► World of Warships: Mahan Mayhem Gameplay – Destroyer Class Gameplay / Tutorial

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World of Warships Gameplay, Tier 7 US Navy Mahan. World of Warships Destroyer Tips/Guide/Tutorial. World of Warships Epic Battle.
►Welcome Home!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the battle is on! World of Warships entered into closed beta stage and that means we are able to share our videos, thoughts and gameplays about World of Warships.

You asked for some epic World of Warships destroyer class action? I got you covered once again! I hope this battle here is epic enough for you. Going to explain every decision, so hopefully it is going to be helpful as well!

What do you want to see next?

Enjoy! 😉



  1. whynot-tomorrow?


    I hope to be as good if not better!

  2. The Farragut and Mahan compete for the Worst DD award.

  3. Hey bud – Carrier please! Taking on battleships from a distance

  4. +DezGamez i just unlock benison yesterday and i find that its torpedo
    upgrade are really horrible. yeah you got +damage and + range but i find
    that -12 knots speed made it really horrible . it makes even the slowest
    battleship able to react in time to dodge them. with concealment upgrade
    from tier 8 DD the previous torpedo are still better because it was faster.

  5. Hi nice game ty

  6. How are his shots so accurate? Like around the 3 minute mark. For me, if I
    fire at a ship, whether it’s 6km or 2km, my shells aren’t anywhere near as
    accurate. Is there some trick to aiming for those shots, or just the
    dispersion being very good?

  7. You are really tearing this game up Dez, how bout the carriers?? Would
    love to see you run them.

  8. DD definitely fits your “balls deep” play-style. Enjoyed this a lot more
    than the last battleship vid. GG

  9. nic gameplay man!

  10. Nice handling.. look forward to play the game myself

  11. US DDs > Jap DDs!

  12. That was an amazing game.

  13. bertjan pieffers

    wanna have that code!!! :S

  14. nice battle you crazy MF!

  15. I suggest turning off your anti air guns to remain on stealth.

  16. Dr. Alisson Gomes Aguiar

    Beast! More i see more i want it!

  17. it seems to me you are detected by the planes regards of your AA being
    active or not, is it not better then to be able to put some fire on them
    and have them killed so that they reporting to other ships on their team is

  18. So good, learning a lot from that video!

  19. you are awesome

  20. Sylwester Jankowski

    Master Destroyer =D

  21. OMG this reload time!

  22. Szabolcs Szmilek

    awesome game, good job Dez!!!!!

  23. I like your Cruiser and Destroyer videos a lot, nothing wrong with BBs but
    the cruisers and destroyers are a lot more interesting IMO. Keep up the
    good videos-

  24. Game Tip: You don’t have to scroll in every time to aim, of you simply
    press left shift you go into aiming mode, and if you press shift again you
    go back out. 

  25. what means DD? one probably means destroyer but i dont know what the other
    means :S

  26. Here at the instigation of the Mighty Jingles! Excellent tutorial!

  27. wow, epic gameplay dude, I have really trouble hitting with my torps, any
    tips for that ?

  28. Pretty sick gameplay! What do you think your favorite ship of the game is
    so far?

  29. That was a pretty epic game.

  30. Found you via the promotion by Jingles. Really nice DD gameplay and i hope
    i can copy some of it(i’m not good in DDs but they seem very powerful).
    Anyway. Liked and subbed :D

  31. WOw,Best game I have seen so far and I have viewed a lot,Cant wait for game
    release so I can Havago.Australian Tech Tree?.I have researched all our
    R,A,N,Navy ships going back to pre WW1,we had some great Light Cruisers and

  32. @7:28 that’s called crossing the T you at the horizontal with full
    broadside and the enemy only has their guns to bear

  33. Not played the game yet, but the torps seem pretty op?
    You should totally do a vid with the meaty jungles.

  34. That was some great ambush style in the Mahan Dez! Tho I’m still waiting
    for you to get your hands on your “Namesake” the Des Moines!

  35. Loved your last torpedo run, he thought he had you when he came out of that
    smoke. Really enjoying the battles.

  36. I want to DO epic destroyer action 😉 best runs I have had were full broad
    side torps but usually mutual with another destroyer…

  37. Can someone explain me how to get like premium in the closed beta? o.o does
    the gold you have in world of tanks transfer as piaster to world of
    warships or is it like only for streamers/youtubers/promoters of the game?

  38. DD’s new scumbags. but with a shotgun spread.

  39. Jingles sent me

  40. Hassassin Assassin

    Im sure WG is getting alot of death threats for not opening beta.

  41. The Mighty Jingles

    Damn, Nutz! That was some fine DD driving. I wish my Mahan experiences
    had been half as good as that!

  42. Nice video as usual. I really can’t wait to get my hands on this game so I
    can play cruisers and destroyers. On a different note, do you have any Foch
    155 gameplay for WoT? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that TD featured on your
    channel before.

  43. This was awesome, can’t wait to play this game.

  44. Hey man. I enjoy the commentary, definitely one of my preferred channels to
    watch. Can’t wait to try WoWs myself.

  45. GalaWOTs Galavits

    i cant wait too play it, the Destroyers sunds like the most skill full and
    funny class, just like medium in WOT

  46. Can someone explain to me all the terms like DD? I play the game and I
    never get what it stands for

  47. that was pretty epic, nice job. I would like to see some more cruiser play.

  48. Again, you the man !

  49. Beast mode engaged!

  50. War thunder is now going to make ships

  51. hey dude check your twitter 😉 

  52. SO WEIRD i live in america and there’s both a pensacola street and a mahan
    drive close to where i live! 

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