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beta gameplay featuring the IJN with live commentary and discussion. Filmed and uploaded in glorious 60FPS!

World of Warships official – http://worldofwarships.com

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  1. jefferson steelflex

    anybody know when the actual game will be released looks awesome

  2. CompetitivelyAwesome

    Where are the weakspots on ships? I see most shots doing damage in the
    hundreds when ship’s health bars are in the tens of thousands. 

  3. I miss the old days of dayZ before you made them popular sidestafe lol
    Still love you man

  4. vanitas appietatis

    looks like a great game ; but dont see too much line sailing as in the
    real fleets. Requires too much team work? Could Wargaming add a command
    structure feature (e.g. flagship able to give orders for tactical
    deployment that cant be ignored) ?? I suppose that would de facto be the
    case in team play — when WoWS is completed with a squadrons and port
    fortresses equivalent of clans and strongholds

  5. Man. I can’t wait to see US Battleships come to WoWs. SO EXCITED!!!!

  6. SideStrafe what I think sets you apart from other youtubers is that you
    really do what you want to and not just what attracts subs. You really pay
    attention to what everyone says in the comments and respond to them and we
    all appreciate that. Anyways great vid keep it up :)

  7. great vid ..cant wait to play it…I have to say the in-game chat was
    pretty funny and can understand why you keep the hell out of it. ships and
    art work by the devs is wonderful. If you manage to get hold of any Beta
    passes then I wont say no lol

  8. Scarriest sound for a sailor: The sound of approaching torpedoes
    The best sound for a Sailer, a dud torpedo triking the side

  9. Great video sidestrafe. Just to give you a tip for battleships, fire one
    turret and then once those rounds hit, fire the rest in a salvo. That will
    maximize your chances for a citadel as well as increasing your damage.

  10. With your comment on multiplayer’s main problem being of course the people,
    I’m surprised you don’t connect with other players more. Would help if you
    had at least one person at your side assisting.

  11. Arcade game with slow gameplay o.O Kinda hard to beleive that SS can like

  12. SideStrafe please tell me the name of your old intros. My best example
    would be “The Dreaded 88” and “Map Attack.”

  13. Hey @SideStrafe. I have a question for ya, are you going to be switching to
    BEAM over twitch anytime soon? It just seems like a better service all

  14. Every video of World of Warships is just a tease! LET ME PLAY ALREADY!

  15. You should put annotations or remind your viewers to like your vid because
    you have 20k views in a vid but only have like 2k or less likes. New sub so
    IDK if you’ve talked about it.

    Nice commentary and game play keep up the awesome work! 🙂 

  16. Maybe instead of a time limit on the match, (assuming this game has the
    same idea of WoT in that the battle must finish before you can reuse a
    vehicle, you could set a time on how long the player has for their vehicle
    to “respawn” in their harbors or garages. Thus if any trolls wanted to keep
    the match going, they’re only hurting themselves. When the battle finishes,
    the vehicle reappears as it does now. But then if there was some actual
    gameplay going on, it could last however long it wants.

  17. Naval battles like those were almost completely gone after 1938. There were
    2 big clashes near Malta in the Mediterranean and near the Salomones
    (Guadal), the Coral Sea and the HMS Hood vs Bismarck battle near Denmark
    (and also in the Norwegian campaign). Everything else was dominated by Task
    Forces, a combination of tankers , carriers, auxiliary carriers, Flagships,
    destroyers , u-boats etc. Aircraft would eat those ships alive.

  18. i can’t wait to get into beta. I hope its worth the wait!

  19. i hope they do some maps that have more of a wartime feel, burning ports,
    ships on fire and maybe flights of bombers going overhead on their way to
    bomb inland targets for immersion sake

  20. close call with that one torpedo , I was cringing.

  21. I am the destroyer from the last game “Crossfader”. Had i gone to cap, the
    myogi was waiting in there, and would have most likely wrecked my face.
    Killing him would have taken alot of time, since using torps on him is hard
    (myogi’s are fast he would have just opened up the distance). if i managed
    to get him, with 2 enemy carriers still up, they would have focused me
    hard, maybe i could have avoided them, but with about 4 mins left not worth
    it. I saw that it was a draw and tried to get the most out of the game,
    hence me going after the CV. I hate draws too, the game length on standard
    battle isnt long enough.

  22. Every video of World of Warships is just a tease! LET ME PLAY ALREADY!

  23. Not a big fan of these warships vids to be honest. I just put them on and
    browse the net while listening though.. Not really subbed for the games ;)

  24. good stuff, only thing can see seeming being not being up on using that
    repair skill when got some damage early on enough for it to be effective so
    can ‘recharge’ for when next needed so as to stay ‘topped off’.

    (you get charged a big ‘repair’ fee for using it or something? lolz)
    How many times you get to use it anyways? Seems the cooldown is the
    balancing factor.

  25. Please do a video of the des moines. I saw it has a very fast fire rate,
    but still a big ship.

  26. My sides were in an iron grip during that second torpedo run. There is a
    special kind of dopamine rush you get when you dodge a full salvo by the
    skin of your teeth.

  27. Myogi is my worst ship in WoWS so far. It’s lack of AA is ridiculous and I
    find myself eating a lot more torpedo’s than I am used to. Combine that
    with the slow guns you mentioned numerous times and you have a rather
    lackluster package. It’s not feeling like a grind – just not as easy to use
    as others up until this point. I’ve been alternating this grind with the
    destroyers, which I am really digging as well.

    Did I read correctly that they are planning the Bismark as a premium? Good
    call on their part if that’s correct. I know I’d buy that. Leave the
    Tirpitz in the tech tree and make money off the more famous of the 2.

  28. I know you’ve said several times that naval combat isn’t your forte. So I
    thought I’d let you know a little historical fact…

    That maneuver you pulled during the 2nd of the two torpedo attacks towards
    the end of the second match? SPOT ON!

    It’s referred to as “combing the wakes” and was an actual torpedo avoidance
    maneuver used during WW2 when straight running torpedoes were fired in

    In fact it was this very maneuver that saved Yamato but took her completely
    out of the fight during the “Battle Off Samar ” She had to turn and comb
    the wakes of a spread fired at her by one of the defending destroyers. She
    turned away instead of towards however and was trapped running with the
    torpedoes. The slow overtake between the torpedo’s speed and Yamato’s speed
    meant she was stuck running with the torpedoes til they ran out of fuel.
    Any turn to port or starboard would have put her in the path.

    By the time that happened, Yamato was far north of the battle that was
    fleeing to the south and she was out of position. The largest Battleship
    with the biggest guns in history,chased right off the field of battle. She
    never got off more than a few salvoes at Task Force Taffy 3. 

  29. SideStrafe – Enjoying this more than Naval Action? 

  30. Admiral Anderson

    Nice job, dodging those torps. They were so close that one of your crewmen
    could’ve picked one out of the water;)

  31. The European Community Manager said on Twitch yesterday that they are
    looking to implement weather

  32. is the Iowa class on the game? 

  33. I’ve been getting a lot of draws lately. Usually this comes from the fact
    that people do not want to cap, and instead just chase the remaining ships
    (usually carriers). In a game last night I killed 3 ships before sinking
    with my destroyer, and after that the two cruisers on our team decided to
    leave the enemy cap and chase down the enemy carriers…. with 4 minutes
    left, 25% cap, and half the team telling them to cap. They just got into
    shell range when the round timer hit zero. So frustrating.


  35. Are you going to start doing 4k 60FPS recording at all? 

  36. Love your videos good clean content i don’t see how you don’t have 1
    million subs 

  37. Would like to see some carrier content.

  38. Enjoying the WOWarships videos and wondering if you have/haven’t played
    heroes and generals(couldn’t find a playlist) and just in case you don’t
    know what h&g is its a version of WT with fps, infantry,tank crew, recon,
    pilot etc… some gameplay of h&g would be cool if you want/like to do so
    keep up the good work! :)

  39. I think it’s a mistake everyone ignores the japanese cruisers. Big guns AND
    torpedoes, like… what’s there not to want?

  40. I’m in this video and I don’t even remember this battle :/
    Just wanted to set ships on fire with my St. Louis and wasn’t paying any
    attention to the names :c

  41. No The Other Left

    SideStrafe, love the videos. I have been watching several live streams
    from streamers such as yourself, and I have noticed that there are a lot of
    games that end in a draw. Jingles mentioned this in his “Mingles with
    Jingles” video today, but do you believe that the battle time in WoWS
    should be increased from 20 minutes to 25 minutes? Or would this hurt game

  42. Your lucky those torps aint magneticly detonated, you would be blown
    straight out the water.

  43. I read that video title totally wrong, and yes, i got a dirty mind. XD

  44. Naaah, at this angle a torpedo would not explode even if it’d touched that
    side. They reaally have to introduce “bounces” to torps, to add at least a
    bit of realism to them. =]

  45. Nice video, and I’m a little surprised at how good this game is looking!
    Really looking forward to getting in to the beta. Warships seems to demand
    more situational awareness, compared to WoT. Sidestrafe, do you agree with

  46. I remember when you said you werent gonna play WoWS seems like your in love

  47. i don’t know how to explain this good but maybe some one can explane:
    when you look at the front of the myogi and other battle ships the main
    deck is
    not in the shape of the hull but more rectangular why is that?

  48. Blue Reaper Gaming

    I really want to play world of warships wish I could get in to play but I
    don’t have an invite code

  49. Derek That One Guy

    I’m quite enjoying these vids. Any plans to make one with a carrier soon?

  50. Hope everyone is enjoying the Warships content, here’s the playlist for
    more. http://bit.ly/1NoorPk

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