► World of Warships Yamato Battleship: Gameplay and Preview – Fear of the Sea!

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World of Warships Yamato Battleship Gameplay, Tier 10 Battleship. World of Warships Battleship Guide/Tutorial. Road to Yamato.
►Welcome Home!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the battle is on! World of Warships entered into closed beta stage and that means we are able to share our videos, thoughts and gameplays about World of Warships.

Our epic journey to The Mighty Yamato in World of Warships has ended. There it is, Yamato Class Battleship in our port. One tech tree is finished and we covered basically every ship in it. It was a tough grind, but it was worth it. I have enjoyed every single game so far.
Now we are going to focus on getting tier 10 destroyer and cruiser as well.

What do you want to see next?

Enjoy! 😉



  1. I would’ve hoped for one of the US battleships (or heavy cruiser) to be the
    planned Alaska class. It was planned in response to German pocket
    battleships and look like a baby Iowa class battleship only with less AA
    and lower calibre guns.

  2. so this game is pure rng?

  3. seems like long range sniper to me. pitiful at close range

  4. looks like the secondary turrets of the yamato is just for display, in the
    game at least

  5. whynot-tomorrow?

    I was yelling at my computer screen more than once during this video. I
    cannot wait to command my own ship.

  6. Resurrected Eagle

    Very nice gameplay :)

  7. Pulemana Phanthadeth

    Yamato is the Best ship no hater shall beat her sprit

  8. Also, for the firing one at a time, it would make sense from a realistic
    standpoint. Firing at the same time the ship would rock with the guns,
    allowing each guns stabilization kick in with the one or two second pause
    would make it more accurate overall.

  9. Love the captions and calling yourself on your BS 🙂 Always like someone
    who isn’t so concerned with arguing how they really were right somehow,
    always better when you can laugh along with everyone else. Keep up the
    great vids!

  10. Armor system isn’t final yet, they’re working on a better one that will
    make caliber of guns more important. And the Yamato’s armor is bugged as
    hell too, the 650mm thick turrets can get destroyed by destroyer guns..

  11. kinda worried about the yamato not being strong enough when u are up close
    because of the secondaries not able to do the damage and the cost of it
    being destroyed.

  12. You lucky dog!

  13. The Yamato is just Gorgeous what a good looking ship and very powerful

  14. what means RNG?

  15. does the yamato have much in the way of secondary armament?

  16. wait till they put Bismarck in their ,than we see who the boss is:)

  17. I would like to see you using the carrier, don’t know much about it.. Maybe
    your thoughts about it? Is it the same as arty in WoT?

  18. Jasper Slendebroek

    DezGameZ you are a realy good youtuber and one of my favorites. Your world
    of warships video’s are the best. If you have a beta game key for give away
    please let me know if you want to give me the key. Your doing great keep

  19. God of Sea: Son of Bear

  20. and the mistake was using your repair too early?? nice game btw :)

  21. What ship was that last one that managed to take a yamato 1vs1???

  22. Love this game I cant wait to play it. Thnx for the good videos!

  23. was that a lag spike at 8:10? the enemy ship just kept lurching like it was

    looks like a badass ship, those guns are enormous! interesting to see you
    showing off some of the traditional longer range battleship engagements.

  24. That was a really close fight at the end there, you almost had him then he
    used the “ally support” powerup. Also that cruiser destruction was brutal.

  25. I have a very interesting Trick for you: when you are firing on range try
    to aim a bit further infront of the enemy Ship as you think , since the
    netcode is quiet Bad so it will Hit the ship even if it isnt showing it on
    your screen :)

  26. The New intro is freakin amazing woow i love it and amazing video keep

  27. DEZ are you going to give away any wows codes?

  28. now we need american battleship line!

  29. Your secondary battery never fired?

  30. Hmm, needs more AA theirs not enough.

  31. Comhghall Geraghty

    do you not automatically have premium account in warships if you do in

  32. wow, Yamato hate is real! That Amagi owned you big time, like you were some
    lightly armored cruiser! And your secondary guns didn’t even fire a single
    salvo while Amagi’s secondaries were rebalancing your Yamato so fast… 

  33. What ship are you looking forward to most when all countries are added to
    the game?

  34. How did you get Yamato so fast? I dont even have Kongo! Do you just play
    WoWS 24/7? :D

  35. so yamato does not also have secondary that fires at ships?

  36. ok these repair costs can NOT be finial. it would be the dumbest thing WG
    could ever fucking do. im not EVER going to gold or premium if i cant run
    the tier 10 every game. ok they could just fuck off if that is the case!!!

  37. There was another live stream? You need to make that bigger in the descrip

  38. Does anyone know if the current beta is actually a soft launch or if the
    account progress will be wiped after the game is released?

  39. Hassassin Assassin

    Open beta plsss.

  40. Great game Dez! I have eagerly awaiting this video since you last live
    streamed the Yamato. I am most definitely continue my grind for it.

    **What are you thoughts on the turrets having 50mm of armor vs the
    historical 650mm of frontal turret armor, and would it make a difference?**


  41. Just got my Fuso today Dez, stoked to get this beast doe. Is it worth it??

  42. Fear….. I smell fear in the air !!!!!

  43. was the chat that bad, poi? I wanted to read it, poi :< plz compare wows to wot, I wanna play but I don't wanna get into a game that will be filled with newbs constantly like wot, poi :<

  44. Road to the Essex?

  45. what was going on in chat that was “too toxic” hahahah

  46. Yamato HYPE!!! :D

  47. yep

  48. Are the Japanese cruisers good? I want to go straight for the tier 10 when
    this game goes live but I hear the Jap cruisers are mediocre compared to
    the US cruisers.

  49. Nice video 🙂 Does Yamato have secondary guns? I didnt see any fire in
    that final engagement. I liked the way the cat faded at the end there lol.

  50. Sunking Myoko was spectacular! from 100% to 0% in a sec!

  51. GalaWOTs Galavits

    is it easier to grint in WOWs, or is it just because you are testing?

  52. Just something epic to watch while enjoying evening’s tea.

  53. Mother of god! :O

  54. Congratulations from IchiNiSanShiGo

  55. HyperionGamer100

    All hail… The mighty Yamato…. Over 68,000 tons… The largest
    battleship in history

  56. Woho! First! Got beta key for me Dez ? 🙂 cmn dont let me beg you ! :D

  57. It is finally here!

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