0.8.0 PTS Cruiser Anti-Air Explored – World of Warships

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Discussing testing of Cruisers in 8.0 with the Minotaur attempting to understand how my Anti-Air works. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X British Cruiser Minotaur Replay

https://playtogether.worldofwarships.com/invite/OwzqAkj – Warships Friend Invite

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  1. 8.0 : decline of wows .

    • 2019;year of the carrier because there wil be no other ships playing anymore. They can better change the name in “woc”!!!

    • I hope it will just be decline and not near instant death >.< People will come back and see the new carrier system but once they see how shit it is they won't stay but neither will anyone else because aside from being mad strong, new CV are also boring AF to play >.<

    • I skip to wow classic this summer WG can screw away.

    • Well WoWs started to decline when fires started to be too frequent and the fire DMG since is too high

  2. Welp defensive AA is worthless.

    • Yeah I was going to say the same as Declan, it’s not just def AA, it’s AA period. Also, unknown unknown you post that everywhere, are you a WG employee or have you just not tried it?

    • +Unknown Unknown That’s kind of the point here, is whether or not it is “well enough”. Seems like the majority here, even some of us cv players, don’t think it is. Nerf to AA in the same patch you buff cv’s? Yeah, that makes sense.

    • Nah, not on the Minotaur in this video at least. You just gotta do a better job at switching sectors than Noster did here. Gotta switch early, predict their flight path. Can’t switch as they fly over head or you’re doing 50% AA damage instead of 150% for 7/5 seconds. He spent most of the match at 50% damage.

  3. You should just give up on trying to make this rework good. Every player should. Force them to “rework” the rework.

    • They will never do that, and they can still salvage this from a balance perspective I’m sure. It will still be very boring to use, but at least it should be possible to make it less broken than the current system

    • +ainumahtar Like this comment if you doubt that.

    • just tweak the current system instead. plenty of things can be done, but they didnt even bother to try

  4. For an AA cruiser you kill so few planes. That worries me. New Cv’s looks so broken. Hope Wg limits the mm to one Cv per game, if not the game will suffer badly. The unlimited planes is a mistake.

    • Not only there is no such limitation, but WG wants to open the game to 3 or 4 CV per match maximum (Assuming there are that many in that tier range looking for a game)

    • There are three things WG must do to make this work.
      1. Increase the AA damage, with an AA build you have to kill 3 to 4 planes per strife to make it worthwhile.
      2. There must be a punishment for losing planes, I would suggest a increase cool down for each successive squadron launched in proportion to the total planes lost(excluding fighters) i.e. 3 seconds per lost plane, 10 planes downed = +30 seconds with a max penalty of 90 seconds thus by end game a carrier having lost 30 or more planes must wait 90 between launches.
      3. Remove flooding from plane dropped torpedoes because the multi strike system makes dmg conning flooding near impossible.
      Get this post viral, I don’t even want credit just fix CV’s

    • He sector’d way too late, gotta start sectoring well before the planes fly over you…not after. Because of that he spent most of the match doing 50% damage instead of 150%.

    • +Francois424 Well, they are removing the odd tiers for CV’s so it will probably be at least 2 per side each game at the least for awhile, I don’t see 3 or more being a problem at peak times at tiers 4 to 8.

    • +ainumahtar So you wonder this happen, it happen before WOT/WOWP same game destroyd extrem next wows now. #deltedgamefolder #uninstal #boycotWG

  5. yes, this rework was is so bad that will push people way from the game

    • No. You know what will? Your (plural) constant whining.
      Just stick to low tier. No radar, no hydro, rarely carriers … just aim and shoot. Dealing with anything more seems to be too much to ask for.

    • +Ivan Buncic <---- CV player.

    • +OneofInfinity nope, I play all classes

    • +1LRLRG All player dont play more BB DD Cruizers. come one guys unlock ur cv and play only cv, it will fast change again be wg. 😉 when evry one play only CV haha

    • +TV FALCONS I have never played a CV and am just working on playing against them and seeing what the game play looks like now with the community contributors playing the test in 8.0. But from the looks of it game play will be so toxic with a carrier in play, I mean if you cannot kill any aircraft and the carrier gets unlimited aircraft what would you expect players to do against it. Sit in the back and kill anything that comes at it, unless a team went as a total group to try to kill it the CV is basically invincible, not sure what you call this but to me it OP and game play will suffer.

  6. so you shot down 20 planes out of infinity…. is it good? i dont know 😀 switching AA… lol Im unspecking all my AA full anti dot build once this comes alive because AA lost like 60% of its power… at least 😀

  7. I’m really getting worried about what the state of AA is going to be, I’ve seen nothing that has given me confidence in playing anything other than a carrier. Right now there’s a huge imbalance between planes and AA and unless it’s fixed it’s going to make playing ships absolutely unbearable
    Edit: I have also noticed that the ship AA does not react well to planes entering the attack pattern as the AA kinda stops tracking effectively and I don’t like how the AA seems to ignore the planes not involved in the attack run

  8. this rework will end world of warships no dd players as have no aa and stealth is only thing keeping them alive no bb players just become turkey shoot for cvs just few good aa build cruisers and a lot of cvs a LOT of cvs THIS WILL END THE GAME

    • Mind you its not easy hitting dd’s with the new carriers due to how nimble they are and attack runs arent oh just launch now, theres a fair bit of lead up and waiting to get the full aim.

    • +Zer0megaXX you have a point but watch the flambass video with a full aa build gearing uses all def fires didn’t shoot a single plane down all dds will have zero defence from carriers with the new rework I just wish they would give a limited number of planes and boost the aa so at least you have some defence from the carriers with full aa build

    • +Peter minshull Im not saying it dosent have its flaws, but the lead time on the attack runs is quite high, and usually the cv can only spot a DD when overtop which isnt enough time to start the run AND hit reliably, your spread would be worse then a BB’s dispertion at far range.

  9. After watching these 2 new vids on the incoming cv rework I cannot believe this shit.
    This will break the game, end of.
    Wargaming if you want players to stay you’re doing it wrong big time.
    Why build ships for AA if it does nothing for god sake, I mean I have AA on all my boats but it will be totally pointless in 8.0
    Balance and more balance please Wargaming.
    Happy New Year Notser

    • +Ralathar Renares r/woooosh

      I was counting the seven-second switch. The TDBs were still dropping a full squadron _before_ they passed overhead (well, obviously…) and _after_ the seven-second period was established. Not long after, but after nonetheless. You’re right that Notser wasn’t reacting quickly enough, but all this highlights is that _he_ wasn’t given enough time to react quickly enough. In other words, seven-second switches are too long. Make it three seconds and AA-spec cruisers might be able to do their job in a constantly changing 3D space.

      The major issue was the incredibly unpredictable nature of the spotting range of aircraft. Couple with CVs currently being able to constantly drop you every twenty or so seconds, and we end up with a rebranding of all the old arguments — “CVs OP, plz nerf”.

      What you’re choosing to ignore is that his own response time to actually noticing the aircraft was two or three seconds, plus seven-second switches, and this leads to aircraft appearing overhead _only five or six seconds away from target_ (I slowed the footage to x0.25 and timed it) which does not give a surface combatant enough time to switch, let alone re-switch. We’re looking at anywhere between ten to fourteen seconds where AA will always be at 50% strength because of how rapidly aircraft can approach overhead after being first spotted, allowing for a 2-3s reaction time.

      The simplest and best solution is to reduce the AA switch time from seven to three seconds. This will account for player reaction times and the extremely good concealment of incoming aircraft over terrain.
      Terrain will be the great equalizer against torpedo bombers, but is strictly an advantage for rocket bombers and dive bombers since they don’t care about arming distance.

    • +Dylan Wight Aye, basically you should get 1 full sector focus if ambushed by focusing away from them immediately and 2 if you see them on the minimap. After that you should switch to nuetral. I still think 7.5 seconds is a good default AA time for all ships not spec’d (including BBs). But I’ve been advocating 5 seconds for AA spec’d ships.

    • +Ralathar Renares perhaps BFT and AFT can be cganed to provide 10% and 20% switch reduction respectively, in keeping with the other effects of the skills. At any rate, the current values are hugely in favour of CVs, if for no other reason than because they risk so little if they botch a strike.

    • +Ralathar Renares yea those boys were really tough

  10. lol minotaur full spec AA does less AA than PEF … a tier 6… ok…

    • In PEF without MFCAA against a carrier two tiers higher than me, I got ~30 plane kills.
      In rework AA spec mino against same tier carrier gets 20…
      This isn’t ok.

  11. This looks completely broken, rushed and untested

    • +ReplaysLeague Actually they haven’t ignored the feedback. The most actual bugs have been worked on, its just some people think that listening to them means sticking to the RST/status quo, plus most people hate change.

    • +Chris Parkin Okay yes bugs has been fixed well most of them atleast but things like AA and the lack of control are a few of the things they seem to ignore

    • I don’t hate the new version as much in and of itself it’s just the fact that AA is basically completely useless in the current balance they have for it, not to mention the fact they do at least as much damage (but not just in one giant alpha strike) as they did before, so people will still get completely annihilated by CV that can now also not miss anymore because all their attacks are so accurate even DD can’t dodge them (excluding torps, of course) except they can’t do anything against it at all anymore. Before if a CV decided to delete an AA cruiser at least he’d lose planes. Now he loses nothing. That is what I object to, not “change” in general.

    • +ReplaysLeague You can get around the lack of CV hull control, but yes the AA (especially on dedicated AA cruisers) needs to be fixed.

  12. sector selection does not make sense. what does your crew run from one side to another? you only have enough crew for half your guns?

    • +General Cartman Lee WG made it so you can’t shoot AA through islands, but have made the sector system such that your port side AA can shoot through the ship’s superstructure to support the starboard side? Brilliant, WG. Just brilliant. /sarcasm

    • AA firing directors, how do they work?

    • Because you need time to inject your AA crew with drugs

    • +Neil Birchall If they change/buff the AA, and you want to keep the same DOT then you need to up the alpha strike which puts you back into the same issues as we have at the moment.

    • +Chris Parkin Or you limit the amount of strikes, have 1 strike per launch or you could leave things as they are now and take away strafing to level the CV player playing field. Personally I would go for one strike per launch. It has the best of all worlds. You can dynamically select the launch loadout, you can still spot for your team and still feel as though you are involved in the attacks; normal ships wouldn’t have to spend 3/4 of the game changing direction and AA buff sides, and teams would be able to complete objectives without being having their health chipped away by infinite aircraft attacks.

  13. So basically, our AA is more useless than ever not to mention they can be destroyed, and CV has unlimited planes? This is gonna be really bad. Also that reinforcement thing…nope.

  14. Think I’m gonna stop playing for a while. I cant stand carriers at the best of times. Now they taken something that was broken and tried fixing it with a hammer.

    • I’m a CV main and this is just… Trash, I mean playing as carrier looks sooo boring, and it’s far too OP, no real enemy fighter squadrons, no real AA and infinite stock of planes that can be Called from the moment on you change the squadron PLUS this is a PvE because you play as a CV only against moving ships…

    • Yes Darren dissapear is healty

  15. So full AA Mino gets only 20 plane kills… goodbye to all non AA ships I guess? It’s really sad…

    • would have gotten more if he didnt spend half the game switching sectors and then swapping sides. also, he’s not full AA

  16. CVs now barely have any risk even when attacking a cruiser like Minotaur…
    Unlimited planes + Underwhelming AA, ye right, double the fun-slaying for a rework

    • Plus your AA modules are still feeling destroyed over the course of the battle, making you less effective against planes. CVs on the other hand can waste planes over and over until you came defend against them anymore. As a Worcester player who tries to AA bubble other players, this is infuriating and makes me want to just sell the ship.

  17. I hope WG has success with Blitz and Legends, the mobile and console version of WoWS – because with this nonsense, they’ve just killed off their PC customer base. For all the data they collect on their games, it seems they’re still totally clueless about what their customers want – or perhaps they really don’t care about what the customers want, as long as the maximum amount of money rolls in. Or perhaps a better way of putting it, an arrogant attitude that they can tell the customers what they want and expect the money to roll in regardless, “THIS is how the game WILL be setup, you WILL play it the way we tell you to play it, and if you don’t like it, don’t let the door hit you in the ass, otherwise just shut up and give us money”. Sad to say, plenty of other game companies seem to be taking a similar attitude of late.

    For myself, WG has seen their last dime from me this holiday season. What’s the damn point of buying premium ships, and the camos and flags to use on them, if in a month’s time the game is going to completely change, and it looks as if it’s going to be a complete PITA just trying to play them?

  18. is this WoWS open beta? o.O

  19. In this system, I would not switch the AA to either side. Once the CV strikes you from one side, he flies over you and strikes you from the other. In the end, his planes spend about the same amount of time on either side of your ship and switching them takes too long to be effective.
    Bringing back the old “click the enemy planes” would be a good idea compared to this load of garbage.

  20. Terrence Anderson

    +dareios rossos if the CV has unlimited planes then AA does infact do nothing. The more planes a CV loses the longer it should take to spawn a new squadron.

  21. Karina M Marquez Saldaña

    I hate u unknown unknown …. all thi s is wrong

  22. it DOES take longer for a CV to respawn destroyed planes. You cant launch 9 torp bombers straight after losing 9 torp bomber, it takes time to regenerate those planes and you have to chose a different type of plane. Additionally to say X is useless becausse Y is infinite…well then, using that logic, main guns have unlimited ammo so ship armour does nothing.

  23. That’s to bad, I was going to get back in the game, but AA crusiers are my favorite ship to play.

  24. It needs 200% buff

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