► World of Warships: Hatsuharu – Making Progress – Road to Tier 10 Destroyers

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World of Warships Hatsuharu Gameplay. World of Warships Hatsuharu Review / Preview. World of Warships Japanese Destroyer. World of Warships Epic Journey to tier 10 Destroyers. World of Warships Destroyer Class Guide / Tips / Tutorial. World of Warships Giveaway.

Finally I have some progress to show you. Going to continue my journey to the mighty tier 10 destroyers!

► In my previous episode I was able to give away New tier 7 Poland Destroyer “Blyskawica”.
Winner is in the video, congratz to you. I gave out your name already to the WG guys, so it should be on your account soon. No ETA from me.



  1. I might have to work my way down the IJN DD line, but I have this nagging
    concern that NONE OF the DDs at least till tier 8 or so, are anywhere CLOSE
    to as fun as the Fujin/Minekaze!

    I just love my Fujin SO FRIGGING MUCH! Constant INSANE scores, so many HARD

    And the funny thing, My brother and I were arguing over which WAS better
    before the “Nerf” which left the Minekaze with the 7km torps. It was ALWAYS
    my opinion that the 7km 68knot torpedoes were the BEST! Be he seems to
    think the Minekaze is crap now that it doesn’t have the 10km 58 knot

    Unlike him, I played the Minekaze in CBT, and I tried both, but the speed
    of those 7km torpedoes combined with the GREAT concealment, even after the
    Nerf (now has 6.2km stock surface detection, but as camouflage brings that
    RIGHT below 6km, at like 5.98) – I much prefer the torpedoes that don’t
    give my target NEARLY AS much time to change course after launching!

    It is BECAUSE of that mechanic, that I usually ended up sailing to within
    7km to launch the 10km torps anyway! And it didn’t take me many games to
    switch back!

    Now I haven’t played ANY IJN DDs since Open beta, apart from the Fujin
    anyway, but the Fujin is now the ship that I have the best record in BY
    FAR! XD I call her the “Fun-jin” – as 9 matches out of 10, I am going
    between giggling li,etc a school girl and cackling like a mad man for the
    ENTIRE match! That 1 match out of 10, I get caught out usually by USN and
    Russian DDs, at which point any cruiser within range starts throwing shots
    at me and there is not much to do apart from pop smoke and PRAY that they
    don’t catch up before I can sail out of their view range!

  2. great game Dez.. already on my Mahan, the 9.2km torps is a huge buff even
    though the speed of the torps are slower. but the range really makes the

    i been thinking if i should buy the Błyskawica (already available at SEA)
    or just wait if they could still sell the Sims… what you guys think?!

  3. Dez, Do you happen to be running Windows 10? If so I think I know the
    issue. Well, there are actually SEVERAL issues it COULD be… I could talk
    you through it easily, but trying to take a stab at it based on just the
    low fps you are getting for some reason would be pointless, and would be a
    waste of a gigantic wall of text.

  4. Well torpedo gelt was buffed a lot On bbs

  5. Good work. How you can change target when aiming torpedos?

  6. nice video. I wanted to know if you play with your subscribers? ? my name
    in the game is duval2175

  7. Hey dez I’m from Portugal and I’m your sub long time ago and I see all
    you’re vids never change’s de way you are and our person because in your
    own way u change all of us u deserv so many subs im happy for the channel
    grows for epic proportions..congrats and and continued the good work and
    don’t forgot our COFFEE

  8. I just unlock the Fubuki yesterday 9.500.000 credits ouch

    Dez… do you recommend a premium account do unlock faster and get credits
    too ??

  9. I think that the turrets from Hatsuahru are made of paper. They will get
    destroys to easy… Somebody mentioned that ,too?

  10. Lol in domination mode i saved my whole team who ran off for kills and
    died… I capped and saved team

  11. Dat framerate tho. Were you able to figure out what was the problem Dez?

  12. Dez are u planning to do some Q&A?
    If ure wondering why som nay views then I have to tell u, u were the first
    one to upload a vid about Błyskawica. Which sadly I couldn’t purchase, but
    on the other hand, I don’t play wows too much, so 124 zł (about 30 euro.
    Just look a the difference) wouldn’t be the best invest, as well as I don’t
    really pay for games. There is a new game similar to wows I think it’s
    called Steel Ocean, not sure it’s like a clone with worse graphics but
    there are submarines there is no toro aim (and they are super fast), and I
    heard u can steer your own AA (if anyone is watching PhlyDaily then u will
    know about this game already).
    Dez give it a try and tell us your opinion

  13. Dezgamez you are always a pleasure to watch keep up the good work

  14. Nice, I’m at the Mutsuki atm, two puny guns and slooooow long range torps.
    At least next tier will be more fun.

  15. good job dez ! thank you for vids!

  16. are you also going to cover american dd’s ?
    btw nice vid

  17. How come you haven’t commented on the atrocities that happened in France

  18. Thanks for all the vids, always a pleasure!

  19. First time being first :D

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