► World of Warships: New Tier 10 “Khabarovsk” Gameplay – New Soviet/USSR Tech Tree – Destroyers

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World of Warships USSR Tech Tree. Gameplay. Review. World of Warships New Soviet / USSR Destroyer Tech Tree / Line Review. World of Warships New Ships! World of Warships Giveaway Results!

Finally I have something new to show you in World of Warships as well – Soviet Destroyer line is going to be in the game with next patch!
In today’s episode I am going to take my first look at them and going to show you one gameplay with tier X destroyer “Khabarovsk” as well.
In my next episode I am going to take my first look at NEW Germany line!

Let me know what you think about them!


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-David B

1 x Tirpitz Battleship:

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  1. Seen nothing that would lure me away from the US destroyers.

  2. 22:35 Music to my eyes, that is new;-)

  3. when do the russian DDs begin being able to fire without being detected?

  4. Shit. Crap torps. Shitty turret turn speed. Grem premium is way better than
    the standard tier 5 ship. Very disappointed.

  5. awesome Dez…cant wait for the german cuiser preview

  6. Thanks for the video, good stuff. My concern with the Soviet line is that
    you basically have no torps until the last tiers and the gun traverse (up
    to 45 seconds!) and turn circle are horrible on the rest
    of the tiers. With the buff to BB secondary guns you will get ripped up
    before you can torp and the gun traverse and turn negate any type of
    gunship role.

  7. try the AP against cruisers with the 130mm guns, I’m not even joking lmao

  8. I wish you would have shown the Detailed results! I wanted to see how much
    damage you did total from 250 HE hits and 8 fires as well as the 2 torpedo

  9. Jack Packet (gaming)

    and its on the 19th thats when its getting released as they have said now
    for the last couple of weeks

  10. Jack Packet (gaming)

    And the turn time is shite its not good at all its almost cruiser levels of
    turn time and the rudder is more than 1-3 seconds worse than its
    jap/american competitors 

  11. Jack Packet (gaming)

    Quit frankly this isnt that good of a reveiw as the guns up to t5 have a
    worse turn time than the japs the t5 is twice as bad as the exact same ship
    the gremy and them from t6 onwards it just crap concealment and useless
    torps and the only things that make the t10 even slightly ok the pointless
    armour and is speed and guns

  12. Turrets of the Des Moines, torpedus with the speed of the Zao, the range of
    the Shimakaze, power of vodka. Soul….of Stalin…(And others too like
    Lenin :v)

  13. the shell arc on those 130mms is so much better than the american 127mms
    because they hang in the air soo long now.a

  14. holy shit, is raining

  15. lol its not like they made the ships with an accuracy like in wot.
    otherwise its not realistic, do you really think that in ww2 the
    battleships/cruiser/destroyers hit every shot??!!!. no the shells went in
    directions were you dind’t even aimed at. it just happend.

  16. lol how much did wg pay you? 😀 only 1 word for rusian dds. HORRIBLE!!!!

  17. In the very beginning, the crew of the ship was like: OH SHIT, OH SHIT, OH

  18. Not convinced here at all up until T8 they look like really hard work and
    to be honest even the T10 doesn’t look as good as Gearing so I think I’ll
    be investing my DD time in the US line rather than Soviet.

  19. Nguyen Ba Nhat Minh

    these things seems like e-25s on water: super fast, great camo, awesome

  20. “Pretty much MUSIC to my EYES” :D

  21. Imo, they will get buff, i think wg just wants to avoid ussr DDs spam in
    every match .. Btw nice review :)

  22. I love to go in deep AND fast.

  23. soviet DD speed is so awesome , yesterday i saw a tashkent…i was in my
    mitsuki and you should see how fast it slammed on my torps!it blew up
    nicely too!

  24. That carrier is a genius!

  25. The Russian line will be very challenging from tier II to tier VIII – but
    rewarding to those who DO pay attention to and exploit the strengths of the
    ships, ie: rudder shift, main battery firing ranges vs. (while firing
    detectability range), top speed AND acceleration speed, and simply those
    130mm guns in general – Alpha damage, DPS, DPM, low dispersion, chance of
    fire, etc. I absolutely LOVE my Gremyaschy – although I had to learn how to
    make it work for me, and I think all Russian DDs will be the same.

  26. Snippsnapp Gaming

    Ehh Tanks on water???? Or I don’t see togs xD

  27. you missed one stat: horrendous turning circle

  28. Dodging like a boss, good fun game, thks Ship

  29. couldn’t you use AP for the cruisers?

  30. Battleships are underpowered I think.

  31. Thank you DezGamez! My Server is NA and my in game name is

  32. These seem fairly balanced which is almost an act of God considering that
    it’s WG’ing that made this game.

  33. Japanes dd are much better (i think that)

  34. Confirmed soviet dds op, stalinium armor plus heat seeking missiles

  35. seems to balanced.. not!

  36. Strange. Super testers said to me it’s NDA they not allowed to say anything
    about the ships and now here’s a vid.

  37. hijms yamato musashi

    How did you get those Soviet DDs before they were officially released?

  38. WooHoo! First time winner! :oD

    Thanks again Ship, really appreciate it!

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