you could sell some ships for credits and get the

  14. I made it from Yamato, Montana, Des Moines and unlocked the Zao…. now
    all of it’s gone and I’m kinda sad (but was expecting it since it’s Closed
    Beta), but, my hope of one day getting them all again with my leet grinding
    (AKA failing my way up to Tier X)

  15. for some reason your main gun had such steep angle that when those shells
    land, there’s much less possibility to hit

  16. If only they let you also keep commanders that would be epic

  17. Michael “Mc4nb2016” Crisci

    As many of us on the NA server wait for the server to open, hopefully don’t
    come across a third delay, but its WG, you never know :/
    I just want to play my Arkansas! ;)

  18. I definitely liked your WoWs content the most. I hope that you will get
    them all back soon on OBT.

  19. Des Moines? More like….


  20. It’s going to get emotional on world of warships 🙁 

  21. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    That clip in the beginning was possibly the most hilarious clip of your’s
    I’ve ever seen.

    I have no idea why, but just the smiley face then the complete REKING of
    that ship made it so perfect. XD

  22. Charles Powers *sob* lol

  23. Toothbrush Shank

    We need more Wow videos! they are great and you’re so pro dude

  24. Barely got to know the Gearing. I only had 4 games in it as I picked it up
    2 days before the wipe. I’m going to miss my ships.

  25. Third tier 10 in my port…

    • Arkansas is a BEAST! Yes, it is BASICALLY a stock Wyoming, but the Wyoming
      doesn’t get SIX UPGRADE SLOTS!

      I buffed the firing range from 12.1 km to 14km and I still haven’t gotten
      the 3 of the 6 upgrade slots filled, which will buff RoF and Target
      acquisition range respectively. I got the improved rudder shift time, but I
      may switch that for damage control mod 2, not sure yet…. They may be
      different slots, I still have 3 empty.

      Either way, it is BADASS! Accuracy is lacking but when you have 12 12 inch
      cannons at tier 4, you can miss a few!

    • +DezGamez So of the ships you’ve currently played, which country/class
      ships do you enjoy playing the most?

    • +DezGamez what were the flags you were using? 🙂

    • +J Calkins just some trol

    • +Xplosion51 is that an inside joke?

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