► World of Warships Warspite Gameplay: Royal Navy’s Battleship Review – First Impressions

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World of Warships Premium Battleship Review. World of Warships HMS Warspite Gameplay.
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Finally we have some Royal Navy action as well in World of Warships.
Let’s take our first look at the first British ship in the game, Tier 6 HMS Warspite Premium Battleship



  1. can i get an invite code? i am really interrested in this game!

  2. Firing range > concealment range though…

  3. Lol… just watched Jingles play this epically and loving it… :D

    • +Golem WoT
      That doesn’t mean anything.. As soon as you fire you are spotted from
      longer distance
      (that was to your firing range comment)

  4. How many citadel penetrations can you remember receiving in the war spite
    compared to the jap battleships? That will tell you how the armour is

  5. In action the Warspite was most certainly not a Battlecruiser! I think the
    problem is the Premium Warspite is a pre WWII refit, not a later refit with
    updated rangefinders and increased gun elevation. Which could account for
    the low range.

    Maybe adding 2 or 3 km onto the range would help without overbalancing it.
    I could live with the slow turret traverse if the range was a little

  6. All I can say is, “Your results may vary…”

  7. With upgrades, the Warspites accuracy becomes amazing. coupled with the
    great maneuverability and short detection range, makes it a great medium
    range slugger. Thanks for the review.

  8. Are you holding down the ALT button every time you go into artillery view
    or is there a setting where you can have the enemy health point show, time
    for shells to reach target and distance to target show up every time you go
    into that view?

    • Well then, someone has gotten out of the wrong side of the bed this
      morning. lol There’s no need for the name calling sir

  9. alius indentitas

    Did anybody else hear a shotgun round being chambered at 0:50?

  10. Its difficult to stay competitive with the range on Warspite, and I find
    myself fighting both the Kongo/Fuso on a regular basis :(

  11. Oddly enough, HMS Warspite has one of the two or three longest recorded
    hits on a moving vessel in the history of naval warfare.

  12. Brent “Honez” Jones

    Dez, I would look at this ship as a slugger….can take it and dish it
    but only at a much closer range. With the turn radius, it can use the
    mountains and terrain to full advantage. I do agree with you in regards to
    the way the armor is working right now it seems kind of hinky but your
    WarSpite took a serious beat down and kept on ticking.
    Looking forward to more.

  13. Maksymilian Reviews and Tutorials (Maksymilian Tutorials)

    I love your accent

  14. In the Upgrade modules are there any that increase accuracy?

    • +Low Ping Yes there’s gun fire control system modification in the 2nd slot
      that increases main battery firing accuracy, though it doesn’t tell you by
      how much it improves accuracy.

  15. I absolutely adore this game, but i hate that the Royal navy isn’t in the
    game yet! The most powerfull navy in the world and it didn’t make the
    betarelease! And i still don’t know If any Dutch ships make it in the game.

    • +JayD K
      You’re wright mate. And I think we all are looking out to the new tech
      trees. And we are wondering how much fake carriers and battleships will be
      in the game. (Russian tier 10 battleships with 25 inch guns and 1000mm of
      armour maybe 🙂 )

    • +tommy Spee lol with your comment about 25 inch guns, It wouldn’t surprise
      me. I disagree about the U.S. Navy being a “complete utter joke” at the
      beginning of WWII though. It was still one of the greatest navies in the
      world even thought it was showing some age. The Washington Naval Treaty
      didn’t help matters, but even so the North Carolina class battleships were
      excellent ships and started finishing construction in 1940, they had very
      good Pre-1940 carriers as well with the Yorktown class and others. Battle
      of Midway (6 months after pearl harbor) was probably the decisive battle of
      the pacific naval war and the United States was outnumbered quite a bit.
      Then you had the heroics of the U.S. destroyers of Taffy 3 where a handful
      of destroyers caused 4 Japanese battleships (including the Yamato) and 6
      heavy cruisers, among many other supports ships, to run away because of how
      furiously those destroyers attacked. It’s belittling to say it was all
      about numbers. There was plenty of skill and determination to go around on
      both sides in that theatre of war.

      I can tell you what one of the top tier battleships for Russian is most
      likely going to be – Sovetsky Soyuz Class Battleship. None were finished
      but they were at least partially worked on, they had major armour problems
      and construction problems. But for carriers…I have no idea what Russia
      will be using. I don’t think they built a carrier until the late 1960’s.
      They only had 3 old battleships and 7 light cruisers, as their largest
      ships, when the war started.

      The Russian Navy never really recovered from getting destroyed by the
      Japanese Navy in the Russo-Japanese War.

    • +tommy Spee Yeah I totally agree that the addition of Russian ships before
      the Royal Navy is just silly. Then again, the company is Russian so there’s
      that whole Russian bias just like in WoT lol

    • +JayD K
      This is going to be WoT all over again with these made-up paper ships,
      don’t get me wrong i adore WoT and WoWS i think they are great games but
      WoWS should have left the russian navy out of this. Then again the biggest
      playerbase is in the former Sovjet Union so i kind of understand.

    • +Col. Kurtz
      I understand perfectly what you mean, the biggest playerbase is in Russia
      so i understand why they did this. I still don’t agree though.

  16. Bro Chur

  17. From UK with love… or is it?

    • +DezGamez The concealment is a factor with this ship 14.2 km detectability
      range allows you to get in range with those guns before you can be spotted.

    • well the actual range of the ship was quite a bit further than 16k and I
      don’t know why it is so low in the game but this is a premium so when the
      actual tech tree ship comes out it should be better

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