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beta gameplay featuring the class with live commentary and discussion. Filmed and uploaded in glorious 60FPS!

World of Warships official – http://worldofwarships.com

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  1. “my back gun is down, that’s not good” REPAIR WTF!?!!??! that’s what the
    damn thing is for…..

  2. Pensacola class heavy cruisers were built before the Cleveland class Light
    Cruisers were built. That is why it is not much of an upgrade. Also the
    Pensacola’s were wrecked pretty badly by Japanese destroyers in the night
    battles around Guadalcanal.

  3. Hey SS, kinda random but where do you get your music for your intros and
    before your twitch streams?

  4. But look how long the GWOT coalition “capped” both Afghanistan and Iraq
    and that turned out so well.

  5. Will we be seeing some carrier gameplay soon? I’m really enjoying your
    coverage of this game, but I’m curious to see how the carriers actually

  6. awesome SideStrafe, JUST AWESOME!!!

  7. can you play verdun please???

  8. Since this came up in the video, and I can not find another comment made on
    this already, the /55 in the 203 mm/55 means the gun has a barrel length of
    55 calibers. So in this case the barrel length is 203×55 mm, or 11165 mm
    (11,165 meters).

    So, both the ships you looked at has the same /55 barrel length (of course,
    there may still be other differences between them).

  9. Had some friends over this weekend and we did an eight hour session playing
    Avalon Hill’s Jutland.
    Have to say in my old age I’m really enjoying WoWS where everything is set
    up for you, and the game
    play is so much faster. Also remember the AH game Midway which included
    the Pensacola which I
    used mainly for AA support for my carriers. 

  10. CompetitivelyAwesome

    So are cruisers better for close combat? How do the different types of
    ships work?

  11. If I run into a fish I’m dead! LOL

  12. I just got him on fire, now that he can’t put out the fire let me change to
    AP… i really don’t understand that logic, just try put on fire once
    again, then change to AP, it isnt better?

  13. what do you think of the maps size?

  14. Admiral Anderson

    Gotta say that the American cruisers do look very nice;)

  15. Dam thing looks like an Arleigh Burke class DD

  16. just thought I would point out the fact that the turrets are mounted
    backwards. the 2 gun turrets should be in the rear of the three gun

  17. Good fights.

  18. Try not to sit broadside when 1v1ing somebody! If you point your nose or
    rear to them and wiggle to fire your guns, you can tank shells quite easy
    and never get citadeled

  19. Sucks when you completely lose a turret .

  20. Don’t hit that fish cap’n lol..how many times have we all been in that
    situation whereby someone sneezing in your tank or the engine room would
    send you off to meet your maker! Great vid once again SS.. think you played
    a binding few games there making the best of what you had.bit like leveling
    up to the Comet only to pine for the better Cromwell.

  21. Man I want to play this game so badly!

  22. Let’s not forget that the Pensacola is an older design then the Cleveland!
    Maybe that’s why it kinda feels like a downgrade.

  23. Oh man, they re-used the old “Pacific Storm” plane engine sounds! Wow….

  24. Wow Kongo on Kongo action, that sounds so wrong XD

  25. If i could recommend the developers something, it is to have more
    communications or speech. For example if torpedoes are heading towards you,
    someone will say “torpedoes inbound/incoming torpedoes!” likewise for
    planes such as “incoming bombers!”. Or add some crew members walking around
    repairing the ship when you use the repair or fire extinguish thingy
    ability. All just to make your ship feel “alive” you know what i mean? :D

  26. I heard a comparison that Cleveland is more like a machine gun when
    Pensacola is a sniper rifle.

  27. SideStrafe, you can press X to switch the target your gun tracks. You know
    when you have 2 ships close together and you are trying to shoot one but
    your guns are tracking the other? Aim for the other ship and press X will
    fix it. It works even without torpedo.

  28. Hey sidestrafe, did you notice that on the: hits to citadel ribbon, it
    shows exactly where to aim for the citadel on ships, maybe usefull for if
    someone asks, great video, Just got my code too, so ill be playing today,

  29. Nguyen minh thang

    hey SS check you the Kitakami tier 8 prem IJN torpedo cruiser
    dance of the torp with 40 derpterp

  30. ._. Why dont you repair ever??

  31. I have to admit I am not always a fan of your style of game play, a bit
    overly cautious for my liking. But I also must say you play your style
    extremely well an like they says if it works then it’s not bad. I do enjoy
    your videos, an have learn that sometimes patience is the best option.

  32. Fish OP. Totally OP Fishes swimming. That’s how the Japs and Germans could
    have won, fishes are the way forward! 

  33. SideStrafe, do you agree with game developers putting Ships, Tanks, or
    Planes in a game when the previous Tank, Ship, or Plane is better? Should
    they stop doing this and buff the Machines that aren’t very good? 

  34. Can you please play Russian all I see is American and Japanese gameplay

  35. Know what makes you awesome? You actually look at comments

  36. Congrats on ur Pensacola, I’m still slogging my way thru that damn Omaha.
    Pensacolas a fine ship, gotta love those 8″ guns…

  37. so who else kept having “Wings of Gold” repeating relentlessly in the back
    of their heads during this vid for god knows why… ? ;’P

  38. I really really enjoy your WoWs content, SideStrafe. Always well done
    content, your commentary is intelligent and engaging. Thank you for all of
    the entertainment you’ve provided us!

  39. Not interested in Navel Action anymore? The new damage model is suppose to
    come out soon. World of warships doesn’t have the same charm I feel. I
    guess because most the engagements are from so far away. Plus age of sail
    ships are quite majestic, while battleships are a bit crude. Haha. :)

  40. Loften Henderson

    wait is there no “CL”/”CA” distinction in this game? Pensacola was a heavy
    cruiser, and far less advanced than the Cleveland (which was a light

  41. Always found it strange that the designers put the triple turrets up off
    the main deck making the Pens a bit top heavy.

  42. Hey SS, I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am that you gave me a code.
    Hope to see you in-game sometime. P.S. I’d rather kill Quickybaby

  43. side strafeee pleasse if you have a game activation access for that could
    be really really awesome !!!!!

  44. Thanks for the great videos. It’s nice to have a taste of the game for the
    folks who aren’t in the beta yet. I also caught your livestream the other
    day and was very entertained!

  45. Dont know if someone already asked this, but cant you use the repair to get
    the turret back up?! Also, is it not advisable if you are aiming to set ppl
    on fire, with the cool-down timer for the rep, to continue using the HE
    shells, untill it goes a 2nd time just to get that continuous dmg? 

  46. sure is a nice looking game, one thing they should add is a collision
    alarm..its not like only one person would be aboard the ship only looking
    one way

  47. Thanks Sidestrafe! I’m in… hope to see you ingame, and try to shoot you

  48. Not sure if all keys are already taken or if it’s a region lock and they
    are only valid for US – great video anyway, really enjoying these :)

  49. thank you for the betakeys <3 :)

  50. Holy shit actually got, HYPE!

  51. Awesome Pensacola class cruiser reviewed by SideStrafe :)

  52. Very good gameplay there SideStrafe. 

  53. Hey side strafe i like how u have fun in youre vedios it makes them
    intresting … But do you have set times for live streams ?! Please answer
    i would like to join one

  54. Blue Reaper Gaming

    Love aircraft carriers

  55. The pepsi-cola did I hear?;)

  56. MisdirectedSasha

    I’m very disappointed that I haven’t heard any youtubers refer to the
    Cleveland as the “Cleveland steamer”.

  57. Only seen a couple of world of warships videos, but is it just me or do all
    the ships look like miniatures? 

  58. SuperiorAlways101

    Loving the World of Warships content. As long as you keep getting better
    and continue to give advice on how to get better myself, I’m lovin’ it.
    Btw, play more destroyers, I love those as a aggressive hard hitting class.
    Gotta love big numbers. 

  59. u should check out destroyers SS they are dam good fun

  60. Best youtuber…

  61. Follow me on Twitch for World of Warships live streams.

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