◀World of Warships – We Begin Again

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With open beta around the corner and no more wipes on the horizon I decide to jump back into some World of Warships!

streaming with standards!


  1. japanese ships are the bast

  2. if the player base if bigger and if everyone has the same level of hype as
    me , i could go on for months

  3. TheKommandanteur

    I think a lot of aspects of naval warfare are missed out because they
    aren’t widely understood by mainstream audiences. I’m talking about things
    like depth, tide, swells etc, when it comes to naval warfare, there’s mists
    too. All this is missed out of every naval game I can think of and it’s a
    crying shame that it is because those sorts of things add depth (literally)
    to the game. It’s something that I’m concerned WoWS doesn’t have as
    compared to World of Tanks, where there are so many situations and
    attributes of each tank you can take advantage of.

  4. Realism is not a strong suit I would love to see a map with destroyer size
    tunnel systems and various randomization so even if its a common map it may
    have islands in different locations, maybe even things like coral reefs
    that are not passable by certain ship tonnages but allow others to move
    freely. But randomized enough so each engagement is different.

  5. Now if they added a really stormy sea like the North Sea and a night map
    now that would make hunting other ships more interesting

  6. Interesting thoughts on the title. Ultimately, I actually stopped playing
    WoT because of lack of map variety (albeit quite some time ago). Sure, maps
    looked different but at the time almost everyone of them boiled down to a
    key choke point/corridor or two so they all felt much the same. In
    contrast, I feel like there is actually a lot more room for strategy by
    manoeuvre in WoWS because of the better core gameplay and the differences
    between destroyer, battleship and carrier play is more significant than
    various tank types. Unfortunately, the WoWS ballistics are so simple I too
    wonder how long it will last, it’s not so much shooting as clicking a dot
    and maybe leading a bit. That and the possibly interesting manoeuvres
    require coordination with random teams, which doesn’t always turn out.

  7. why would they wipe to make it fair for all those who will join on open
    beta if they give you a few days/weeks head start, that is just retarded,
    might as well not wipe if they are going to do that…

  8. When will open beta began.

  9. I hate the Arkansas reward ship

  10. I find this game plays a lot slower than WoT and War Thunder. I enjoy the
    base gameplay quite a bit and I think platoon stuff is much much better in
    a game like this than in the above mentioned games.

    Overall I think I will play maybe a few matches a night (3-6) and then I
    would be pretty much done for that day. In WoT I could easily play 15-20
    matches in a night but I also end up dying a lot quicker and games tended
    to be much shorter in length.

    I think my dream combination would be slowly play this and armoured
    warfare, not burn out on either and aim to have them last me a year or two.

  11. Jingles is the one who supports this; I think it’s boring….

  12. Not sure if it’s possible with this engine but the introduction of
    different sea states and reduce the targeting system would help..failing
    that …maybe mine layers and the odd kraken lol

  13. Played roughly 1,5k matches in the CBT and managed to get the Yamato and
    both tier 9 cruisers. Only reason I took a break for a few weeks was that
    OBT wasn’t that far off, and I wanted to come back to it refreshed. If it
    has longevity or not is going to depend a lot on how you approach the game.

    For me, when it comes to any kind of competitive multiplayer title, the fun
    comes from simply from competing against the opposition and always trying
    to improve my performance. I’ve managed to become decent, but I’m no where
    near what I would call good. So I can see it holding my interest for at
    least 5-10k more matches, and by then there should hopefully be some kind
    of mode for premade teams implemented, meaning a near learning curve to
    climb not to mention opening up for a lot of tactics and strategies that
    simply don’t exist in the random queue environment.

  14. when should i be using AP or HE? im clueless right now so i just spam HE.

  15. I really enjoy the relaxing nature of this title. So yeah I will play other
    things but this will be my unwind go to game.

  16. Krzysztof Kurdziel

    I have NA account for WoWs with beta reward battleship and t5 premium
    murmansk cruiser that i won’t use anymore (I’m from europe). If anyone is
    interested i can give all the passwords etc. PM me if anyone is interested,
    please note that it is on NA server. I hope that you won’t mind that little
    spam SideStrafe but i’d rather give it to someone from your viewers than
    some total random stranger

  17. I said it the fist time I saw WoWS gameplay footage: It’s WoT on a flat
    surface, with slower gameplay. No way this game can become successful as
    nearly as WoT did.
    And I’m pretty sure that naval game can be made interesting, but it can not
    be an arcade game implying that the target playerbase should not be WoT
    players, as is clearly the case here.

  18. The game is good and I agree that longevity is in question because there is
    no “open world” or real end game. Now…if you could play ships supporting
    a landing on the global map whilst your tanks take the fight inland. …but
    this isn’t the right game and that’s a shame.

  19. do you think they might bring in subs might give it a new edge

  20. Health Bars :(

  21. Jonathan Rowley

    Do I need to pay for another Premium account when I currently have a WoTs

  22. I dont think the maps have much to do with the low long term motivation of
    this title. Just compare it to WT air combat. Air is inherently isotropic.
    Sure, you get different ground, but that doesn’t influence the air battles
    all that much. Still air battles dont get boring as easily, because in
    comparison to ships you have that third dimension, you have that interplay
    of kinetic and potential energy that makes movement so much more complex,
    and most important: since most planes only shoot forward movement and
    positioning ist infact absolutely crucial to success.
    Tank gameplay on the other hand is limited to two dimensions, but you can
    use those dimenstions relatively freely, you can use terrain much more
    effectively. And you have the kind of gun accuracy that actually allows you
    to aim for certain points on your target, instead of just hosing fire down
    its general direction and hope for the best.
    Its no surprise most successful naval combat games so far have concentrated
    on the submarine/destroyer part. Without the complexity behind spotting
    your target or not getting spotted (and some more direct controls) naval
    surface combat is inherently repetitive and boring.

  23. what is the appeal of this game? i don’t want to bash it, i just want to
    understand. mechanically it seems to be really slow and boring.

  24. It seems there might be things you could add to increase the game’s
    longevity. You should theoretically be able to design scenarios with
    different goals than just “sink the enemy ships” or “occupy this space”.
    Wargaming hasn’t gone that route, yet, but they may need to at some point.

  25. I completely agree! They will have to add something more to this game!
    Something like gun bunkers on the land etc?

  26. Yes SideStrafe, while the maps probably won’t be as diverse as World of
    Tanks….the game is less rage-inducing as well. That, combined with a
    healthy mix of War Thunder and Armored Warfare…this title should keep its
    replay-ability for quite some time (for me at least).

  27. TableTopPainting101

    good video i wanted to know you have any info about the new FFVll remake is
    it only going to be for PS4 or are they going to put it on the pc as well
    like the old one

  28. Lets see how the game looks one year down the line. Once they have all 5
    nations in the game there will be more variety in the matches you play. I
    am still a little annoyed by the fact that WG will introduce the Soviet
    Navy before the Kriegsmarine or the Royal Navy though.

  29. Good to seeing you do a WoWS video again !

  30. More maps and more nations is needed soonish.

  31. It will all come down to whether WG chooses to be lazy and/or whether the
    engine can handle features that will keep this game interesting in the long

  32. I had a Kongo,Fuso,New York, New Mexico,Myoko,Cleveland and St Louis.

    Since the wipe i have given up on Jap BB’s after getting bored of Grinding
    the Kawachi (that thing be terrible) right now have a Kuma,St
    Louis,Waketake,Pheonix and the Arkanasas think I’ll grind out to the
    Cleveland and the Myoko again but other than that can’t be bothered with
    the other ships

  33. I can kind of see where you’re coming from. When you’re piloting big,
    relatively unmaneuverable ships, it seems like the skill cap for this game
    is pretty low in the long run. It’s hard to see how this game will have as
    much lasting competitive depth as WoT without introducing new mechanics to
    give skilled players more to do.

    That said, there’s no shortage of new ships that they could add – there are
    still a very large number of interesting ships left in the IJN and US Navy
    to showcase, let alone the German, Italian, and UK navies which are almost
    completely unexplored.

    They haven’t added submarines yet either, which could be really interesting
    if they figure out how to balance it.

    • +Outshinedsg they wont add subs. which im glad because they would be boring
      to play as they were slower than any other ship currently in the game. they
      would also be annoying to fight against as the can kill you without being

  34. Open Beta is here!! Come join us!

  35. Thanks again for the beta key

  36. they need to stop dividing the war games into these slicers, its time to
    put it all together and have the whole package like Battlefield 1942 even
    if BF1942 did not do it perfectly they at least tried to have air, sea and
    land warfare all going on in the same match with a large number of people
    on each team

  37. I haven’t all watched all of your WoW gameplays (nor do I know much about
    how much content the game offers yet), but does it have the German
    Bismark/Tirpitz or the Japanese Yamato?

    • +SwaggtasticMrK Yamato is in now. The German lines are not in yet, but
      Bismarck will be there when they are implemented. Currently US and Japanese
      are in, Russian and German are the next two fleets in.

  38. I see where you are coming from with the whole boredom issue, but a game
    like tf2 is still being played 10 years later, and if you want you can buy
    all the items when you start

  39. † Masterhp †

    I honestly don’t like the same repetition I see in games. In world of tanks
    you actually have many types of battles and many strategy’s that you have
    to use. Save with World of warships. Camouflage, dodging fire, ramming. But
    it is much slower. However, at the end the outcome of rewards is much
    better than world of tanks. There isn’t anything that is bringing me back
    to World of Warships at this state of development.

  40. Yeah if you play only one game each day on and on yeah it can get stale.

  41. I agree generally with your assessment of the game. However, I think there
    still is a lot to be added. Weather? Different sorts of team warfare? I
    do play a lot more WoT, and play this for a break. I’ll probably always
    play WoW, but not as much as WoT.

  42. Kam Kam (Kameghaya)

    lol Stupidest commentary…I wont be following Sidestrafe any longer…..Im
    sure wargaming.net is gonna love hearing u badmouth their game…..unfollow
    off Twitch and You tube

    • RelativeGalaxy7

      +Kam Kam You are a window licker and we won’t miss you. Wargaming whore.

    • +Kam Kam So you’re now unsubscribing to Sidestrafe for saying somewhat
      negative things about World of Warships, despite you yourself saying
      earlier, “Arkansas sucks and audio sux, all choppy and static……..read
      the forums, I thought it was just me.”

      I may be wrong, but I’m sort of getting the feeling that maybe you’re just
      saying these things to be contrary, unless I’m missing some obvious sarcasm.

  43. I’m not going back to the game till either another country is added, or it
    goes into actual release… They should have added some more ships by then
    anyway… Hopefully…

  44. Panzerschreck22

    The unfortunate thing that I’ve noticed since the new patch is that the
    Yubari is borderline useless. It’s basically a giant floating citadel.

  45. Kam Kam (Kameghaya)

    Arkansas sucks and audio sux, all choppy and static……..read the forums,
    I thought it was just me.

  46. Up to Tier 4 on a few trees. Enjoying it so far

  47. I still honestly feel this game is no where near ready for open beta. At
    the very minimum there should have been three fleshes out tech trees and a
    few more premiums. They are just rushing this game out in my opinion. Maybe
    I am alone on the thought it needs more time but there are quite a few
    things that they screwed up. They entirely ruined destroyers making their
    captains work even harder for a good pay out…. Cruisers are just easy
    mode now and well Battleships? they kinda seem pointless with the HE spam
    going around.

  48. as im been playing the closed beta for 2 weeks i do find it additive at the
    moment just have to see what happens in the long run

  49. SovietTenkDestroyer

    I think night maps and waves can fix the problem.

  50. I played 250 games and loved it at first, but then quit and will never play
    it again. I liked destroyers the most.

  51. Hi bribe, long time. Surprised no YouTubers have talked about the E3
    murmansk debate. Nice teamwork be the way

  52. Blue Reaper Gaming

    I think this game will last for a really long time +Sidestrafe

  53. wonder if they can make campain mission base on history. 😛 like pearl
    harbour. :v

  54. To answer your question about the open water map… yes it’s still in the
    game… got in a match with it last night!

  55. TheMoonlitFaerie

    Teaming up with bribe. It’s a wonder you didn’t get shot in the back.

  56. I playes over a 1000 games in closed beta and got 3 tier 10 ships before
    the wipe. I am not even remotely bpred pf the game yet and my favourite
    navies aren’t even in the game yet. 

    • asianboywonder2312

      +Soladrin I’d say that Battleships aren’t great streaming material, it’s
      mostly destroyers, especially American Destroyers, that makes for
      interesting games. Battleships are inherently slow, but I play my Sims a
      bunch and it’s really intense. As Jingles says, US DDs are a life of
      adventure and danger.

    • +Soladrin italian navy will be cool

    • +Soladrin Same here. Very happy with most of the game (not too happy about
      the state of BBs) and patiently waiting for the Regia Marina and the Marine

      I SO want to sail around in a Mogador.

    • +Soladrin Sadly I got pretty bored with WoWs all too quickly, so much so
      that this is one “beta tester” that failed to acquire the Arkansas (not
      overly fussed about that though lol) on any of the 3 servers I have
      accounts on. However that is not at all the fault of the game, it is mine
      and mine alone.
      I’ve been involved in so much alpha/beta testing in the last 12 months that
      it’d be safe to say that I’ve just gotten tired of the wipes and whatnot as
      opposed to just playing a game simply for the enjoyment.
      Don’t get me wrong WoWs is an absolutely fantastic game as is, no doubt
      about that, but burnout hit me at the worst possible time. I can say with
      confidence that I will make a return in a couple of months but I need a
      break so for now I’m going to stick with the later Fallout series (can’t
      wait for 4) for pure stress-less fun and Eve for my pvp fix.

      Good on ya for still enjoying the game and I hope it remains so for a long
      time to come 07

    • German ?

  57. Open Beta has actually started by now. It is a “silent” and “soft” start,
    hence no announcement, but you can download the client and play without
    Beta Access

    • +sainsay you can logon man XD ive been on and off like 4 times… (NA

    • +sainsay What? You can’t login? I have two other ppl sitting here right
      next to me who just downloaded the game and got right in.

    • +Stefan De Bokx you can download it but you can’t login. but one of the
      last stress test is running so it is NOT in OBT sadly. it will be soon
      though. downloading it already does give you a change to join as soon as

    • +Komb.at i just looked for a wallpaper an hour ago and saw i could download
      it and i was shocked and then saw this video

    • +Komb.at OMG THANK YOU!!!!!!!

      IT REALLY IS PEOPLE!! 4GB download :PP

  58. I must get around to downloading the latest update. I hear they made quite
    a few changes such as nerfing smoke a lot? I hope they nerfed the HE?

    I agree that it might be a bit too slow and linear to keep me interested. I
    hope not, but I havn’t played it that much in the last few weeks.

    • Maree Printemps

      +Night Train123 Destroyers got nerfed pretty hard, their smokes only
      generate for 20 sec while lasting around 1-1.5 minutes. Also, Cruiser now
      get an optional ability to increases their detection capability against
      ships and torpedoes.

      Both of those spelled doom to the glory days of Destroyers, those days are
      long gone now. Not sure was it a good idea or not, but I can still do fine
      in my IJN DD, not sure about USN DD though.

      And yeah, HE was nerfed but I don’t see it being too serious, DD can still
      set BB ablaze just fine, just the damage that got nerfed.

    • +Night Train123 I think they did

  59. Streaming with standards – http://twitch.tv/sidestrafe

    • Alessandro Filippi

      +SideStrafe I think what will keep this title alive is probably the
      multiplayer with your friends! Working together in a pack while chatting of
      all sort of crap is a lot of fun! Plus new maps can be created which have
      some special challenge to them, or new game modes… there’s so much
      potential i think.

    • +louiethepitt i i=like that escort idea seems like it would be fun but you
      never know since there are other players that love to troll and ruin the

    • +louiethepitt I don’t think subs will ever be featured. It’ll mean the
      introduction of not one but 2 new ship classes (subs and anti-sub warfare
      ships) as well as adding even more mechanics into the game

    • Malkuth's Gaming

      +louiethepitt im just gonna go in here and say that Submarines will never
      come to World of Warships. and it has been said by the devs aswell.. subs
      in WW2 were slow.. slower than the slowest CV in the game. that is sub
      17knots.+ they would need to add a 3d layer of the ocean for the subs to
      steer around in.. so no.. too much work for almost no gain

    • +SideStrafe I have been proposing in the forums lots of things that could
      help the game become more interesting….ports instead of just
      circles….you could destroy an enemy port or capture an outpost to help
      advance….there should be ability to repair in your own ports and outposts
      in your own port….submarine possibility maybe….more weather conditions
      like heavy fog, night battles, rough seas and raining should add more to
      this game….different type of missions not only capturing of flags…but
      you could have escort mission where your objective is to protect transport
      ships and the enemy’s objective is to destroy all transport ships in an
      escort….or so it by time…you have a certain amount of time to bombard
      or destroy or capture an enemy port….etc they just need more creativity
      that’s all….gonna propose most of this today and hope they listen to the

  60. +SideStrafe when are you streaming again? Doesn’t matter what.

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