0.8.0 Patchnotes – World of Warships

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Patch comes out tomorrow and Thursday, discuss all that will be coming with 8.0 and highlight some really nice benefits. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

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  1. Wow, now WOWS has batter aircraft controls than WOWP

  2. Up to 3 carriers per side? Really? This is it, then.

    • Does that mean there can be a 3 carrier division?

    • +luke9723 IEral Gray said that it could happen if the que is large. It will most likely be chamged

    • +dave Sooo, real question. What ship is going to not get destroyed against 3 enemy ships of any type 2 tiers higher than them?

      Seems like a bit silly of a barometer. This is why I say wait until live. Even if you don’t mean it statements like that show a rather large amount of bias. It’s not a rational statement.

      As far as getting through AA? You can avoid most flak, you cannot avoid all flak. The 10% of flak you cannot avoid is enough to hurt vs 1 ship and is enough to wreck you against an AA ship or multiple ships with non-garbage tier (not bottom 20%) AA. You can try and play around it with your careful approach paths, dodging most AA, and recalling early if you’ve taken enough damage but you WILL lose planes and you WILL end up at partial squadron well before game end if you face stuff like that semi-often during the match.

      You can prolly get 1, maybe 2 strikes off through an AA ship or multiple ships, but you’re going to pay for it in planes, quite likely most to an entire squadron. Your alpha damage is not great and you need every plane so you can’t afford to attack even small groupings of AA or AA ships really.

      It’s possible on live CVs might even end up being underpowered if people roam around in groups of 2, much less 3. Even Destroyers, depending on the Destroyer, are no joke: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0Q-W2s7ELM . Note that destroyer has no AA captain skills and only 1 AA module taken.

    • +Ralathar Renares You could have saved a lot of time typing. There is a real key difference. I get to shoot back at other ships. They do not get to undo that damage and go back to full strength with a cool down. Not sure what part of I hope you’re right confused you. You aren’t going to change my opinion. I hope you are right, but I am not optimistic and maintain the concerns that I have. No one has made an argument that is persuasive in any way. Basically just “people shouldn’t complain and it won’t be an issue because I say it won’t”..I’ve followed the rework closely since it was announced. I have concerns. Those concerns are shared by many players. Your arguments are moot if this rework does not go over well. The game already doesn’t have a very large player base on NA server. If the concerns people have about the rework come true no amount of trying to tell them they are wrong about their opinions will keep them playing the game. If they lose even 10-20% of the player base it would be a big hit for the game. I am not going to argue every aspect of the rework with you. Everyone is just repeating the same arguments. Not much point. It goes live tomorrow then we shall see. Either you will be right and we all get to be happy and keep playing or not.

    • +luke9723 No, One CV per div at the moment.

  3. Thanks for the overview Notser!

  4. The sims built for aa is a deadly dd vs planes. Aigle got a buff thats awesome and hood 😀 .

  5. Actually, WG announced that the new premium CV’s will be available for 14k doubloons later, but if you exchange a CV that was a t7, then you get the amount of doubloons for a t7, it is less than 10k, so think before exchanging your old CV’s:)

  6. Still wondering how the Hoods DFAA is going to work

    • It’s WG so the most likely answer is, it won’t.

    • Слава Сахно

      I bet 100% same as before with 25x damage increase for the rockets, BUT there is little problem: without any possible ability to increase pitiful 1.5 km range it will be only effective against bombers and not smart players on other attack aircraft, who will be stupid enought to fly over Hood’s AA.
      Ah, and we won’t be able to get 20+ plane kills with one DFAA anymore..

    • +Слава Сахно Great point on the range. Without AFT pushing it out, it’s pretty much only usable against planes that drop/deploy almost on top of you. Might catch a few squadrons coming and going but CV’s will just outlast the limited DFAA charges.

  7. So in other words War Gamming corksoakers once again screw up the game with no positive effects to game play.

    • Its positive to the low Cv population. I havent played my t9 taihou since they removed torpedo squadron 3 and dive bomber 3 and forced two fighter squadrons on me. I can protect the fleet better when i can have six attack swuads and zero fighter squads

  8. I see where it says the Alaska will be available in the “near future” we’ve been told this for about half a year now!!! Wargaming release the blasted thing and make any MORE changes after it’s been released, like you do on every other ship!!!

    • +David Nichols, I don’t care about the joke David. I won’t play the ship even if I acquire it for free. I just see nothing special in it.

    • +Yavor OK that is your choice and I am happy for you to be able to make your decision, but why are you telling me when I was just making a light heart joke about the pricing of the ship. The pricing joke was not directed at you specifically, so I am just curious.

    • +David Nichols, you mentioned me in regard to your joke. That is why.

    • +Yavor Actually I never mentioned you at all, my initial reply was to everyone in the thread, but whatever I am sorry if you read it that way, it was not meant to be directed at you in anyway.

    • +David Nichols, actually, when you mention someone’s name, you mention him. 🙂

  9. Arms Race for ranked? Thats the one with the Mario Kart power ups?

    It’s a shit game type

  10. Notser, the visibility change is a BIG change that affects the game as you will now be spotted behind islands or smoke for the remainder of the 20 seconds gun blooming time.

    • Mxax Ai that would destroyer RN DD’s if that were the case

    • According to one of Mr. Conway’s posts on the EU forum, firing from stealth still has the same three second gun bloom and then you go back to your normal detection range. All this affects is firing in the open, getting detected, and then going behind cover. Supposedly (although I never noticed it happening whenever I did it), right now your detection goes down as soon as you’re undetected, and it’s being changed to if you were detected while firing you still have the regular 20 second gun bloom and detection.

    • +MidnightPhoenix07 See this, first is the “bug”, then the “fixed bug”. Obviously is not realistic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=59&v=j51XOl2NYks

    • absolutely I’m with you on that

    • Ok, they explained this in the forums. It is a bug that affects the software stability so it has to be fixed. They understand players like the behaviour behind the bug so they will implemented in a well developed and bug free way. So that’s very good news.

  11. wait immediate removal of main gun firing penalty if no enemy ship has LoS on you “not intended”?

    funny, because when the whole thing was introduced they have explicitely explained that as intended behaviour. Nice one WG, nice one….

    • Trejgon in one of the EU forum posts, Mr.Conway stated that firing from stealth will remain as is (gun bloom goes back down after three seconds and won’t pop back up if you leave cover after that), all that it affects is gun bloom disappearing as soon as you get into cover if you were detected when you fired.

    • +MidnightPhoenix07 yeah I’ve found it later, wording used in the patch notes was kinda misleading xD well forums are already rioting to keep it in xD

  12. So basically a BB Nerv again, moar aircancer, less AA range, less consealment…
    Carriers and Battleships are Perma Spotted by Planes, wtf?
    Lady Lex has a base consealment of 17.46km by sea.
    It needs CE and the 14% Modul.
    Or it will sit at A0 and hide for the rest of the game.
    And great for german BB’s like the T9 “Friendly the Great” and the TX “Currywurst”
    8km Stealthdrop from the Haku… nice XP Piniata.
    Warspite and QE will suffer from that as well. +2MM nearly every game.
    Both ships are slow, short firing range, burn like a dry teabag, and cant hide anymore.
    To be honest he AA on both Ships is trash.
    And what abaut the Yubari? With that nerv it’s useless against planes.
    Texas? BFT doesnt give you the needed Range anymore. Less AA Range is nuts.
    3km Torp Drop from CV’s and they wont even touch your effective AA Range.
    Or the fist “real AA” Support Cruiser, the Pepsi Cola?
    With every patch we stray futher away from “Teamplay”
    Bollox, just plain Bollox.

    “But u can use the Sector Fire HURR-DURR… make AA great again yadda yadda”
    Wg said that we are too stupid to do more then one thing at a time.
    Thats why the carriers got auto consumeables.
    The Sector switch time is far to long to use it effectivly, especially when you are at close quarters and in the middle of the map.
    A Battleship with 3000 Men onboard should switch the sectors faster then a poopy DD with 250 Sailors.
    Only option to counter this is to hump Islands or the border.

    Bye WoWS, i had a good time but now it’s time to move on.

    • Pensacola’s AA has always been pretty trash. In fact, most US CA AA is until Baltimore. Also having more men to coordinate makes things more difficult, not less

    • Close the door when you go out 🙂

    • Go play fortnite. Battleships cowards hiding in the back selfishly not using their armor and firepower watching the destroyers and cruisers loosing their match need to go away.

      Hero battleship players that are not scared of CVs are the players i want to keep. Cowards crying that an airplane can hurt them in the backfield need to go away.

    • +TheAllaksion quite rude… but i wont say i dont agree

    • I Honestly hope you get gunned down like the paranoid little inbred bitch that you are. YOU are part of the problem, you have ALWAYS been part of the problem and you’d be better as a bullet filled corpse than as a whining pig.

  13. Concealment expert Nerf is shitty. That hurts BBs more than anyone, and that’s effectively a DD buff.

    • Concealment “nerf”is how things SHOULD always have been. No battleship should have concealment like a cruiser!

    • +TheAllaksion Then they have to completely rebalance them. Those BB’s that got good concealment have weaknesses in other areas. Like any other ship, if something is strong something else is weaker to balance.

    • +TraMaChi
      well…it does have good reload but thats it!

    • Oh no BB who needs to actually be spotted & pull enemy fire to him self instead. Teammates cruisers/DDs try kite everything while BB sits behind…

    • +Klegolas I’m a BB main and I push, I stick with my group, often dying because I’m seen well before my group is and focused down early on unless my group go behind an island fast enough. This hurts players like me while helping my worst nightmare – DDs that sit just in smoke just far enough away to spam me with HE and torps while my DD yolos in and dies.

  14. It will also change the name of the game to World of Constant Fires.

  15. 12.31.2019 memo: How we managed to pass into unemployment status! lol

  16. I think 3 cv a side will break the game .. already looking what else is about to play…

  17. For the 8 millionth time, that is not how flak works. It’s the explosion that does the damage not the cloud. Strategic bomber pilots were even instructed to “chase flak” because the constant adjustment of ground crews meant that a shell was unlikely to explode in the same location. Little fragments of the metal casing or fragmentation mass (if applicable) do not have sufficient force to cause anything more that surface scratches to a WWII aircraft. There are no jet engines to suck in the particles and no turbines to be destroyed. The new AA system is so incredibly dumb. What is happening when you shift your “sector defense”? Are you unbolting 30% of your guns and carrying them to the other side? Is your crew running from one side to the other?

    • Since all guns can be manned normally on both sides, I don’t know what reinforcements actually do. Are crews from one side running to the other and helping with ammo reloads or taking their gun mounts with them? LOL.

    • +azraelswrd Its a game mechanic

    • attention all crew man your stations! port side AA mounts personel will be asisting starboardside mounts priorly 😀

    • Just wait till you see one of the high tier IJN torpedo bombers….they have a dual engine plane as a torpedo bomber…even though that plane was developed as a high speed interceptor to deal with B-29s….

  18. Silverfang The Steelwolf

    So that’s a lot of concealment nerfs for everyone but destroyers

    • +Zbriu You’re in the minority. Those ships with good conceal have been balanced around that. They have weaknesses to compensate. If you nerf the conceal without re-balancing then those ships will be less competitive than other ships of their tier that were balanced for other strengths and already had weak conceal. Same for the CA’s. DD’s now have the issue of AA. Their AA is pretty weak generally.

    • +dave Sorry i can’t see any issues, but maybe that’s because i don’t even use Concealment skill in BBs, even with 19 point captains. I don’t see much usage since i’m 90% of the battle detected by all ships… at least with Kurfust and Rep i don’t have any issues and they both have crap concealment

    • +Zbriu I agree it probably would be dependent on the ship. It will affect some more than others. Depends how much it has been balanced toward that conceal and what was made weaker to balance it out. Also depends on your play style.

    • +dave It may hurt CAs with already bad concealment, but they should balance it. In BBs i think Concealment Expert value is overrated.

    • +dave can you please state one weakness of the Conqueror that is balancing the superb concealment of the ship ?

  19. WEll…Seems that went for the full FUBAR reactions with this update.. Firing detection penalties, CV rework, Removing operations, up to 3 CV’s each side in a match… Boy they really listen to what the player base wants…

  20. I have a lot of ships and now I’m supposed to respec all the captain’s did I get that right? If I don’t do it inside a timeframe it comes out of my pocket!!! I got a better idea how about I just shelve World of Warships

    • I think that part is going too overlooked. How are we going to know how to spec when we have no clue how anything is going to perform on live server yet? Even if you spec them within the time frame you’ll likely end up having to re-spec some of them. Do we get to pay doubloons or elite captain XP for that re-spec, or do we get a grace period to see how it works? They’ve been very vague about it.

    • Are you actually complaining you are being given free respecs so you can mount new captain skills for CV and anti CV and maybe no need for coneal expert? Do you want WG to also give you a handjob too for free?

    • +TheAllaksion They’re the ones completely changing the game. They kinda have to let you respec captains or a lot of people would just quit right there. Not all of us have a ton of elite captain XP and there’s no way I’m spending cash on a bunch of doubloons to respec captains so that ships are usable. When they completely change the mechanics of the game there is no way for people to know how to spec because we don’t know how important the impact of certain skills may be under the new meta.

    • +TheAllaksion i am complaining about exactly what i stated. Kindly keep your jackoff fantasies to yourself.

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