► World of Warships: The Grind Begins – Hold my Beer, Stuffz to do! -Arkansas & Sims Gameplay

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World of Warships US Sims Destroyer Gameplay and Review. World of Warships US Arkansas Battleship Gameplay and Review. World of Warships USA Destroyer Class Tutorial / Guide.

Time to get back into ships and start sailing on high seas! It took me some time to get back into it, but… Here I am, to stay!
In today’s episode going to jump into few premium ships like tier 7 “Sims” and tier 4 special premium Closed Beta Reward ship “Arkansas”, US Navy Battleship.

So let me know what lines you would like to see this time?




  1. Thank you for reviewing these ships for us Dez

    Edit: im super noob to this game but how the hell do you see your commander
    like that?

  2. i did 154k dmg in my isokaze that was nice :).

  3. Plz go slow on the grind. I do not want you to burn out. Personally, I have
    limited goals for the IJN and USN: St. Louis, Cleveland and Minekaze. Now I
    am waiting for the new lines all in an effort to keep the game fresh.

  4. Also, the Arkansas is a dog when you first get it, but it can be upgraded
    big time. The ship is a project to see just how much money you can throw at
    it to make it a monster. Keep that ST. Louis, super fun ship! I call it the
    Porky Pine, like the animal, it moves slowly, but has lots of quills to hit
    it’s enemies with.

  5. Sir, at extreme range, HE works well due to plunging fire on the BB’s, as
    your targets get closer, go to AP on other BB’s and CL’s. For CV’s, I use
    mainly HE because I’m trying to keep them from launching aircraft. If a CV
    is on fire, he can’t land / launch anything. For a speed game, the IJN DD’s
    are killer, tier V is a blast! Also I am working up the USN BB, and CL
    lines. I like the high rates of fire, and the the ability to maneuver. To
    be fare, the IJN lines of ships fire farther, and hit harder, but it takes
    longer to bring the guns to bare on a target.

  6. Nice, can you tell me where you from, and when and at what time you can see
    the twitch ?

  7. I love my Arkansas. I just pack a nice, big lip of Copenhagen Wintergreen
    and send several tons of Armor Piercing freedom towards my enemies. 

  8. American Destroyers are balanced in this game because until tier 8 all of
    them have to get within their spotting distance to fire off a salvo of
    torps. the japs just cruise around firing salvo after salvo without being

  9. Hey Dez! I was hoping you might help me by telling me how to get the names
    of the ships in the battle displayed in the top left and right corners. I
    do not have it and its a bit of a pain to constantly have to press tab to
    see it! What is the trick man?

    • +Dale Van Droof Click on your settings (gears icon upper left corner…then
      click controls tab…For names of players check “display team panels”…for
      tab functions (player health bar and names) check “Alternate battle
      interface mode”.
      Good luck out there.

  10. Under the Battle button …Between modules and tech tree tabs…shouldn’t
    you have an “exterior” tab for all the achievement flags? Or is this just a
    NA server thing?

  11. i wonder how many games it took to show this… cuz u make it look easy…

  12. I have 95K and 96K games in the Myogi, and the second one ended in a draw
    because of a runaway carrier, he was down to 7K hp and my HE rounds almost
    hit him but timer hit 0 a second earlier. If only he wasn’t running away
    from me and I wasn’t 10km+ away, I felt robbed.

  13. brick eentweeacht

    Until they fix the insane damage on engine and rudder on DD’s they are not
    worth it to play.
    I loves the challenge of the DD’s and even could live with most nerfs last
    few patches, but every hit taking out rudder or engine destroyed(pun
    intended) the destroyers for me.

    • brick eentweeacht

      +brick eentweeacht PS, don’t say that the skill at level four is the
      solution. Yes, but to get that skill you have to play so many games without
      it is just no fun anymore.

  14. Great seeing some warship action again. Can understand that it was hard to
    start the grind again, I was only at tier 7 before the wipe but can still
    empathize. Keep up the good work

  15. I don’t think destroyers are OP, but they immensely easy. I mean they hit
    as hard as a citadel salvo from Battleships except you get shown exactly
    where your torps need to go, no thinking or learning how to lead required.
    And don’t even get me started on Jap Destroyers who can fire torps from
    outside detection range. That, to me, is just fucking broken. WG has been
    working on reducing the instances of invisible tanks in WoT, why now would
    they introduce another invisible element in this game? Also still don’t
    quite understand why spread on low tier battleships is so high and
    secondary battery range is so low, but I guess that is for another time.

  16. TheBurningsteppes

    +DezGamez So glad it is now open beta. Really enjoying the game play for
    the most part. I didn’t care much for destroyers the first couple times I
    played them, but I’m starting to warm up to them lol.

  17. Anybody know which are better to go for first japanese or american

  18. Glad to see you back at it. Really enjoy your Warship vids.

  19. good luck grinding Dez and keep up the good work.
    I’m grinding on the NA server and finally got with all of the US/IJN
    branches (except CVs) to T5. it was a chore :)… the game play right now
    is so chaotic in T1-4 when compared to CBT. It’s now just like WoT – Lots
    of new players that are learning and some seal clubbers. But i’m enjoying
    the hell out of it.
    Now I’ll focus the grind to DDs too :)

  20. I had a game with the IJN DD Isokaze with 219k damage… Try to beat that

  21. Nice video, i think that ,,grind,, will be fun for you 🙂 .. And that Atago
    is just one big citadel 🙂 ..

  22. Yeah.. so.. HE is as happy as ever, fires raging continually, until I can
    retrain my commander after switching ships it is simply a nightmare.

    Everyone uses it, destroyers, cruisers, battleships, you can tell it’s open
    beta. Personally I think the damage control party should give something
    like a 5-15 second fire immunity, sometimes I get set on fire literally 2
    seconds after using it.

    Also you will see a lot of new players jump into ships like Atlanta or
    Atago and having no clue what to do. Witnessed two today in a platoon,
    highest dpm ship in that game, all they did was escort carriers and shoot
    down planes. Open beta man. Open beta.

  23. When Wil world of warships implicate german ships?

  24. Hey Dez. Nice Rounds. Super gaming. In the last few days i have 2 or 3 100k
    Dmg games in the T4 Phoenix without using Torps 😉 So this USA Cruiser is
    very funny. With AP i bouncing to mutch times or dohing 4 Hhits and make
    300 Dmg … -.- so i using HE up to 90 %. Let the fire burn und doing a lot
    of Dmg for you ;)

  25. Had a 100 k damage game too in my tier 4 yesterday. Best game ever but
    torps are a little op sometimes. If you stay at 6.2 km you can basicly be
    stealthy all the time.

  26. Hullo Dez

  27. Pff with my Tier 4 japanese destroyer i did 2k dmg with the guns and 98k
    with torps no big deal i have the replay if you want

  28. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    The reason people say destroyers are OP is because; they have infinite camo
    as long as they don’t fire their guns. They also get OP torps, especially
    the high tier Japanese ones. They also are impossible to hit.

    • +7spooky but most of them are doing 60+ knots when you see or hear the
      warning. Almost nothing other then another DD can turn in time to avoid
      being shitcanned.

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      +7spooky Well most destroyers close within 8 or so kilometers before firing
      their torps, or even closer, so you don’t ever see them. Especially with
      the (completely not over powered at all) smoke that destroyers get.

    • +that tea drinking top hat tipping British man High tier Japanese torpedoes
      are actually the easiest torpedoes to spot in the game, 2.1 km out. These
      are the famed oxygen torpedoes which were known to be very hard to detect
      in real life.

  29. Hey Dez. When i watched your video from July 4th. I saw that the T28
    Prototype was never owned or even researched. Did you get the T30 as a gift
    or something to skip the T28 Prototype?

  30. Back with WoWS… Let the grind begin!

    • +DezGamez With the Arkansas/Wyoming – you will hit MUCH more often if you
      fire one turret at a time rather than shotgunning broadside.

      It does have a wide spread, but you can make up for it a little with more
      timed shooting. HE is still fine as of yesterday, but AP WAS under powered
      til the last mini-patch (the day before yesterday) fixed it. Now in say,
      the Murmansk, if you fire AP at other cruisers you can EASILY get citadels
      (thought nowhere near as easily as in early CBT)

      Yeah things have changed a good bit since beta, smoke is ONLY 20 seconds on
      every ship with smoke now, but that is still enough to let you retreat
      tactically, or create a small ambush cloud, but nothing like it used to be
      where you could cloak a good 4-10 square KM!

      Arkansas is a GREAT ship – but not stock! There IS a reason WG gave it SIX
      UPGRADE slots! My setup is as follows; Turret mod 1 (-20% mag detonation,
      turret damage etc) Increased range module (Brings firing range to 14.1 km)
      gun rammer module, which has my reload down to 25 seconds, and finally
      improved steering gears mod, -20% to rudder shift bringing it to 16 seconds!

      I have 5 of 6 upgrade slots filled, the only one left add “+20% to target
      acquisition range” which I take means I will spot ships 20% farther away
      but will not be able to shoot any farther?

    • +DezGamez It is harder for destroyers now, especially US destroyers. They
      are still the ships I’ve been grinding the most. Currently I’ve reached
      the Nicholas and Mutsuki. One thing that helps is camouflage. Your
      account is currently level 6. When it reaches level 8 you will unlock the
      ability to camouflage your ships. I *strongly* recommend all destroyers
      get a paint job.
      The grind is also harder now. Things take more experience to unlock, and
      the credit cost is also high. Even retraining a captain takes work. To
      retrain one for a Mutsuki takes 26,500 xp, unless you are willing to pay to
      shorten that. For 200k credits you can cut the xp in half, but the captain
      skills only work at 1/2 power or don’t work at all till retraining is
      complete. This restriction doesn’t apply on premium ships, so you will be
      quite happy to have those. I’ve been using my Yubari for retraining my IJN
      destroyer captain, and to make the credits I need. It doesn’t matter that
      the Yubari isn’t a destroyer. I think you may find the Iwaki is a better
      retrainer for destroyer captains, but I don’t have that ship.

    • +DezGamez DD smoke is now only useful for running away, its duration has
      been shortened as well as how long it lasts. Also HE has had its damage
      against armor reduced, so most CL and DD’s guns do nothing against BB’s
      hull, this isn’t actually a problem though, just aim a bit higher into the
      super structure and you’ll be torching them in no time.

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