0.6.6 Scenario – AEGIS – CONVOY/ Escort || World of Warships

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0.6.6 Scenario – AEGIS – CONVOY/ Escort ||
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  1. Hmmm…sofa

  2. That weird guy named bob from your yoga place

    Which operation has been your favourite?

  3. who played this?

  4. Love how ALL the cruisers were on the OPPOSITE SIDE of the enemy, leaving the Liberty convoy ships defenseless.

  5. 2:26 xD

  6. this fucker is trash he cant aim for shit

  7. Thanks for the sneak peek. Great video.

  8. 석탄떡볶이

    what I saw……………..

  9. it would help if the player was playing well

  10. 9:44 I swear I could hear Eurobeat from the Liberty bridge.

  11. why not recreate actual naval battles?

  12. wow out of all map this is the laziest, they just slap a campaign on mountain range

  13. We need Aegis system (・ω・)

  14. Err. What happened to the Amagi, Fuso and Kongo that usually spawn in A5 and A6?

  15. This character has ZERO clue how to effectively angle his ship well to angle at all TBH and at the start when he seen the first enemy and he was behind his friendly smoke did he fire and take advantage of it ??? Nooooo he waited till he sailed past it and it was clearing THEN started shooting all while giving up sweet broadside to most if not all the enemy in range.. LMAO

  16. Madcap Magician

    Panzer, thx for showing us these scenarios, looking forward to trying them out.

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