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Her resignation on the forum: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/242901-lwm-resigns-from-the-cc-program/

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  1. Wow… LWM is amazing. WTF

    • half expected him to tell me not to get vaccinations by the end 😀 Too funny nice job iEarlGrey.

    • Cookie Supervisor

      I play game 3 years and I first heard of her when all that shit with Yukon started , list CC that I most watch:
      – The Mighty Jingles (his mind on Henry Cavil body and you have perfect men)
      – Notser (I learned from him how to play , I pulled my WR from 46% to 52%)
      – Flamu (Finnish skilled drunk ;))
      – Flambass ( He have cat too)
      So I dunno maybe cause I play on EU server YT algorithm dont think I will enjoy LWM ?

    • Never watched her either, mostly because I don’t give a shit about ship reviews (as I’m ST myself, and fairly good player), but her contribution to the community is undeniable. It just shows how little WG care about their CC program.

    • Any cc/ streamer/youtuber should think of themselves as corporate prey next time, if they do not maintain solidarity. It was good to see some of the main players state a stance immediately.

  2. Dan Bjerre Larsen

    iEarlGrey trashing WoWs? Inject that shit directly into my veins! The exodus from the CC program is a landmark event and I love it.

  3. This is Powerful AF love it man

  4. Look forward to mingles with jingles on Monday,

  5. Godspeed to LWM, Flambass, iChase, Chobittsu, and Jingles. And bugger WG with a poisoned red-hot poker.

  6. Little White Mouse the the goat reviewer. I don’t like buying premium ships without her reviews. They’re just so enjoyable to read.

  7. Recent WG scandals are more entertaining than any anime, movie and games I have ever experienced. Including WoWs but that’s a given.

  8. Jingles said he was going to have a fiery session on Mingles this coming week – I think maybe he’ll be turning up the heat to inferno levels!!

  9. “Let them Eat Cake” comes to mind when WG is talking about their players and CCs. It takes some special kind of skill the screw over the player base and game in this fashion.

  10. “We are witnessing the sinking of a titanic.”
    Wuh, pretty sure its been sinking this hole time, only this time its been torpedoed further

    • Yeah, but the band’s been playing so loud we didn’t really notice, or care, while the service remained top notch.

  11. Master Skilhollow

    I guess WG was determined to find out which i was more loyal to, them and their game or LittleWhiteMouse…

    I don’t think they’re going to like my answer.

    • All that hard work she did and they crap all over her i have never been on the forums that she does as im eu server but have seen stuff about what she does on here that is so unjust and dirty i feel so saddend for her

  12. WG’s version of “Improve communication” seems to boil down to “We’ll talk down to you more often.”

  13. Now hear me out on this, but to me it feels like ever since Smolensk was released and Carriers were reworked, the game was heading on down a slope which it never recovered from. Puerto Rico truly was a foreshadowing of what to expect in the upcoming months…

    • They don’t Value us as players, but as Revenue. Sure, every company does this to a point, but those atleasty try to be subtle about it. Fake Smiles, Apologies and “Miscommunication” are things every company does. But to this extent? How long do they expect to be able to keep up with this? How long do they have to violently abuse their own community before it finally crumbles?

    • This is outrageous! How could they have fallen so steeply, beyond Blizzard and EA, to levels I never thought possible??

    • Funny enough, the thing about Puerto Rico is what I saw and would say it all began from. It first now begins to falling down fast from the CV rework and other “events” that happens. I havent read any of LWM’s review, but them talking like that to her, a CC who (as I understand it) put alot time into the work she does, is the final for most of us. I didnt mind the CV rework as much, as there was some things in it that I like (Yeah I know, throw me to the wolves of this statement) but after the commander rework I stopped playing, and now Im glad that I dont need to think about returning to the game for a good while

    • @Macintoshiba to the filth at WG you are just paypigs.

    • PR was the beginning of the end.

  14. Thank you to all the CC’s for all their hard work and passion in this game. it is insulting how WG treats them and the player base, Your integrity is to be applauded, good luck for the future.

  15. Someone has lost their marbles. If LWM can be nudged away even after her involved approach and detailed reviews, no one deserves to stay. Respect to all CCs showing spine. Down with gambling.

  16. This video is the best one I’ve viewed in years on the tube. Fantastic speech, fantastic rhythm, fantastic support for a fantastic contributer of a game which we all have enjoyed for years. Who the hell are you and why haven’t I seen you before @iEarlGrey ?

  17. I have always appreciated the many fine CC’s this game has. The information they have provided has made this game so much more enjoyable. Why WG has never bothered to provide the in depth info themselves and instead rely solely on CC’s I have never fully understood. Why WG would decide to repeatedly shit on said CC’s defies all logic. Of the many class acts among the cadre of CC’s, Little White Mouse has consistently stood on top. Why they would choose to drive her away is unfathomable. I don’t see the CC Program recovering from this series of debacles. RIP WOWS

  18. “The irony that a Russian company has failed to recognize the rumblings of revolution” man that irony tastes like heaven, if only we could make the symbol of the CC exodus the aurora for extra style points

  19. Ib Erik Söderblom

    I really hope that LWM is ok and recieves huge ammount of love and support !

  20. I have never heard something that was so miserable to experience narrated in such an exciting and dramatic fashion that I wish I watched it happen from the outside.

    • THANK YOU LWM for all of your contributions and reviews – The Best!!!

    • I honestly think that WG’s BS deserves the attention of Jim Sterling… AGAIN…

    • AprilWhiteMouse, NO ONE deserved to be treated like you were by WGing. No one in the World of Warships DESERVES respect and appreciation more than you do. I ‘m so sorry you experienced such disrespect. You have the love of the player base and obviously, the CCs. The best of luck you and thank you for all of your efforts so insensitively belittled.

    • I will soon have hi-speed internet and was looking forward to playing WoW but now they will never see any of my money.

    • It was bloody Shakespeare.

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