► World of Warships: Iowa 178K Damage, 6 Medals – Epic Battle in Epic Ship! – Road to Montana

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World of Warships US Navy Battleship Iowa Gameplay and Review. World of Warships USA Battleship Class Tutorial / Guide. World of Warships Road to Montana Battleship.

► 0.3.1. Patch notes: http://worldofwarships.eu/en/cbt/news/update-031-patchnotes/


Our “Epic Journey to The Mighty Montana” continues…

We are getting dangerously close guys! Our journey to the Mighty Montana is going to end soon.
In today’s episode you are going to see me playing in tier 9 US Navy Battleship “Iowa”. This is one BEAST of a battleships – really good AA, secondaries and main battery power.
What more to say other than sit back and enjoy my best BB game ever! 😉




  1. And keep up make those epic game videos!! I like to watch them!! 🙂 you

  2. Cause that epic gameplay video..I will go and Buy 1/350 scale Missouri
    plastic model for sure!!! 🙂 I have been thinking to buy King George V..but
    now i will buy Missouri!! (No kit for Iowa at market atm)

  3. This ship looks so sexy it hurts. And that damage…DAT DAMAGE!

    I swear I never get tired of seeing new videos from you man. It really
    makes my day.

  4. does everything in world of warships cost more, since you earn more

  5. Damn – so much RNG and luck involved. Makes me sad. I guess I wont be
    playing this game.
    Still well done, great result. But not too skill intensive.

  6. Hi D.
    Do you still give keys away, really would love to have a key

  7. Wow Your amazing at this game! Btw when contest results out?

  8. Iowegian Immigrant

    Hey Dez, it’s pronounced I-oh-Wah. That’s basically the emphasis you should
    put on each syllable.

  9. I swear I heard you say “Ioba” like 10 times haha.

  10. Darude Sandstorm

    Dez, can you please do a review on my computer? I need you to come over and
    check it out.

  11. Hey Dez. Do you still have the T28 Concept? If you do can you do some
    gameplay of it? Something about it that i really want to get. Think you
    could if you have it? Pls? <3

  12. Dez – omg! omg! Not one, but two epic games in a row in the Iowa? I can
    only imagine what a video it would make if you had recorded both! That was
    so enjoyable to watch – and mind-boggling to be honest.

  13. my best game was 150k dmg in the mutsuki, their tier 7 BB’s ignored me and
    i torped the hell out of them then i sank their CV’s

  14. Keys pls keys

  15. xD

  16. Like a bowse!

  17. Alowishus Davander

    I love the way you say Iowa…

  18. wow, that is really good, I’ll never going to get that far

  19. Beast mode battleship

  20. Snippsnapp Gaming

    Can you do a review on the Leopard 1? plzI have it bu don’t know how to
    play it

  21. Im like 20k exp away from the Iowa. Its gonna be awesome.

  22. Ginés Ladrón de Guevara


    Amazing matches, mate, congratz!!!

  23. Sergio Seminario

    Oh yeah! Finaly the Iowa!!! She’s both elegant and deadly
    Keep it up Dez!

  24. ‘eye’ ‘Oh’ ‘wah’ Iowa.

  25. The Iowa is crazy from what I have seen of it, I really want it :P

  26. So you still have some game keys left. If you please send it this way. As
    always great video. Yes those apples are great loll.

  27. When pronouncing Iowa in my area at least you say the a a little longer.

  28. Joseph Morgan Mitchell

    52 view 

  29. Great video 

  30. Dang 3 mins ago

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