◀World of Warships – Why So Thunderous?

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gameplay featuring the destroyer with live commentary and discussion. Filmed and uploaded in glorious !

World of Warships official – http://worldofwarships.com

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  1. Hey SideStrafe, nice video, as always. Right after 13:00 you set your guns
    to face in certain direction. How can you do that? best I could find is
    hold RMB and look around. Thanks!

  2. Generally, when I think “Ship battle” i think about long search, careful
    identification and then escape after engagement. Ship battle and arcade
    gameplay kinda looks wierd to me.

  3. So, your smoke does not prevent you to see enemy only vice versa?

  4. so were naval smokescreens an actual thing irl or are they just in the game
    for balance purposes?

  5. DarkMatter Energy

    Is it me or the world of warship site has been under maintenance for 2 days

  6. Can one use the repair only when getting damaged or can i repair the same
    damage more than once to full health?

  7. GG SideStrafe i was on the red team using the yubari

  8. This thing is a great long range fighter. I don’t do too many torp runs in
    it because I can use the speed to stay out of the other DD ranges and the
    distance means the gun speed doesn’t matter so much. I got 4 kills in a 6
    on one fight by just staying in a running fight. If a BB is completely
    occupied by someone I’ll go in, but otherwise, it’s all long range.

  9. Kongo, I would rush him, and drop torps and run

  10. When’s your next stream SS?

    We miss yah.

  11. Hey SS, how’s it been?

  12. So lucky with that last battle not to be taken out by the secondary
    batteries. Hopefully the islanders homes will be rebuilt soon 🙂
    Great vid as always, thnkyou for sharing your experiences and skills so
    that us that have to wait for open beta can get off to a flying (sailing?)

  13. Can you please do do video on the stupidity of WT to take out Sim

  14. excited to see what kind of new maps they come up with as development
    continues, be cool to see some that are full on war zones with harbors on
    fire, ships on fire and sinking and flights of planes going overhead inland
    to bomb targets

  15. Is it just me or does the “settings bar” under the video look more slick?

  16. Don’t forget to visit the main channel page occasionally if you feel you’re
    missing new content. http://youtube.com/sidestrafe

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