► World of Warships: ROON Gameplay/Review, New Tier 9 Germany Cruiser – New Germany Ships, Tech Tree

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World of Warships New Ships! World of Warships Germany Tech Tree. Gameplay. Review. World of Warships New Germany Tech Tree / Line Review. World of Warships New Ships!

Finally I have something new to show you in World of Warships as well – Soviet Destroyer line is going to be in the game with next patch!
In this episode you are going to see little preview about upcoming New Germany Cruisers!
I am going to take my first look at new tier 9 Germany Cruiser “Roon”.

Let me know what you think about them!



  1. +DezGamez it is alt key it always has been

  2. +DezGamez had the Ctrl problem too in the CBT, I wanted to modify some
    stuff in the controls and apparently that broke something. Resetting to
    default, deleting my pref file, did nothing. OBT came, patches, updates,
    nothing. I had to uninstall, and reinstall to fix it. There’s a whole
    thread about it in the forums.

  3. Hi Dez to get your free cursor back you can find a posting in the game
    forums something about deleting the preference file in the world of
    warships file then restarting the game just remember to reset your
    preferences before a battle. The same thing happened to me. And thanks for
    all the vids :)

  4. I was thinking, “Torps on a cruiser, probably short distance, quick, and
    poor firing arc.”
    *watches the match*
    DAMN, now that’s a torp firing arc!

  5. can you play the tier 6? it looks amazing

  6. Well with almost 18 Km range on the main cannons you have to lose something
    and It seems that it’s Rudder shift time and Fire chance.

  7. I had the ctrl problem too but only for 1 and a half week, i suspect it is
    a bug tied to windows 10. Now it works again without me doing anything:
    WTF! But whatever , i hope yours repairs itselves too

  8. Thank you for this timely review and demonstration!

  9. and you find that setting in game options ….just in case

  10. dez ive had that happen on other games,i found changing the windows from
    full screen to windowed borderless,did you happen to recently upgrade to
    windows 10?no i have no idea why tnhis worked for me had the same issue in
    armored warfare

  11. Wonder why did not you show damage tab in the final report? Was kinda
    interested to see it and I believe I was not the only one.

  12. DEZ, the higher rate of fire combined with chance for fire with HE actually
    almost balances out with the US and IJN Tier 9 cruisers – it’s a little
    more complex math than 5X2 but if you do it you’ll see that it is correct.

  13. I had the Ctrl issue during CBT! I dunno WTF causes it, I ended up
    uninstalling and reinstalling 3 times, and I think it was STILL broken
    until the next update came!

    I hope it doesn’t stay broken for you as long as it did me in CBT, that was
    a real pain!

  14. Footballakias Socceroulis

    It was a nice game mate…..thx :D

  15. Dispersion looks good but the main battery placement sucks. Should have 2
    forward 1 aft for good offensive maneuvers.

  16. Had the ctrl Key Problem too. Tried a fix by deleting the preferences file.
    Didn’t work. Reinstalling game didn’t work either.

    Then I S.M.A.R.T checked my HDD, it had some bad sectors. Reinstalled
    Windows (wanted to get an SSD for a long time, so now was the perfect
    timing ^^) and now it works.

  17. cant wait for german destroyers

  18. At the end of the match you were detected by an airplane (a airplane symbol
    upper right side of the word “detected”). It was a left over from a sunken

  19. +DezGamez Can you please tell me your PC specs?

  20. Those shots look really tight… amazed so many missed.-Thanks for the
    gameplay video:)

  21. Ctrl Key problem is a bug I’ve had since beta. It’s only a problem with the
    ctrl key, you can modify one of your files that will allow you to map that
    focus button to another key (I remapped it to my spacebar), and then it
    works perfectly permanently. Or you can try to delete your preferences
    file, it fixes it for some people. But for me that only temporarily fixes
    it, then after a couple hours it bugs out again and stops working.

  22. Graf Brot von WoT

    I got a problem too …my cursor appeares if I press controll but not if
    I’m on my minimap….contact the service centre…that’s what I did…

  23. Are you sure you didn’t accidentally re-map your controls?

  24. House going my mannnn dez…

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