◀World of Warships – Cleveland Blues

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beta gameplay featuring the class with live commentary and discussion. Filmed and uploaded in glorious 60FPS!

World of Warships official – http://worldofwarships.com

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  1. I see a lot of draws in WoWs so far. Perhaps they should increase the
    battle time a bit? I know from experience in WoT how disappointing and
    frustrating draws are, but they rarely happen there because of faster
    vehicles and vastly smaller maps. It just seems like 20 min (current battle
    time?) is a little short.

  2. Not going to lie this game looks really fun. I’ve switched to War Thunder
    though, I hope they come out with a response to this

  3. Itll be interesting to see what they do with the German tech tree in this.
    They didn’t have a lot to do with surface warfare, and didn’t have
    carriers… Im sure they’ll find things to include, though. Maybe the Graf
    Zeppelin will make it as a premium?

    And this game does look wonderful. I didn’t make it into the beta, sadly,
    but I will get into this game as soon as possible.

  4. is it me or does it look like that cleveland is doing about 100mph

  5. amazing video quality! Without a doubt, the best WOW video from anyone

  6. When does the full game comeout i just applied for a beta

  7. Before I forget, do you have an invite code?

  8. If they created a game with starwars space ship battles….

  9. When evading swimmers you can cut your throttle back which lets them
    overtake you so they don’t come so close like at 1:50.

  10. And the obvious question for people like me who aren’t playing the game

    When will it be released?

  11. You sunk my battleship!

  12. i dont understand why most people need help battleships against Air, a lot
    of battleships had plenty of AA, example the yamato historically had a
    little over 170 AA guns(and i don’t mean all in separate turrets). ik this
    is extreme but a lot of others had high amounts of AA as well. another
    example the Iowa class for the U.S. What i am saying is all historical i
    don’t know if the ships in game have the historical amount.

  13. “frak me” someone watches BSG :P

  14. Anthony Begenwald

    game looks interesting.

  15. MrTankRoar Rommel

    This game looks beautiful and just looks nice 

  16. awsome damage model :D

  17. After 30 seconds:
    “I’m gonna go, backup our Myogi… because… I don’t think he has any
    anti-aircraft and I’ve got a lot of it since I’m in the Cleveland.”
    You WHAT? :O
    People actually teamplaying? You’re doing it wrong! One does not simply
    support his team and play together on the internet!

    Ok …on a more serious note… It’s a shame but I actually was surprised
    at first hearing that. Yes, I really was.
    I guess after many years of playing online PvP games with random
    matchmaking I just don’t expect much from my teammates anymore.
    It’s good to watch videos like this and actually see people caring about
    their team.

  18. Always aim for the waterline and then use kentucy windage for speed lead
    over distance. If they aare coning toward or away from you, tthen shorten
    or lengthen the sighting.

  19. NEVER stop man. It doesn’t increase your accuracy it increases the enemies.
    slowing down a bit to keep with the BB you’re screening is good, but in
    this game if you stop, or tunnel vision you die.

  20. Awesome looking game, thanks for recording and posting. Takes me back to
    Battlefield 42 commanding and being the lone gunner on the battleships
    playing Omaha Beach and Iwo jima maps. I looked all over your home site and
    a few comment sections and couldn’t find what you have for hardware and
    software. These vids you post are amazing. My bandicam trial, with win
    movie maker is poor when finished. Thnx again “SS”. ;)

  21. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    awesome vid dude, plz more

  22. Too bad this thing doesn’t have historical matches

  23. When are you going to make another SWTOR video?

  24. +SideStrafe I would like to hear you voice your opinion about the new War
    Thunder simulator battles at some point. The word needs to be spread that
    Gaijin has ruined it entirely.

  25. Why use AP on cruisers they have no armour? AP for Battleships only.

  26. I got to ask, what computer specifics do you have? The graphics in all your
    videoes are absolutely amazing!

  27. I really can’t put my finger on why, but this is so much more fun than
    World of Tanks. At least I know when I play like an idiot in WoWS, then
    I’ll die. Too much random arty in WoT I suppose. This game is really like
    crack. Very very good. 

  28. Hey sidestrafe, I know you probably won’t see this but I just wanted to say
    that a long time ago you were my favorite youtuber, and I unsubscribed once
    you basically kicked world of tanks from your channel and now that you have
    started playing again my favorite youtuber is now back and better than ever

  29. If your having trouble hitting destroyer fire one shot at n to judge
    distance then fire the whole volly

  30. Manuel Ignacio Caceres

    Naval action????

  31. Franklin John James


  32. On steam?

  33. Really like how you play this SS. Really enjoyable photography.

  34. wow, this game is pretty 

  35. I want the Cleveland so bad, and I have the Omaha…

  36. nice video, as usual with Sidestrafe ;)

  37. So this is like WoT, but with slower and farther engagements and on the
    flat surface? Why would anyone want to play that? Am i missing something?

  38. What’s with all the garbage on top of the turrets? Random barrels and w/e

  39. xXlongtdragon30Xx

    Where can i get this game?

  40. damn i want this game so much lol

  41. They should fix the time , in even match it’s too small time window for a

  42. This looks fun, i am looking forward to playing it.

  43. Moar! moar! Great video!

  44. When they is torpedos incomming, turn TOWARD them. It can save your ship,
    because by turning into them you have 2 option, you take 1-2 of them or
    none of them. If you turn in the oposite sens, where the torpedos are
    heading, you might end up by taking all of them by trying to dodge them or
    none of them. But better chance to take all or few of them by heading the
    same direction they are going.
    But if you check, turning toward them is more advantagious. I cannot
    describe what I want to say since my English isn’t my native language and I
    lack of knowledge in the language. But try to imagine in your head or draw
    it on a paper or try it ingame.

  45. The basic rule I have seen from watching the game get played is to get into
    the habit of taking two shots, and then look around. Getting tunnel vision
    is a huge deal it seems.

  46. Sidestrafe, there is absolutely no reason to slow down to 3/4. Especially
    on cruisers. If you go slower it’s easier for you to get shot.

  47. Oh my god, finally. Somebody who knows how to swap their ammo type to AP…

  48. Wow, scale is definitively off in this game. The size of those biplanes at
    15:36 haha

  49. i feel like DD’s dont play the proper role in this game. and they need to
    be able to kill BB’s easier some how then they do currently :/ and this is
    partly the reason there is so much BB spam

  50. 7:10 “reported for being a slut” XD hahaha GG

  51. Tip: Usually after aircrafts deliver their payload, they’ll fly directly
    back to their carrier. Unless the Carrier driver is experienced enough to
    redirect their return route, you can use aircraft retreat route to find
    their Carrier.
    Unfortunately, Carriers (atleast most carriers right now beside the tier 4
    Langley) are quite fast, it’s really difficult to catch them unless you can
    surprise them.

  52. Kathryn Shacklford

    I tend to think of these types of games as RTSs, helps stop the tunnel

  53. I hate you man! You’re obsessed with world of war ships whilst I’m here
    sobbing in my corner cutting my wrists ;-;

  54. Ive seen a lot of games ending with capping.
    That isnt fun,they should make it harder to cap,like it is in WoT.

  55. useing the guns on destroyers is a bit hard but its best to use a spread of
    shots rather than a salvo 

  56. are there no submarines?

  57. SideStrafe if i may say your voice sounds like a whit version of Obama. Now
    dont take it the wrong way. Also i love your vids keep up the great work

  58. Buddy, you need to send recon out when youre wondering whats behind the
    hill…. about the torps – go into them, much easier to dodge 😉 no need
    to take that beating at 16min mark

  59. I’m sure Jingles is VERY jealous that you have the Cleveland

  60. Quality Vid

  61. Richard Gustafsson

    The time limit is bullshit in this game

  62. Nice video

  63. Damn I want to play this game =/ 

  64. Turning into torpedoes is almost always better than turning away from them

  65. “The island is on their team, of course” 27:20

  66. Love your vids, especially for WoWS, but I note that you seem to shun HE
    for almost exclusive AP use. As far as I understand, this game has an
    overpenitration mechanic that makes AP do less damage to lightly armoured
    targets like destroyers, cruisers and carriers. As other people have noted,
    a full salvo of HE can absolutely wreck face. Battleships, of course, are
    much more heavily armoured, so AP is appropriate there. Just an
    observation, and keep up the good work!

  67. Michael Chadolias

    If only i could find a beta key because this game is amazing!!! Much better
    than world of tanks …

  68. Strafe, are their submarines?, just sayin id like to see what the
    submarines are like in this game, if you feel like it..

  69. Aistis Taraskevicius

    Fast reload time + endless ammo, shoots once a minute. Can easily flank
    the enemy, turns around even if there are 3 allies already flanking..
    painful to watch ;/

  70. Side strafe this is who I subscribed to and I hope u still do these vids
    because this are more fun than serious.

  71. going up this line too. can’t wait for this ship now!

  72. That last game was so anticlimactic, timer needs to be longer than 20

  73. The vessels move way too fast…

  74. Sidestrafe, here I think is a few advice that can help you improve:
    1, Try to aim for the Citadel, not just the “near waterline”. The Citadel
    is in the hull between the front and aft turrets. If you had done that you
    can easy chew up enemy BB because the gun on Cleveland can penetrate the
    Citadel of the Japanese Battleship under the front or aft turrets (and deal
    thousands of dmg per shell) and it shoot hell lot faster than the guns on
    2, Your aim usually is too low or too high. By pressing Alt key you can see
    what range your gun is aiming (under the reticle, a bit to the right next
    to the symbol ->l ) at and what is the range of the enemy ship. Use that
    more often if you want to strike hits reliable.
    3, You could use Ctrl + X or hold down middle mouse button to lock your
    turret to the position of your mouse as you press (or moving the turret to
    that direction) and looking around, not making them move thus easy to keep
    your gun on target while you can looking around your ships.
    4, The turn circle of each ship does not affected by the speed of the ship
    (or at least that what WG said), want to turn quick? move faster! Also, a
    lot of situation when you slow down is not necessary, like when they focus
    on other ships, just go out there and turn them into submarines, there are
    high chance that they dont event notice you or dont have time to re-act.
    5, Always try to position your ship so that enemy torpedoes bomber is
    direct ahead or direct behind you. This making it hard for them to hit you
    with torpedoes and allow you to easy dodge them. Dont worry much about
    shooting them down as the AA will have longer time of shooting the planes
    (if enemy carrier want to score hits on you) and working good in any
    direction (AI is OP).
    Wish you best luck :)


  76. I can’t wait to be back home and finially use my beta key

  77. on the edge of my seat the entire video!

  78. 9:17, whats all that crap on the gun turrets.

  79. Looks like a great game..you did well surviving to end of match after
    taking early torpedo damage…May have to give the game a try out though me
    and ships go together like ..haha lead and balloon..good viewing as ever )

  80. gaming with egoon

    if you hold right mous button down you can look away without having to
    reaim when you get back to your target

  81. Have to say despite its arcade nature im thoroughly enjoying this Beta. The
    Health bars are definitely not as jarring with ships and the gameplay is
    just fantastic, if you end up with a bad team though….oh god you get
    punished hard if people don’t play their roles. 

  82. sidestrafe u should turn into the torpplanes before they drop the
    torps…the chance that they hit u then is minimal and the carrier waste
    its planes this way

  83. i cant wait for the Bismarck to be introduced. To me it is the most
    beautiful ship from the ww1-2 era. Cant wait! :O

  84. what i would want to see in this game is the ability to lock your back
    turrets so if you are looking forward they are not twitching back and forth

  85. TheMarineGamer IGGHQ

    I know its an arcade game like wot but way too quick beautiful game though

  86. I’ve loving the game but it will be a while before people figure out how to
    play this game correctly. Tunnel vision (so many ships crash into each
    other or get gunned down by multiple enemy’s) and knowing your role is key.
    I’ve seen so many battleships just wander off to kill carriers, or ignore
    easy cruiser kills to get long range battleships. This ties directly into
    the score system that one game mode has, focus in on what your class is
    good killing! I would love to try this game with a group of friends working

  87. SideStrafe – games aren’t addictive! They are compulsive! I mean,
    technically they aren’t a physical thing. It’s kinda an abstract entity.
    Don’t you think so?

  88. Tunnel visioning is a really bad thing in this game. The minimap is even
    more important here than in WoT. Keeping tabs on enemy ships and especially
    planes is something everyone needs to be much better at in order to not get
    caught out in really bad positions.

  89. Awesome, your commentaries are always good and there is usually something
    new to learn. I have USS Cleveland Gameplay too on my channel.

  90. you know, i don’t think any navy in the world would allow their ships to
    get so rusty.

  91. Oh, EU and NA are on seperate servers, sucks but is how it is.

  92. I was in the stream when you unlocked this and started using it, Cleveland
    is incredible, as is your content!

  93. Really wish they had made this thing a T7, would be a good ship for it in
    my view.

    Shame they didnt go with making a light/AA cruiser and heavy cruiser line,
    the lights would just be alot more fun even if they had smaller guns.

  94. PotatoTornadoable

    Good video, as always.

  95. One proof this is a Wargaming game:
    I said my opinion, it was just literally “this game is a bit unballanced”.
    Immediately aholes (sorry for language) started to insult me with my age
    and saying I am complaining like a pussy

  96. Still have a few things to learn but having a blast in the process. With
    that said, sit back, RELAX and enjoy the show!

    Also don’t forget to follow on Twitch for streaming with standards!

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