◀World of Warships – Torpedo Terror

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gameplay featuring the class destroyer with post commentary and discussion. Filmed and uploaded in glorious !

official – http://worldofwarships.com

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  1. Nice,
    Looking a the map, far left bottom, you have a team mate that ran into 3
    other ships…and you are going the other way?
    Its a nice Torp target 3 ships coming thru a narrow area..

  2. Great vid as always, can I have a beta key? 🙂 Just kidding, while I’m
    looking forward to playing the game and have registered there’s a lot of
    people who’ve been into this game way before me. Hopefully it goes open
    sooner rather then later, until then please keep the vids coming they’re
    really enjoyable content.

  3. Love the vocal fry when you said “world of warshiiiips”

  4. Got to say I’m loving this series and I would also agree with upgrading WoT
    with what they do in this game. *Namely more realistic ballistics along
    with much more HP to go along with ‘overmatching’ and ‘crit/noncrit hits’
    for tanks?

    Btw, any plans to do more ‘Age of Sale’/’Naval Action’ gameplay?
    This is fun, but the sailing system with that game was also a treat.
    Guess might see more when the hype over this dies down some?

  5. If possible, could you show us the USS KIDD? It’s from my city and I’m
    excited to see it. 

  6. @11:40 That was intense! haha great gameplay! 

  7. That battleship was probably thinking “destroyer om nom nom nom!” Your
    destroyer”om nom this!” XD

  8. Yep, I also strongly dislike invisibility mode, but what do you gonna…

  9. Hit a destroyer with 8 of my 12 HE shots in my Fuso battleship on a
    destroyer, did 1000 damage.
    Thanks you rng, thanks a lot 

  10. Man, why do the guns on this destroyer sound more thunderous & powerful
    than those on cruisers or even battleships.

  11. Personally i love Japanese destroyers and yes the torpedoes are the real
    main armament on them. In fact in the high tier Japanese destroyers the
    torpedoes have a longer range than your main guns.

  12. Any word on when the game would be available for everyone?

  13. I will aim for the Fletcher class destroyer.
    I spend hours stalking those in silent hunter 3
    Always a prime target if given a chance. 

  14. Sounded like the pc voice said “enemy cruiser suck”

  15. Thanks for anoher good battle vid. Cant wait for joining in :-)

  16. I wonder, have you ever played Silent Hunter? The 3rd one with mods is
    quite good, a LP (although heavily edited) with as much realism as possible
    (manual targetting) would be fun

  17. Well played. I enjoy playing DD’s, but indeed, I do find them difficult to
    play well…but when you have “one of those games”, man it’s a BLAST.

    Also, in regards to your comments about lower tier ships vs. lower tier
    tanks, I agree. Even when you’re a lower tier ship, while you may end up
    being a relatively easy kill, you can still severely damage (or possibly
    kill) higher tier targets. Whereas in WoT, sometimes you don’t have any
    hope of penetrating a higher tier tank.

  18. I think torpedoes are the next arty or gold ammo. Soon everyone will blame
    every single failure on it and whine 24/7 on the forum about it….

  19. Any idea where RAMJB is at strafe?

  20. +SideStrafe I would enjoy the WoWS content more if I could play the game.
    So frustrating that WG gave out so many keys to streamers to give away and
    most of them are terrible streamers that are just using them as click bait.
    Even worse when they troll those who watch them for the keys.

    Then again, it doesn’t help to type in chat “no key is worth this” after
    watching one of those assclowns for 5 minutes. They seem not to like that.

  21. The mighty tin can!

  22. Destroyer stealth. Dat +1 Romulan Cloak

  23. Michael Chadolias

    Fantastic! Is it possible for anyone to give me a beta-key because i would
    like to try it :)

  24. I. need. a. key. !!!! 😉 damn…so sexy! nice vid!

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