► World of Warships: Road to Tier 10 Destroyers “Gearing” and “Shimakaze” Starts Here!

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World of Warships US Wakatake/Wickes and Review. World of Warships USA/ Destroyer Gameplay and Review. World of Warships Destroyer Class Tutorial / Guide.

So I am thinking about making another “Road To” series, this time going do that with destroyers. Not going to cover every single destroyer in separate episodes, but going to compare them tier by tier in one epsiode. Going to compare USA and destroyers. Hopefully going to find answer to: “Which destroyer class is the best destroyer in the game?”




  1. Nice series! Let me know when you get to the Mitsuki how you like it. I
    really struggle with it after the Minekaze

  2. awesome idea there

  3. No tears, only dreams! XD Died laughing! I like the series, and your first
    pronunciation of Wickes was the correct one. :)

  4. L1ghtn1ng_Penc1l

    Good luck Dez!

  5. Congrats Dez,you are reaching 30 k.
    I really enjoy your content.Do something special like face reveal or start
    streaming,i would totally watch you

  6. Sounds like both will be interesting grinds to watch – thanks for sharing,
    Dez! O7

  7. probably should have titled it “every ship but the gearing and shimikai”

  8. Deliciouz Deztroyer gameplay, Dez!! Good luck! Minekaze has been so much
    fun in OBT!

  9. don’t bother with the shimakaze shes a slut :^)

  10. i’m at the nicholas so far, absolutely loving it. 3.5 second reload for
    it’s 152mm guns. still 5.5km torps, but it’s great.

    big enough that you can switch to AP against some cruisers and score
    citadels as well.

  11. The Wickes has a silent “E” so just say “Dicks” with a W when you see one.
    Almost to 30K man! gonna be a great moment!

    Side note if you ever feel like doing some grinding in WT just give me a PM
    on Steam.

  12. dez your a legend but tell me your secret how are you so good at all games
    im a wot follower first and for most i need your help

  13. Beast action from you as always matey

  14. good plan: work us and ijn destroyers in parallel and show a battle in each
    – will definitely contrast the two different play styles needed to excel

  15. Someone_who_is_sad_and_will_die.

    Make video how to aim torps.

  16. Dez, you better do à face reveal at 30k subs!!!

  17. Thanks for the new series. I like it. I did all the US destroyers in CBT.
    Now I have settled for the JIN DD at T5. It will be interesting to know
    your opinions for higher tiers.

  18. St. Louis is death of destroyers…I bet you didn’t see Cleveland and Des
    Moines then

  19. The comparing double action is a good idea, make it happen Dez :D

  20. Yeah , keep this epicness going

  21. IJN DDs are great until T6, then they become useless for a long time…

    Specially the T6 is worse than T5 in every single way…

    • +TheGerudan yes there is a way to predict. look at the mini map. see which
      way they are going. fire you first torpedo salvo on the green line. the
      second spread will be a little bit behind so even he turned the second one
      will hit him. and if you could fire a 3rd salvo the a little ahead. just in
      case the hostile was speeding up.

      and yes. the spread gets worse over time but the spread is not that bad. at
      10 km the spread on each torpedo is about 100 m so at narrow spread you can
      get at least get an decent amount of hits depending on what ship you are

      and yes again. by the time that the torpedo gets there. the spread is about
      100 m. so an BB can easily go through the spread of those torpedo. but BB
      have terrible rudder shift time. so by the time BB player pressed the “D”
      key in order to dodge it. before the rudder can shift 1/2. the torpedo had
      already stuck the BB.

    • When they are on the way that long, there isn’t much to predict and even if
      you predict correctly you only get one hit, because the three spread from
      the Mitsuki become very open and is easily avoidable, even for BBs.

    • +TheGerudan well if you fire at the gray line of course you will miss.
      thats why you need to predict where they are going to do when your torpedo
      get there to the target.

    • Uhm…no, nothing of that is true at the transition from T5 to T6. And
      range is meaningless above 10 km in almost all cases, because you will
      never hit anything that isn’t afk, regardless of how well you shot.

    • +TheGerudan with more torpedo tubes. and its not few hundred. its few
      thousand. plus with more range and speed. as well.

  22. Nice dodge at 12:18

  23. Cool video… thank you. Omaha is prounced Ohmoahaw instead of Ahmahah

  24. that DODGE!
    you stole it from mirai right?

  25. Hey dez heads up in the title of the video Destroyer is spelled wrong. You
    spelled it Destoryer

  26. Very much looking forward to this series! Thanks Dez!

    if u know what i mean

    • LennieThePolarBear

      If you’re referring to Kantai Collection, yeah, she’s pretty cool. But I
      don’t understand why she dresses like a hooker…

  28. The Gearing is nowhere as good as the Shima imho^, nice new series :)

    • +Peter Melicher the Des Moines is my fav ship!

    • And I agree with Sherman.Shimakaze is much better:better
      torpedoes,speed,concealment and guns,yes I said GUNS.Gearings gun are going
      to be nerfed and they are so easy to break.And also they have worse firing
      arc and deal less DMG per salvo.

    • In CBT in my Des Moines only time I was hit with torpedoes was from
      aircraft carriers.And i ate gearing for breakfast.If destroyers the really
      go for the IJN ones,but still they are not as good as they were…..

    • +Peter Melicher Pffft. DDs are boss still, and I have always loved playing
      them. High Tier DDs are a LOT OF FUN!!!

    • +Peter Melicher The IJN DD didn’t really needed smoke any way since the
      torpedo range is way longer than its detect range. the smoke nerf was a
      huge problem for USN DD captains though. since they need to be with in its
      detect range in order to drop some fish in the water. how ever, the gearing
      have a torpedo range the exceed the range of the ships detect range. as a
      DD captain. i barely use smoke. even though i don’t get the 40 second smoke
      like it used to be. its still useful.

  29. Im now at the tier 7 mahan wich is shit :/ …….. Looking forward to
    gearing tho

  30. Destruction!
    But what do you think about my idea with this series?

    • +DezGamez Great Idea! Love to see your Cruiser game plays also, try to
      learn some of your skills 🙂

    • +Luis Fernaud Yes, found it on the forums…it makes sense because your
      smoke trail is bigger when boost is activated…

    • markisboredagain

      +DezGamez Love the comparison idea . Looking forward to it

    • +DezGamez Idea is brilliant. Keep trolling with torps and make movie with
      every single epic hit. 🙂

    • +DezGamez hey dez, i was a winner of one of the armoured warfare access
      codes as announced in your last stryker video, i clicked my youtube-creator
      studio-community-messages but there was not on there from yourself, i wasnt
      sure if maybe it was too soon and you havent had time to send it out or if
      there has been a mix up? also am LOVING your vids they really help me pass
      the time after i finish work in the evenings keep them coming dude you have
      a long time subscriber here. regards dappadan22 ;p

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