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I discuss low tier entertainment, game design, and some basic ship strategy in today’s look at World of Warships!

Live streaming with standards!


  1. Hugo van den Berk

    I loved the kawachi when it was upgraded. The only bad thing about it was
    the range indeed. However, I still like it more than the Myogi, hope I will
    get a bit better at that, so if anybody has some tips…

  2. I sold my St. Louis because I didn’t find it enjoyable. I just didn’t like
    to play it. Love the Omaha though.

  3. Richard Gustafsson

    11:05 I loved the Kawachi, you just need to treat it like a shotgun

  4. Richard Gustafsson

    6:43 What happens when you mark enemy aircrafts?

  5. Been playing since late alpha and I still find WoW fun but I have seen the
    pain on some trees on the grind. I agree U.S. Battleships up to the New
    Mexico is painful. While the armor placed at important points of the ship
    versus spread on IJN BB is great, the lack of range with slow speed (20kn)
    leaves several minutes of pure boredom. I loved the NM but didn’t care for
    the Colorado much. The NC and Iowa I fell in love. New players are not
    using the US BB early line correctly. I have seen several only shoot HE
    with opposing players calling me out for cheating when my AP salvo hits the
    flat armor of there BB or CA resulting in mag and engine hits that wipes
    them from the game. So many have not learned to angle there armor and leave
    there ships flat for me to strike. This is why early players get frustrated
    and go to HE as they do not understand the angle of attack is why AP is
    showing little or no damage from the bounces.

    Currently been leveling carrier and IJN destroyers receiving gameplay up to
    ten kills in a game with my carrier. So many players new have yet to master
    CV gameplay and use proper situational awareness. The biggest gap in the
    game teamplay wise is players long wolfing early and leaving venerable BB
    and CV ships with low or no AA mounts to die to experienced players like
    myself on air strikes. Part of this is due to players wanting xp and cash
    and currently the game does not reward players on shooting down planes
    defending important assets to the fleet. Yes causing a turkey shoot is fun
    but I prefer having the other guy have a shot at least to cause me to
    rethink different strategies. There needs to be a reward system in place
    for players that stick together as a fleet. A bonus versus just everyone go
    there marry way.

  6. i think they should add natural environments like stormy weather with high
    waves and strong currents

  7. Ships like Omaha, Cleveland, Kongo/Fuso, Minekaze and others are worth
    keeping, but only if you pay money to extend your port space. If you don’t
    want to invest or you simply can’t, well than those default 6 slots will
    limit you a ton.
    Now imagine after they add Britain and Germany, 6 slots will be painfully

  8. For the ships that are fun i think the Wyoming is fun and the new york i
    got reallly recently but it seems fun

  9. TheMarineGamer IGGHQ

    “the 10 people that play world of warplanes” I died XD

  10. TheMarineGamer IGGHQ

    YES Finally someone agrees with me on torpedoes they dont allow subs
    because it would be “unbalanced”? but they add underwater compressed air
    tanks that you can avoid half of the time and thats balanced. Along with
    PLANES that drop them like really war gaming?

  11. Finally 60fps videos on youtube 

  12. American Battleships (the early 20s and late 20s ones) were indeed slow, it
    is indeed a realistic weakness of American battleships as the Americans
    focused primarily on firepower and protection.

    What is not realistic is the range of their guns in-game as they were all
    capable, in real life, of firing at/over 25+km, many were actually fitted
    with radar FCS (fire control system) during WWII and in one engagement, a
    Colorado-class battleship during the ‘Battle of Surigao strait’, with her
    first salvo, in pitch black night hit an enemy battleship at 22,000 –
    23,000 yards with her first salvo using her radar FCS.

    Thus, in-game the guns of American battleships are actually SEVERELY nerfed
    as most you can do with them is around 14-17km, making them quite painful
    to play.

    One can logically fathom, however, that if they would have given these
    ‘slow battleships’ their actual strength of having good guns and good range
    that they’ll probably be more fun to play, but sadly for either ‘economic’
    reasons (as you’ve mentioned) or lack of objectivity they decided against
    balancing the low tier American battleships within their realistic

    • +adobo777 well, that and them crippling the FCS on all battleships- and,
      really, all of our ship-based gunnery- by forcing us to use early 1900s
      naval aiming methods.

  13. This was my first time I watched a video of you sir! I really enjoyed it! +

  14. I’ve been playing since very early CBT. I mostly play just for the fun, so
    raging teammates or losing a match doesn’t really bother me. But, what
    REALLY grinds my gears is the gigantic superiority that USN carriers have
    on top of IJN carriers. More than once i’ve had ALL my squadrons wiped out
    by one single squadron of fighters from a lower tier USN carrier. And they
    were fighting right under my AA barrage, i maneged to only get ONE plane
    down, ONE.

  15. St Luis Yes. Omaha no. Cleveland is the us crusier to keep.

  16. i donno bout the other merican battleships but i know the USS Texas (the
    sistership of the new york) was a very good ship and is actually the last
    dreadnaught still around and in all of its combat it only ever lost 1 crew
    member who was the helmsmen (or was it the first mate?) and he was crushed
    by falling debris when a shell hit the roof of the bridge.

    she was also considered the luckiest ship in the navy by many

    and be’n a Texan myself if i ever did get WoWs i would NEVER sell her

  17. The American BB Wyoming is horrid at first, without upgrades, but once you
    get that baby fully upgrades with the second hull and all, it’s freaking
    AWESOME. I love it playing with it; had my best games with that ship; and
    it is definitely better than the Japanese BB Myogi at the same tier. The
    South Carolina (first BB) is actually not half bad either. I had a good
    amount of nice games with it.

    Edit: The New York is just like the Wyoming: it freaking sucks a** at first
    without any upgrades. However, when you get all of the upgrades, it is SO
    much better. But, in my honest opinion, when compared to how significant
    the Wyoming’s upgrades were, the New York’s upgrades don’t really stand up
    to par. The Wyoming’s upgrades made that thing a deadly BEAST, however the
    New York’s upgrades pretty much just make it “good enough”. If you
    understand what I mean.

  18. A slanted semi-review of this ARCADE game seen though the eyes of a PAYING
    customer. WG has designed this for the 8-14 yo crowd willing to spend their
    allowances – an adult with any sense of the true value of their $$$
    wouldn’t spend a dime. Since Open Beta started its been a constant kiddie
    fest and it’s only going to get worse.
    I had well over 2,000 battles when I stopped playing the Closed Beta a
    month before Open Beta opened – I now have only a few hundred battles since
    starting a week or so ago again and the change in players is readily

  19. Not sure if Sidestrafe was being semi-serious about the smell immersion,
    but when playing Left 4 Dead 2, I would prefer not to smell the rotting
    corpses of an entire city.

  20. Pretty much the entirety of the Japanese tree isn’t a splash until you get
    to tier five, save for Furutaka which is insufferable and Tenryu which is
    somehow pretty fun.

  21. Have you dealt with invisible ships shooting you yet? yes, in Jap (and some
    american) destroyers at about 11-12 KM they can shoot you and they will not
    be spotted. Thank god only some players at the tier level required for jap
    destroyers to shoot that far know this, but it is incredibly annoying, and
    not to mention enraging

  22. Thoroughly enjoying myself with the US and IJN bb and cruiser lines. So far
    haven’t hated any ship, although low range on us bb’s make you chase the
    action around the map.

    Most people say the New Mexico is where the fun begins because of yhe four
    triple turrets, but New York was not bad either.

    The worst grind so far is the Furutaka, and possibly the Colorado (if
    nothing changed since the CBT) I remember the frustration back then.

  23. i think to make battleships fun they did to let you control the secondary

  24. One thing I wish they would adjust for the game is the dispersion for
    battleship guns. Not turning them into laser-guided doom-nuggets, but I
    can’t tell you the number of times I have been engaged in a close-in brawl
    with another battleship (close enough that our secondaries were getting
    into the action down at tier 4-5) and fire a broadside….and both of us
    miss with every shell. Like I said, I don’t want battleships to be so
    precise that every shot you fire hits it’s target, but I don’t think it’s
    asking too much to have a little more accuracy, especially considering the
    long reload times involved.

    Either way, great video as usual.

  25. As always thanks for the standards 🙂 07 

  26. so thoughts on optimum time to switch from he to ap? I know you briefly
    mention it, but don’t really go into too much detail as to the method of
    your madness.

  27. I would like to see torpedo bombers actually have to make a low and slow
    torpedo run as opposed to swirling near by just outside of AA range and
    suddenly the water is full of torpedoes. Toledo bombing historically was
    very dangerous with a high attention rate. It would be nice WoW reflected

  28. what specs do you need to play that game

  29. do you need specific specs to play world of warships

  30. Frustrations in this game as with the others is being team killed by
    someone who is either really new and doesn’t know what to do in Destroyers
    or are just pratts who should have their computers taken away.

  31. Also ship speeds seems to me to be very historical.

  32. Regarding ship durability, the game has some basis in reality. The USS
    Johnston, a Fletcher class US destroyer was hit by 3 AP 14″ rounds from the
    Kongo that knocked out a boiler room and 3 6″ rounds on the bridge. The
    ship continued to fight and the Captain moved to the stern to control the

  33. Iono Sama (IonoTheFanatic)

    The only real problem i have with WoWS is the same problem with any online
    game really, ie: retards…

    since the game just went into open beta, you see influx of new players…
    lots of them

    and not surprisingly, these new players… well, not that the older ones
    are great but the newer ones definitely are far more reckless…
    particularly with torpedoes… which usually produce fatal consequence…

    they just fire their torpedoes with absolutely no care in the world of
    where they were and their teams are…

    they could be the furthest ship from the target, outside of their own
    torpedo range… with 6 friendly ships in front of them and the target…
    and they WILL STILL FIRE their torpedoes… full spread at the target…

    it really hurts your head trying to figure out what the hell these retards
    are thinking when they just drop their fish with friendlies clearly between
    them and the target…

    • +Iono Sama yeep, less retards in early closed beta than now. I think any
      online game will have one of those “retards.” But definitely closed beta
      had less retards.

  34. WarGaming can have my St. Louis once they pry it out of my cold, dead

  35. I think historically all Battleships were basically just status symbols,
    not effective ships… There’s a reason no one uses them anymore. Their
    artillery was powerful, but incredibly inaccurate and a lot more useful for
    bombarding ground targets than anything else. The bulk of fleets were
    cruisers, destroyers, and carriers.

    I don’t think the problem WG is having with BB’s is that individual SHIPS
    were bad, but the class as a whole was bad.

    • +BandNerdcp Actually, there have been rumours that the US navy is
      considering building a new classical Battleship (or reactivating an old
      one) because Anti-missile systems are so much more powerful than Anti-ship
      missiles now that they are becoming ineffective, plus missiles aren’t
      exactly useful for shore bombardments. Maybe just a rumour, though.

      But the basic idea of the Battleship was definitely sound, at least until
      Aircraft started showing up. You can see examples of the same Doctrine all
      the way back to the beginning of the Age of Sail, eventually resulting in
      such ridiculous 1st rate Ships-of-the-line like the Valmy. Clearly if the
      design was so flawed it wouldn’t of been used for over 550 years. The
      advantage that modern battleships had over other classes is that they
      completley outperformed any other class in nearly every way. A Battleship
      could sight, hit and kill any other class of ship from a much much longer
      range and far more quickly than the other smaller classes. The Huge guns
      went through any practical amount of armour and the ship’s own armour made
      it nigh impervious to return shots. In addition, the Battleship was a
      self-contained unit, able to fill in the roles of multiple smaller ships.
      Where you would need two Cruisers, or four Destroyers you could have one
      Battleship, and in this way it was far cheaper. This was demonstrated by
      Nazi German “Pocket Battleships” where even a half-sized Battleships were
      able to wreak havoc all by themselves and put up a good fight against
      overwhelming odds. There was a very good reason why the HMS Dreadnaught
      (first modern battleship, “all-big-gun” design) made the entire world’s
      navy obsolete instantly.

      Of course, once Aircraft showed up (who could hit as hard as a Battleship
      from an even longer range) It was curtains for the BB.

      Also, in the 20th century, Battleship weapons weren’t terribly innacurate,
      getting main battery hits on the first salvo was pretty common. They also
      had the biggest, fanciest, top-of-the-line fire directors, computers,
      RADAR, etc.

  36. I constantly try to use the S Carolina And the accuracy is so bad. I have
    missed at point blank range. I have shot full volleys and had them land
    short and long so many times its just lame. Full volleys left and right.
    Its just so RNG I can’t take it. So I’ve moved on to Cruisers. The Phoenix
    is kinda painful after the St Louis though.

  37. I agree, the St. Louis is a lot fun, it dishes out a generous helping of
    freedom every match. ‘Murica F*** YEAH!

    As for the slow US BB’s, I now primarily stick around the middle of the map
    if I can so that I’m able to point my guns wherever they’re needed.

  38. I wonder when War Thunder will begin creating their version of World of

    • +Flourikum Oh god, I hope they polish the game first

    • Iono Sama (IonoTheFanatic)

      +Raz0rking If it’s any consolation, most ships don’t usually sink from a
      single hit in reality either… it’s usually quite rare for a single hit to
      obliterate a ship since not surprisingly, ship designers usually try their
      best to reduce the vulnerability of the ammunition magazine which is the
      most likely cause of premature demise of a ship.

      Chances are.. it’s going to be the same as the WT Ground Forces…

      you don’t really get one shotted as much as ppl think (unless if you face a
      very powerful gun)… but you do generally suffer debilitating condition
      when you get shot that made it very difficult to survive the next one,
      usually you get shot and have a fair chance of surviving it… but 2 or 3
      of your crews are dead, you can’t fire back (because the gunner’s dead),
      your gun is broken, or your turret traverse mechanism is smashed, etc…
      and you’re now basically a sitting duck while your foe reload his gun to
      finish you off with a well placed shot… unless if you actually got a
      teammate who can cover you while you extract yourself.

      the Warship variant, probably will be the same… you probably not gonna
      die in a single hit unless if you are really unlucky, but getting hit in
      War Thunder would probably really mess you up and the bigger challenge is
      to remain fighting when you are badly crippled.

    • Aleksanteri Sumiloff

      +Raz0rking Not so sure if “one shot” is really a thing in sea warfare in
      that time period.

    • +Raz0rking The price of more realism, mate

    • +Flourikum oneshot kills, no target lead with torps…

  39. I don’t like how easy it is to hit. I think it used to be harder earlier
    in CBT. I know I’m not all that skilled but i still get 100+ hits per
    match too easily. I miss the challenge. Did they make it easier somehow?

  40. really enjoying this game. as far as usbb’s, they all played pretty well
    till new york. it wasn’t that good, but it led to new mexico which is
    really good, which gets you in colorado. colorado is a real stinker. it’s
    nothing but an aa platform. worthless ship to ship.i think its gonna take a
    long long time to get to n.carolina.

  41. To your comment about the US BB´s :
    Im obviously talking of a personal standpoint but in my opinion the South
    Carolina and the Wyoming are great BB´s way better than the IJN ones (Myogi
    and Kawachi). Theyr range may be bad but the sheer amount of firepower and
    decent armor kombined with good maneuvarability make these ships great low
    tier brawlers. Until now i only played up to the New York and the Kongo but
    of those both ships I do prefer the NY over the Kongo.

    • Richard Gustafsson


    • Richard Gustafsson

      What did you expect in a arcade game dhars

    • +SideStrafe the really funny thing about speed in this game is its all
      perspective. In game these ships CA/DD are going 170+mph even tho they say
      they are goin 30kts…. just some simple math to figure it out. It take 13
      secs or so to go 3.5km give or take in game. so yea ships are like speed
      boats. but yea they are just slow in game… its really weird…

    • +MrAktilos I think it’s just the lack of speed that bothers most. Otherwise
      they are pretty mean, just hard to get used to.

  42. I have to agree, the sounds designers fucking nailed it big time on every
    level. From the music, to the guns, to the voices or just the minor sounds
    like when you use an ability. Also I love how the rounds pierce the hull at

  43. Hollywood Falcon

    Sidestrafe I thought you were Canadian? Either that or Jingles lies

  44. More to come. I saw you in your cleaveland class. Yesterday 🙂 

  45. My take on US BB’s

    I think the US BB’s are fun early on. The South Carolina, while not great,
    is more fun than the Kawachi, and getting to the tier 4 Wyoming should only
    take a handful of games anyway.
    The Wyoming is great! It’s got a whole bunch of guns, and the range is good
    enough to make it useful even in higher tier battles.
    The New York is OK. It was amazing when first released, but some
    maneuverability nerfs bumped it down a notch.
    From the NY and on you get a module that gives you 16% better main battery

    You have to keep map awareness when choosing which flank you commit to,
    As SS said in the vid, you can easily find yourself alone and isolated
    amids superior enemy numbers – or just too far behind to do anything.

    I hated the New Mexico in closed beta, but the new spotter plane mechanics
    has made its painfully short range (for a tier 6) less of a problem. Mine
    isn’t fully upgraded yet, but it’s not too bad now. It has a better gun
    layout than the NY, and can angle its hull well while keeping all 4 turrets
    pointed at the target.

    I’m not at the tier 7 Colorado yet, but tbh I’m not looking forward to it.
    It felt like a step down from the NM when I played it in closed beta.
    Hopefully it will be buffed soon (less health than a tier 5 Kongo? Come

    From tier 8 and up – oh man, US BB’s are amazingly fun to play. Totally
    worth the grind through the Colorado.

  46. thefamousemickey

    When i first saw gameplay videos, i wasn’t impressed at all. It looked
    boring to me. And i’m someone who has been playing WoT since beta. I’m
    really happy that a friend convinced me to give it a try regardless. It’s
    so much fun, and i already reached tier V with Japanese destroyers and
    American cruisers.

    • Thekilleroftanks

      +thefamousemickey ya dont bother with any of the other destroyers unless
      you really want that tier 10. other then that the tier 6 and 7 is shit and
      the 8 and 9 is better but still isnt that good.

  47. Tier V and Tier VI US destroyers are a great example of what you’re
    saying. Tier VI has less health, less guns, worse detection range, the
    torps are nerfed, and somehow this is an ‘improvement.’

    • +MrSoloun What??? The cleveland is amazing! that DPS is amazing.

    • +Brian Slack Agree, in closed beta by the time I got through to Tier 8 US
      DD I almost sat down and had a cry of relief, oh god I’m through its
      finally over /sob… hehe. I find 6 and 7 hard slogs in the US DD, but you
      do have the odd fun games 🙂

  48. Personally, I thought the Wyoming was a really fun US battleship, guess
    thats mainly due to 12 guns. Yeah it’s slow and 30 second reloads on
    relatively inaccurate guns isn’t great, but firing a full broadside on that
    thing is magical. Especially when you land a couple of citadels and
    instantly sink a cruiser/destroyer. South Carolina though…

  49. Astute analysis of why we like this game, sir.

    I agree with your decision on the Omaha – that last hull upgrade is
    definitely not an improvement at tier V.

  50. i love this game, sadly i don’t really have any RL money to spend on this
    game just yet

  51. Before i start watching. the most important things are.
    Don’t ever EVER drive backwards in the middle of the map!! <---no shit. i see so many people doing that. And the most uber important thing is. NEVER EVER shoot torps in the direction of a friendly. oh and about beeing torped. It is quite a funny challenge to evade the torps though. And it is fun to torp bbs who are tunnel visioning =)

    • I can only do my bit type in IJN Sub, Torp Ship and a round grid location.
      I check to see which direction other subs and ships are going then I let
      loose. I killed an American sub who decided to rush in and shoot torps to
      not minding me and I even said my Torp in front of you turn hard and nope.
      I did the best I could do to not harm anyone on my team.

    • +clerickolter sure, but are they watching the chat, when shit is going
      down? can be quite messy at times.

    • +Raz0rking Problem with Torps is I can tell people I’m firing on a ship,
      and check to see if anything is heading towards the line of fire and then I
      fire and a destroyer decides to hit its speed boost and move into the torp
      path when it was going away from it. So the Communication is kind of bad.
      So tell people what your doing in chat if you can and don’t do something

  52. Gotta agree with you SideStrafe, WoWs is a lot less frustrating (I’m
    guessing you meant compared to WoT) and thus a lot more enjoyable and fun.
    I haven’t played WoT for about half a year, been playing WoWs almost every

  53. They need to fix the lag and then I can play again

  54. Live streaming with standards! – http://twitch.tv/sidestrafe

    • +Beatle1283 I’ve been citadeled – usually an ammo hit and my ship just
      blows the h*ll up when at almost full health- repeatedly in my St Louis,
      usually at extended range… and mostly since it went to Open beta. And
      yeah, its usually a battleship that does it.

    • +SideStrafe I guess it’s all down to personal preferences but i dislike
      St.Louis. It’s extremely unbalanced ship on its tier and what is more
      important, its extremely boring to play. Its slow, manouvers like a stick
      in a mud. Heck going against BB’s in this ships is so mundane and boring
      due to the fackt that 99% of the time I burn them down to the ground andy
      they cant do anything to me due to St.Lous having NO and i mean NO citadels
      ( never have i been citadeled in that ship).

    • +SideStrafe Amazing game in the St Louis – you actually managed to shoot
      down a plane. Wow.
      From closed beta I remember the New Mexico as not being bad. I don’t
      remember it as good, just as not bad. Then, at tier 7, you get the
      Colorado. It *is* bad, with less HP than the tier 6 ship it replaces. US
      battleships don’t get good until the North Carolina at tier 8.
      The real question about keeping an Omaha is which Omaha to keep. The patch notes talk about adding two American cruisers for limited testing
      purposes, the Marblehead and Cincinnati. Both of them are Omahas.
      Apparently the Omaha class is the focal point of 20th century warship
      history. There were ten Omahas built, and this game might end up with each
      of them represented.

    • +SideStrafe I myself, am not a premium player. But I have purchased 3000
      gold to expand my fleet size & captain reserves. I have kept both the st
      louis & omaha, because they are fun. I do have a vid up on my channel w/ a
      fully upgraded omaha (great round). As a whole, imo the game is amazing &
      worth a download & spend a little cash on it, though I wish the Atlanta was
      cheaper & not worth what they are asking. The best way I can explain to a
      new player how to start off is to be able to recognize NOT to over extend
      yourself & put yourself in sight/range of multiple ships. Japanese DDs are
      good hunters w/ better range of torps & Amer DDs have great guns & should
      be used primarily for spotting or setting up ambushes around islands.

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