► World of Warships: Hindenburg Gameplay, New Tier 10 Germany Cruiser – New German Ships, Tech Tree

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World of Warships New Ships! World of Warships Germany Tech Tree. World of Warships Hindenburg Gameplay. World of Warships Hindenburg Review. World of Warships New Germany Tech Tree / Cruiser Line Review. World of Warships New Ships!

Finally I have something new to show you in World of Warships as well – Soviet Destroyer line is going to be in the game with next patch!
In this episode you are going to see little preview about upcoming New Germany Cruisers!
Going to take quick look at them and going to show you gameplay with tier 10 Germany Cruiser “Hindenburg”.

Let me know what you think about them!



  1. 11% Chance of fire with 203mm guns is actually TERRIBLE – not “Pretty good”
    – Zao gets 18% with 3400 max damage. Des Moines gets 14% with 2800 max

    So the German Cruisers are the worst with HE, and that seems to be their
    flavor. From the data I could get on German WW2 203mm guns – they are
    higher muzzle velocity than the Japanese by about 50 meters/sec – BUT the
    shell weighs about 25 pounds less, and as expected with those stats – it
    actually had worse AP penetration than the IJN 203s – of course they could
    be using a paper gun, like on the Zao.

  2. Leonard Steinnagel

    why does the Hindenburg get 203mm guns?
    Historically it had 305mm guns 🙁

  3. Interesting ship. 195 hits in a single battle is certainly impressive, even
    though the damage (~100k) was a bit lacklustre. You say the AP shells will
    work better against lower tier battleships. To me that statement seems a
    bit strange considering you’re practically never going to meet anything
    below T8… Or is that not what you meant?

  4. Radostin Georgiev

    actually the Omaha has 14.6km firing range with the C hull ;)

  5. Happy Birthday Dez! Mine was Oct 2 and I’m now 28.

    These new german Crusiers tho…holy shit that firepower….

    And I might have got ya a little somethin……….

  6. I played from closed beta to just after launch. I was excited at the
    potential of this game but disappointed in the direction the developers
    decided to take. Wargaming should change their name to casualgaming or
    arcadegaming. If you are expecting ANY realism at all this game isn’t for
    you. If you are a history buff, a world war two buff, a naval warfare
    buff….this game is not for you. Wargaming seems to want to dumb down
    games to the lowest level possible. They are not interested in how these
    ships performed historically instead insist on a rock paper scissors
    mechanic meaning if your the best battleship player on the server and if
    the worst destroyer captain on the server gets in close you are dead
    period. Destroyers in the game are equipped with Klingon cloaking devices
    and can remain invisible for the entire game, launching salvo after salvo
    of torpedoes at you with impunity. Don’t waste your time grinding up to top
    tier ships, Wargaming punishes you for daring to play top tier ships by
    making repair and rearming fees so high that if you don’t play a perfect
    game every time you will lose money playing the best ships.Wargaming does
    not listen to the community at all, and all they are interested in is a
    cash grab instead of producing a quality game. When your grinding up the
    lines they deliberately put horribly gimped ships in the line like the
    Colorado and the Furitaka that almost force you to spend real money to
    convert free XP so you can get past them. In the case of the Colorado’s
    they were better in EVERY measurable than the New Mexico’s. Their guns had
    50% more damage potential, they were more accurate, had better armor, and a
    slightly higher displacement. In game the New Mexico’s can do 30% more DPS,
    are more accurate, and have quite a bit more hit points. This game is a
    very simple arcade shooter that has very little to offer other than
    grinding tech trees for new skins, it is highly addictive and if your not
    careful you will be sinking real money into the cash shop a little bit here
    and there and before you know it you have spent 150 bucks. Hell
    moneygrubbing I mean Wargaming is charging people $70 bucks for the Tirpitz
    alone. Don’t fall for the hype and pass on this money pit!

  7. happy birthday big dog

  8. Hey Dez Happy B/Day hope it goes or went well :)

  9. How did you get the ships? I didn’t get them in the update.

  10. Keep up the good work Dez!

  11. Happy Birthday !!!

  12. Had it been built it would have been the biggest heavy cruiser but the des
    monies holds the record for the biggest class of heavy cruisers.

  13. where did they get idea about such ugly camo? german ships never had that

  14. Ze Germans will be nerfed to death after a few patches, remember my words.

  15. Have a good b-day whenever that is :D

  16. Chemistry´s the best!

    Where are you from? You got a funny accent :)

  17. Chance on fire 11% really good… Ehm, thats pretty terrible.

  18. Funny like Hindenburg looked like sh*t from Phly’s gameplay, yet when
    DezGames plays, it actually looks very good!

  19. La multi ani !!! Happy birthday!!! costel_justme

  20. Yamato powaaa!!!!

  21. Zao is still best

  22. wow HE dmg is shit 10 hit only 1.1 k rly Zao hit my Yamato with He deal 7 –
    9 k dmg i want to see AP and He dmg now

  23. Arvin Dave Velasco

    thx sir dez for the videos…cant wait for german cruisers and ussr’s
    destroyers..keep it up sir!!!

  24. The Germans had many other ships with the same names, for example, at first
    I thought the tier 10 was going to be the SMS Hindenburg with 305mm guns.

  25. always enjoyable to look at your videos an listening to your comment thanx

  26. Which is better Hindenburg or Zao?

  27. Very nice!! Hope for German Cruisers!!

  28. Dez, weres my invite to your party? ?

  29. I hope for the british line next, want my colony class cruiser so I can
    call her HMS Bermuda.

  30. Martin Dijkman Dulkes

    The German Techtree looks promising!
    I wonder how the BB line will be?

    nice vid!

  31. Hey Dez, it seems like it will be months before I get into high tier ships
    again, for the amount of time I put into WoWs. I had the Baltimore in
    closed beta and was 20k away from Des Moines and then the game went live
    and my data was wiped so I was kinda done with this game for awhile but Im
    getting re Hyped again! All I need is my Cleveland back <3 and I'll survive
    the grind XD

  32. does it play a bit like the zao?

  33. When a Hindenburg sinks by fire, it wouldn’t be the first time thats ever

  34. loving these previews!

  35. That Old Milk Carton

    The tier 1 looks like an amazing seal clubber 15 rpmpg XD.

  36. aweseome dez …as usual u tha man

  37. JustThijsGaming - Elke week een nieuwe video

    5th like 57th watcher but Nice Video(i hope xD i just started watching)

  38. oh yes, Hindenburg, finally

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