► World of Warships: Pure Destruction – Gearing, Here I Come! – Mahan Gameplay

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World of Warships Road to Tier 10 Destroyers. World of Warships Gameplay Review / Preview. World of Warships Gameplay / Review. World of Warships Class Guide / Tips / Tutorial.

Finally I am able to show you some progress in my “Epic Journey To The Mighty Tier 10 Destroyer” series. Tier 7 US Navy destroyer “Mahan” is here! It is stock, but who needs upgrades and good commander, you are still able to get awesome games!



  1. Just hold the mouse button down, so much clicking.

  2. with US DDs, you can use AP shells to penetrate citadels on cruisers like
    Omaha, Furutaka etc.

  3. what’s up?

  4. 51 views 🙂 Good vid to day

  5. Denied.

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