► World of Warships PensaCola: Last Ride – Road to Des Moines!

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World of Warships Pensacola Cruiser Gameplay, Tier 7 Cruiser. World of Warships Cruiser Class Guide/Tutorial.
►Welcome Home!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the battle is on! World of Warships entered into closed beta stage and that means we are able to share our videos, thoughts and gameplays about World of Warships.

Road to Tier 10 “Des Moines” continues!
New Orleans is researched, so let’s give Pensacola one last ride before I am going to sell it and going to move my commander to New Orleans.
All in all, I can see that it is not a bad cruiser.. Not as bad as I first thought, be patience and you are going to be able to get really good scores!

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  1. just fyi man, expertise is pronounced expert-ees, not expert-ice.

    love your videos though, you’re probably my favorite WoWs gamer right now.
    well, you and jingles neck and neck maybe. and more ‘viggle viggle’ next

  2. That second modification reduces your reload time while increases your
    turret turn speed. It is not worth it on cruisers, you need the DPM.

  3. A good send off for the Pensacola. Looking forward to videos about the New
    Orleans now! Also are you any closer to the Gearing?

  4. Amazing video like always! Keep this good work!

  5. you can activate the enhanced aaa defense when you get the Cleveland and
    the Pensacola you don’t need the skill or at least i didn’t

  6. Last battle in the Penis-cola.

  7. How long will the CBT be up for? Will there be enough time to go for a
    third tier 10 after the Des Moin?

  8. Getting closer to Des Moines! ;)

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