► World of Warships: The Grind Begins – Hold my Beer, Stuffz to do! -Arkansas & Sims Gameplay

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World of Warships US Sims Destroyer Gameplay and Review. World of Warships US Arkansas Battleship Gameplay and Review. World of Warships USA Destroyer Class Tutorial / Guide.

Time to get back into ships and start sailing on high seas! It took me some time to get back into it, but… Here I am, to stay!
In today’s episode going to jump into few premium ships like tier 7 “Sims” and tier 4 special premium Closed Beta Reward ship “Arkansas”, US Navy Battleship.

So let me know what lines you would like to see this time?




  1. +Dale Van Droof Click on your settings (gears icon upper left corner…then
    click controls tab…For names of players check “display team panels”…for
    tab functions (player health bar and names) check “Alternate battle
    interface mode”.
    Good luck out there.

  2. brick eentweeacht

    +brick eentweeacht PS, don’t say that the skill at level four is the
    solution. Yes, but to get that skill you have to play so many games without
    it is just no fun anymore.

  3. +DezGamez So I’m nowhere near 200k in such a tier, but I’ve gotten 94k in
    the South Carolina. Is that considered ‘high’? Honest question btw, I’m not
    well versed with the big numbers in WoWS yet.

  4. +DezGamez OK you win 🙁 But 215k of damage with torps was epic!

  5. +DezGamez well shit. the best I could do in the closed was 170k.

  6. Record is 230K 😛

  7. +Gabriel Chavez Never, stronk glorious and always relevant Russian navy
    must come first.

  8. +Gabriel Chavez They will announce something at gamescom regarding the
    german tech tree according to Ectar the EU community manager

  9. (Random Guess) hopefully this year. lol

  10. +IMemo 31 same that thing is op man

  11. +7spooky but most of them are doing 60+ knots when you see or hear the
    warning. Almost nothing other then another DD can turn in time to avoid
    being shitcanned.

  12. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    +7spooky Well most destroyers close within 8 or so kilometers before firing
    their torps, or even closer, so you don’t ever see them. Especially with
    the (completely not over powered at all) smoke that destroyers get.

  13. +that tea drinking top hat tipping British man High tier Japanese torpedoes
    are actually the easiest torpedoes to spot in the game, 2.1 km out. These
    are the famed oxygen torpedoes which were known to be very hard to detect
    in real life.

  14. Probably had the T30 when it was the tier 10 heavy.

    Hmmm, Maybe.

  16. +USSWISCONSIN94 He must have got it when the T30 was the tier 10 american
    heavy tank (before T1105).

  17. +DezGamez With the Arkansas/Wyoming – you will hit MUCH more often if you
    fire one turret at a time rather than shotgunning broadside.

    It does have a wide spread, but you can make up for it a little with more
    timed shooting. HE is still fine as of yesterday, but AP WAS under powered
    til the last mini-patch (the day before yesterday) fixed it. Now in say,
    the Murmansk, if you fire AP at other cruisers you can EASILY get citadels
    (thought nowhere near as easily as in early CBT)

    Yeah things have changed a good bit since beta, smoke is ONLY 20 seconds on
    every ship with smoke now, but that is still enough to let you retreat
    tactically, or create a small ambush cloud, but nothing like it used to be
    where you could cloak a good 4-10 square KM!

    Arkansas is a GREAT ship – but not stock! There IS a reason WG gave it SIX
    UPGRADE slots! My setup is as follows; Turret mod 1 (-20% mag detonation,
    turret damage etc) Increased range module (Brings firing range to 14.1 km)
    gun rammer module, which has my reload down to 25 seconds, and finally
    improved steering gears mod, -20% to rudder shift bringing it to 16 seconds!

    I have 5 of 6 upgrade slots filled, the only one left add “+20% to target
    acquisition range” which I take means I will spot ships 20% farther away
    but will not be able to shoot any farther?

  18. +DezGamez It is harder for destroyers now, especially US destroyers. They
    are still the ships I’ve been grinding the most. Currently I’ve reached
    the Nicholas and Mutsuki. One thing that helps is camouflage. Your
    account is currently level 6. When it reaches level 8 you will unlock the
    ability to camouflage your ships. I *strongly* recommend all destroyers
    get a paint job.
    The grind is also harder now. Things take more experience to unlock, and
    the credit cost is also high. Even retraining a captain takes work. To
    retrain one for a Mutsuki takes 26,500 xp, unless you are willing to pay to
    shorten that. For 200k credits you can cut the xp in half, but the captain
    skills only work at 1/2 power or don’t work at all till retraining is
    complete. This restriction doesn’t apply on premium ships, so you will be
    quite happy to have those. I’ve been using my Yubari for retraining my IJN
    destroyer captain, and to make the credits I need. It doesn’t matter that
    the Yubari isn’t a destroyer. I think you may find the Iwaki is a better
    retrainer for destroyer captains, but I don’t have that ship.

  19. +DezGamez DD smoke is now only useful for running away, its duration has
    been shortened as well as how long it lasts. Also HE has had its damage
    against armor reduced, so most CL and DD’s guns do nothing against BB’s
    hull, this isn’t actually a problem though, just aim a bit higher into the
    super structure and you’ll be torching them in no time.

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