► World of Warships: Road to Tier 10 Destroyers Continues! – Mutsuki

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World of Warships Mutsuki Gameplay. World of Warships Japanese Destroyers. World of Warships Destroyer Class Guide / Tips / Tutorial. World of Warships Giveaway.

Finally I have nothing new to show you… And I can on with my “Epic Journey to Tier 10 Destroyers”! In today’s episode you are going to see my final live with Mutsuki, before the grind in this beast is going to be over.

►In my previous episode I was able to give away stuff:
– 10 x 10 Special Halloween Camo Packages!
► Winners are in the video and I have sent our all the messages already! Check your youtube messages, I need to know your username and your server!


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    Nice vid to dag again

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