◀World of Warships – Bulkhead Buster

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The odds are against us! Will the tripple gun turrets of the New Mexico class battleship be enough to fight back the forces of evil? Lets find out in this look at World of Warships!

Live streaming with standards!


  1. DutchSurvivalist

    I watched this match on the livestream, but it was just so good that i had
    to watch it again here on the channel!
    Even though i knew what was going to happen i enjoyed it again nonetheless!

    Keep up the great work SideStrafe!

  2. great game, too bad you didn’t have a little better team.

  3. Awesome match :P

  4. Kicking ass and chewing bubble gum.
    Damn man that was the best match I’ve ever seen anywhere.
    Patience and forward thinking if defently paid off. Nice to see another one
    using AP. Thought I was the only one.

  5. Luis Fernando Arispe

    Great game!!!. The rng is on you Sidestrafe!!!. 

  6. Glad you chose this match! It was good live, but the better quality totaly
    makes it worth watching it again!

  7. Entertainment at its best. +1 for the format too. Thanks SideStrafe.

  8. I got 1 shot in my myogi by a new mexico at 15 km away a few minutes ago.
    When luck is on the side of the New Mexico, it’s totally OP. And it terms
    of a “fun” gameplay, queuing up for a battle in a tier 4 battleship and
    getting 1 shotted before you even were in range is Fed up. well played

  9. Just what the fuck was Kawachi doing in 6 tier battle?

  10. I love the format. Nice to hear what you’re saying during gameplay, and vid
    quality is a bonus. 

  11. Baxter Schumacher


  12. Gamingwithgrandpa420

    xlnt quality, gr8 game!

  13. rekt all dem ships

  14. I love the format. It Is almost better I hear what you have to say during
    the stress and of the battle than to listen to u commenting when u already
    know what is going to happen. Great vid. 

  15. Μιχάλης Sp

    Live streaming with standards! – http://twitch.tv/sidestrafe

  16. Such easy going game, well done. Btw its always nice to be top tier of a

  17. So Sidestrafe, I love watching your videos and the commentary is just at
    another level compared to other youtubers. I would like to know your
    opinion on World of warships compared to Wot and WoWp and will this divide
    the players even more between games or will also fade like wowp?

  18. Fantastic game! I really would like to see more of this ship because you
    play it very well. Your entertainment standards have done it again. 

  19. Well i can tell you that in my Warspite the only same tier ship i genuinely
    fear is the New Mexico, it does a great job at punching through my normally
    great angled armor

  20. Pronouncing Furutaka like in English T_T…
    Don’t give me the excuse ” I don’t speak Japanese! “, it’s typical that
    people use English pronunciation to pronounce words in other language
    instead of ” Hey, how is it pronounce? ” and looking up on Internet!

    • +Ross Pennny Lol okay..
      Isn’t his playing games on Twitch and doing videos on Youtube ?
      You are really saying to me that maximum 10 minutes is too much to learn
      how sounds are pronounced in Japanese?
      Shouldn’t it be a part of his job to be pronouncing ships names right since
      he is doing it for a living?
      There is videos telling you how to pronounce the sounds, which is not even
      hard since English already have all those sound ?
      Even Google Translate do it right!
      Seriously, there is no good excuses, if not a brain injuries making a
      person unable to do so.
      My comment isn’t trying to be offensive to him, it’s simply that.. well.
      Like I explained above.

      Personally, it bother to see a name and not knowing how to say it, so I am
      going to search it. It’s knowledge and it help to have language logics. By
      exemple I don’t speak German, but I am really often right about how it
      should be pronounce.

      It’s really something I would like to change from people mind, to think
      every language is pronounced like their language. Mostly English speaker
      who are doing it from my experience.

    • He is playing a game, what if I don’t know, Maybe he doesn’t have the time
      or effort to research how all the ships are pronounced give him some slack.

  21. A How To… carry the team, at least looking at the results and XP, nice
    game as well :)

  22. Iono Sama (IonoTheFanatic)

    for BB,
    range your shot…

    you are not sure how much lead you need? fire one shot, NOT FULL SALVO,
    once you are certain of the lead you need then you fire the rest of the
    salvo… or hell fire the next gun with new adjustment, if it hits or is
    very close to mark then fire the rest…

    better than wasting all your salvo and missing all of them and wait 30
    seconds for the next salvo, then miss it again

    if you are already used to the ranging and lead, good… you can skip this
    if you are not that good with the lead however… well then you do it the
    same way they do it back then too without radar…

    very basic skill that a lot of newer BB driver surprisingly still haven’t
    figured out,
    not hard to do, and the risk of giving early warning to the enemy that you
    have ranged him is certainly much less severe than wasting all your salvo

    you can afford to miss with full salvo in rapid firing CL / CA and DDs
    you cannot do so with BB and CV where your ordnance take forever to reload
    compared to everyone else…

  23. fun battle!

  24. Man this really makes me want to get a battleship. Being able to destroy a
    ship like that with one full salvo is awesome.

  25. 7 kills. Nice one sidestrafe. Love your vids, long time fan. Keep up the
    quality gameplay and footage

  26. Awesome show of seamanship and gunnery SS, Salute!

  27. good video. thanks for posting! just got into this game and it’s great. I
    like the fact that we get to enjoy the game with you as you play. Reactions
    are always fun to watch as well.Keep it up!

  28. its stupid we cant controll the back up guns

  29. Nice. I think you are the first to upload 1080p.

  30. Sidestrafe will always be op :), he is the “Lone Wolf”

  31. Looks great, like the higher resolution.

  32. You know these deja vu moments…..12 ish min into this video….then SS
    says something that remind you , you were watching him on twitch yesterday
    and have heard and seen everything in this video already….. but ill
    re-watch it ….cause SS is canadien.

  33. With all of the torpedos, HE, fires, flooding, and the fact that you’re the
    biggest target on the map, the catharsis of opening up with a salvo and
    sinking an opponent in one big blast more than makes up for it all.

  34. thumps up, just thumps up – I hate low tier BBs because they miss
    But you just hit without shotsplicing. Awesome video/match.

  35. Side, what’s do you think of players abusing the blue edge lines?

    Thought the Kongo was using that exploit, but it seems not. Anyway, what’s
    your take on it?

  36. I quite like it 

  37. Always enjoy your content.

  38. Fantastic match!

  39. This style would work better if you brought some friends into stream with
    you and you had some live banter while playing etc.

    Not saying this was terrible or anything, just giving some constructive
    feedback :P

  40. Great job! And the format works.

  41. MrTheGameNarrator

    You sir are incredible at this game.

  42. As a top BB player, the only thing I’d say in this that REALLY made me
    cringe was that you other than not setting the ‘priority target’ for 2nds
    (supposedly ups your accuracy)
    Was that you don’t seem to make it your personal habit to lock your guns
    while looking/aiming elsewhere from the target location. Its a good idea
    to always lock your guns either with the RMB or best with Ctrl+X between
    shots or while locking around so you are never at a loss for your firing
    solution due to how long guns take to rotate +SideStrafe
    It helps a lot and several firing opportunities would not have been lost
    this game.
    (combined with how well the ship did, that’s saying something.)

    But yeah, tier 6 and up if its not a DD get the rudder upgrade esp on CA’s
    and BBs.
    (on a CV or the Fuso, might go propulsion 2 but otherwise, yeah. go

    • I only played 500 games in closed beta and have only just gone past 200 in
      open beta (work, life commitments etc). My survival rate is 54% currently,
      I do not know whether that is good or not? I was just interested in whether
      there are already player stats available for comparison? That being said I
      do not want an xvm style mod in game as this has contributed significantly
      to arrogant and toxic behaviour in WoT. It would be a pity for the WoWs
      community and game experience to go down this route. Furthermore, it causes
      enemy teams to focus down on the statistically better players…

    • +xiaobaozha Results and ‘Survival’ stats along with knowledge.

      Play a few several hundred games in every class of ship like us, you might

    • It must be awesome being a top BBS player. Forgive me, how do you know you
      are a top BBS player and do you often get that many kills?

  43. Very well played, Sidestrafe 🙂 (missed the stream :/ )

  44. LOL! Turn subtitles on and go to 1:28

  45. Thats just beautiful m8. Keep it up

  46. Great quality Side, like the look of the video. I really appreciate you
    and iChase covering this title, it’s definitely my latest gaming obsession.
    That battle was well fought, I look forward to seeing you on the high seas.

  47. Regarding match time concerns: Since it is fairly difficult for 2 ships to
    battle (find eachother) when they are the only two left it might be easier
    if 20 seconds or so would be added for each ship sunk (i.e. 3 ships in the
    match have sunk = 1 minute of extra game time)

  48. Love the format, Side. Either this or the normal post-commentary work

  49. Like this format, especially since I can’t always make it to the streams.
    Keep up the great work!

  50. Wow… What a match!

  51. SideStrafe likes to bust some bulkheads in his spare time.

  52. broadsides with standards!

  53. That was just epic to watch. Shame you didn’t win, but I think that you had
    a good chance, if you had a few more minutes.

  54. i like the HD quality with the in game comm.

  55. T Thulin (CrizeCaldron)

    Loved the New Mexico, and having an annoying time adjusting to the

  56. Do the have the uss salt lake city

    • +dizzy panda They have the Pensacola class cruiser (tier 7 cruiser)in the
      game: if my Google Works the Salt Lake City was of that class?

  57. Live streaming with standards! – http://twitch.tv/sidestrafe

    • +SideStrafe Hypnotoad has a video on in which he gives some tips on aiming
      – basically, for a 20 knot ship like a Wyoming, each mark on the scale in
      bino view is equal to one second of shell flight time. For a fast 30 knot
      ship like the Kongo, you double that. Allowing for the angle the other ship
      is traveling, that’s turned out to be remarkably accurate.

    • +SideStrafe congrats on the most awesome game!!!

    • +SideStrafe interesting, haven’t noticed that problem when I’ve been doing

    • +mrspeigle1 I do that once in awhile. The issue is it lets the enemy know
      you are on them and provides time to react. So I’ve gotten in the habbit of
      firing a full volly to avoid the issue. However, doesn’t always work out.
      Situational I suppose.

    • +GrifflezGaming Thanks for the feedback, mutch appreciated.

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