► World of Warships: Iowa 178K Damage, 6 Medals – Epic Battle in Epic Ship! – Road to Montana

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World of Warships US Navy Battleship Iowa Gameplay and Review. World of Warships USA Battleship Class Tutorial / Guide. World of Warships Road to Montana Battleship.

► 0.3.1. Patch notes: http://worldofwarships.eu/en/cbt/news/update-031-patchnotes/


Our “Epic Journey to The Mighty Montana” continues…

We are getting dangerously close guys! Our journey to the Mighty Montana is going to end soon.
In today’s episode you are going to see me playing in tier 9 US Navy Battleship “Iowa”. This is one BEAST of a battleships – really good AA, secondaries and main battery power.
What more to say other than sit back and enjoy my best BB game ever! 😉




  1. +onebigfatguy
    I hope not mate! A lot more to come. 😉

  2. +shadowblobSS or is it because ur too OP

  3. +Smackedown
    I am glad you enjoyed it! 😉

  4. +Snippsnapp Gaming what game do you mean?

  5. Snippsnapp Gaming

    World Of Tanks

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