0.8.0 Commander Respec, CV Reimburse, Modules – World of Warships

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Sharing 0.8.0’s launch and how to respec, exchange CVs, and how modules are working. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

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  1. can you respec any commander? or just the carrier ones?

    • The way I understand the patch note its only for CV specific captain skils?! I’m confused now

    • +therealbamlee from the update:

      “From January 30 until February 8 you can reset skills and retrain your Commanders free of charge. All upgrades that interact with aircraft or AA defenses will be demounted from your ships so that you can “pimp” your ships the way you like.”

      For a week, retraining commander skills will be free and those modules/upgrades associated with planes/AA will be demounted for free.

    • I respect them all

    • The unlimited respec is really nice. Gotta give it to Wargaming : they get it right sometimes 😉

    • free respec and free retraining. if you want to shuffle your commanders around, you can do that for free too.

  2. You got to love the new cv. You complaned about the aa so now it is so high you cant make an attack run.
    The UI is so buggy you cant play.
    You go left then it bounced back right.
    Years in the making and millions spend and they make this. AA so high its not fun for anyone and UI that is total shit

    • Much better to balance AA in the favor of the 3 other classes in the game that the existing player base actually enjoys. CV’s will still get players by virtue of being new.

    • +Slippils Not for long. CV gameplay is horrid. Players aren’t going to stick with a class that is providing very little value every match. It’s incredibly frustrating right now with the insane AA. Even ships without AA specs are demolishing squadrons.

    • +Demarticus Stone no way. try a cv and your planes will melt when anywhere close to ships.

    • Good, CVs are trash and should never have been in the game. The game play can not be balanced. Which is what you are seeing now. They are either too strong too versatile, fill too many roles, or they weak, too focus, too simple, and only have one role.
      Games are not real life, but they are modeled from real life scenarios. Air power may not always be the most effective, but it provides many advantages that land/sea forces cannot overcome. Sight, speed, flexibility etc.

      What we see now is a buff to AA, b/c WG is trying to break the inherent advantages of air power.

    • +jebes909090 and even if you score a hit, an overpen BB shell does more damage than a CV torp, and flooding is much more rare. Have you seen how the Lexingtons torp shots? They shoot at a 45 degree angle from straight. Straight shots are impossible. What a waste.

  3. where are the promised for 0.8 UK aircraft carriers? they are shipping Russian BB’s for supertesters soon but no word about Royal Navy CV’s

  4. After playing and checking things out, I’m very pleased with the changes. The game play is fun too whether youre a CV or anything else

  5. Russian Bias always protect.

    What about Legendary modules for Carriers? If I get one for my Midway, will I lose it? 😮

  6. Can you do a video on the every commander recommendation for dds and cas

  7. DD captains, take a vacation

    • eh. shot down 26 planes in the one game i played with my sims this morning… so… not so much?

    • +MozzaBurger they did it so planes would have less AA to fly through when attacking. yes, there is a bit of catering for returning CV players or new CV players. but, the 7km AA range would probably nullify any air threats whatsoever. i think there’s maybe 10% more tweaking that needs to be done with the play/counterplay, but it’s close.

      i havent run into a GOOD cv player yet so i havent had any issues with self defense. though, tbh, i havent played a non-AA ship yet either.

    • +Tony Weisenburger I’ll get a feel for it this weekend when I get a chance. I’ll have to respec my Hindy to farm them tasty planes.

    • +MozzaBurger I havent played my hindy yet, but if it gets a fighter plane, take it. it’s god mode AA defense.

    • Aye Cru, will do!

  8. Also wtf happened to my legendary mod for midway?!?!

  9. Am i missing something? 26K doubloons for a really bad CA (it just looks like Kutuzov…) and a few camos? This must be a joke lol

    • i had a stack of dabloons just chillin on my account. so i bought all 3 since it didnt cost me anything. out of the crates i got several 750 dabloon crates, 1 crate had the new CA (it is a kutuzov, more or less) and 1 crate had the perma camo for the Irian. 11500 dabloons for the ship and 5000 dabloons for the perma camo. with the 750 dabloon crates it only ended up costing me 7.1k dabloons total. plus i got nearly a month of premium, other camos, 60 or 80k free xp. i think i made out all right.

    • I grabbed it after I sold all those useless CV premiums. Got a free Loyang in the process (Didn’t have it yet). The Irian is actually quite good. Kutuzov guns (12% fire chance), and 13.5KM torpedo launchers with torp reload consumable, and if you picked up the captain he has bonuses on fire chance…. yummy. Smoke is overrated at this it’s tier anyways…..

    • The Phengophobic Gamer

      You get like 20 lunar crates with it. I got Loyang and a duplicate Irian out of the crates and all together only really paid for one bundle tier, so I’m pretty happy. Two tier 8s, 4 camos, two more 10 point captains and about 60k XP for about 8k dubloons. Not that bad a deal. Not sure how much RNG is involved in those crates though. Could get lucky and come out ahead on credits if you manage two dupe Irians a dupe camo and 3k loose XP even.

    • +The Phengophobic Gamer If you have the doubloons already i guess it’s fine… but at 90 euros you can buy better ships

    • The Phengophobic Gamer

      +Zbriu oh I don’t doubt it. I got abunch of santa crates and had like 30k available so I figured why not.

  10. Hey Notser, great video! Just a question though; what are your thoughts on the USS Kidd, that was marketed as an AA destroyer? It traded a full torpedo launcher for increased AA capabilities. Doesn’t say anything about the Kidd in the patchnotes? I feel the cv rework changed it’s role since it’s not able to operate so independently as it used to under the old cv system. Is it gonna get a rework? Should I ask for a refund since the advertised product no longer exist?

    • Jaded Rivers AA spec it with longer duration of defensive AA module, superintendent for more def AA using and smoke and manual AA. It will still be powerful.

    • shot down 26 planes in my first Sims game this morning. spec it up and give it a try. T8 (kidd is T8, right?) may be different than T7… but i saw a couple Kidds running around doing alright. Personally, i’m going to do a LOT of Atlanta and Sims games for the next month.

  11. I played today and there are more CVs than you can shake a stick at. My favorite class of ship is DD and has been from the start of the game. However, today I was constantly spotted by CVs. Then you have Radar to reckon with. I’m not enjoying the game. If I can’t opt out of CVs in the very near future, I’m going to find another game to play. because it’s definitely not fun.

    • +Solomani “You still lose games if you CV players are bad. You still win if your CV players are good.” Not really. Even good CV players in this system struggle to do meaningful damage. In the old system a great CV player could carry an entire potato team to victory, that sure as hell isn’t happening now.

    • +Patrick Rogers Thank you for the reply Patrick. I think taking a step back, and really trying to remember the most awful experiences from last night… and I am now thinking that I was “spotted” longer because the poor guy flying the plane was having trouble lining up his torp/bombing runs, lol. That would explain (at least I think) why the planes were over me for 4-5 straight minutes with minimal drops. The driver was probably trying to line up drops with the new flight mechanics.

      I am really hoping that tonight leads to some more fun, though. As it stood last night, of the 10 games I played, only 1 was actually fun; When I was in a wooster vs (2) T8 CVs and exacted my revenge from the 9 dd games that had driven me crazy. 🙂

      The RPF thingy totally threw me off. I’m used to being pegged with that in games, but it was nuts to be pegged with it, and then spotted by a set of planes making a B-line for me. haha.

      I’m bad with change. REALLY bad. I just need to adapt.

    • +Tim That is true. There were so many carriers last night…

    • +SCI That could be pretty cool!

    • Likewise, wasnt fun to go up against 2 CVs focusing my DD with rockets and torps. The higher tier DD class is now almost impossible to play unless you go up against a clueless CV captain … or “hide” (and become useless) with a friendly cruiser.

  12. That bundle 123 is such bulls !!!

    • the 8,888 dabloon one? i bought all 3 and it ended up only costing me about 7.1k dabloons after opening the crates. made out like a fucking bandit.

  13. New CV’s seem way less powerful than the old. Time to sell!?

    • Galactic Research Initiative

      +MR_SHADES 1 Still don’t sell. Do what you can. Unfortunately that’s the best I got lol.

    • +Galactic Research Initiative but bro 3 cv are way more dangerous and when you are in a slow battleship and 3 squadrons coming toward you , that’s when I will uninstall lol

    • +MR_SHADES 1 ” 3 cv are way more dangerous and when you are in a slow battleship and 3 squadrons coming toward you , that’s when I will uninstall lol” Doubtful in a random battle 3 cvs would coordinate on targets. Even then, their torps do squat for damage and barely cause flooding.

    • +Tim but bro think they don’t lose planes but ships lose health

    • +MR_SHADES 1 and? 3 CVs would be tied up attacking one ship for a good chunk of the game to sink it. While the Opposing team would be doing something useful like spotting across the map attacking different targets. I’ve played mostly BBs since the rework hit. ONE time the CV’s tried to repeatedly focus me and they didnt even get a strike off on my Mass B…I shot down 30 planes before they gave up. Was it so much better for you before when one CV in the higher tiers could delete you or severely cripple you in one strike? Seriously, if 3 squadrons of torp bombers went at you now, you would probably come out of that with 75% health at worst. It would hardly be worth it for them to continually keep launching strikes on one ship. Lastly, you have to factor in how often will you see 3 cvs? (I havent yet) how often will they coordinate targets? How often will YOU be the target? You are literally complaining about something that would be an inefficient tactic and would happen to you personally on an extremely rare occasion. You are creating a boogey man that doesnt exist. Its very evident CV players are struggling to do any damage at all. I was playing co-op with my buddy in his Saipan, it took him nearly half the game to sink a single lone bot battleship running torp bombers every time and scoring hits every time.

  14. Not gonna uninstall, but not gonna spend anymore $$ either.

    • I have some hopes for this but pretty much I’m saving up credits/stuff and plan not to spend money in the future too.

  15. Wooooooo the pan Asian CA is expensive as fuuuuuck if you need to buy 3 times 8888 doubloon packs for it

  16. Goodbye World of Warships. We had great times.

  17. I already miss Bogue and Zuiho. :'( rest in peace odd tier CV’s

  18. Just say no to 8.0. Not sure if or when I’ll be back after this change. For those who enjoy the new gameplay – have fun.

    • World of Warships is going backwards in quality and with update 8.0 i think War Thunder Ships is suddenly looking great. Anyone playing it? I was curious as i’m thinking of giving it a go while WG solves their greed issues. I heard it’s kind of grindy, but hell, if i’m able to have fun with it, it’s already better than WoWs.

  19. The game is so much slower now. No one contests cap till mid game. DDs cant even sneeze without being spotted. This is worse for DD play than the radar fiasco.

  20. Just tried 0.8.0 with a couple of DD`s and a couple of Cruisers, in every game but one I was spotted and targeted before the game was 2 mins old. How WOW have managed to make such a complete mess of this update is a mystery. Looks like my days of seamanship are over.

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