0.8.0 PTS Destroyer Anti-Air Explored – World of Warships

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Testing how effectively a can defend from incoming enemy aircraft attacks. Hope you enjoy the discussion and have a wonderful day!

Tier X American Destroyer Replay

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  1. Now the cvs aren’t the problem, it is how inadequate your AA defense is. Ships won’t be said as having better AA than another ship, instead it will be said that your AA is a better at doing nothing than another ship.

    • +D Grayill try help you out here because clearly you have no fucking idea what you are talking about!
      1) the whole point of the game is to exchange fire from anywhere on the map!.. stupid comment.
      2) how do you know what i want?? do you think you are a god or something?
      3) correct.. i hate been cowardly attacked from the rear.. cv or other.. if a SHIP is able to get behind me, so be it as its my fault.
      your planes just fly overhead and one shot us and we are helpless to defend…. cowardly god complex!
      4) dd’s cant get rid of scouts, they are too fast and agile… and cv’s do a dd’s job better than a dd can! so we dont need dd’s if we have a cv!.. stupid comment with no dd experience to back it up!
      5) all the lines require you to do multiple things at once. how do you know if i am lazy?? .. spoken like a true cv main! and god complex!
      6) i dont own a Mino and i dont have a fat ass!.. wrong again dipshit!
      7) the other ship lines have to do scouting, ship placement, other team member positions, spotting distance, firing distance,
      spotting torps and dd’s, defending against fucking planes, angling against AP, HE spam, providing cover for your team, knowing when to push and when to hold back, when to go stealth or when to fire, the list goes on.. and you thought cv’s had to do a lot.. lmfao!! .. you wouldnt know cause your not even playing the same game as us!
      8) Is there some rule that says bbs cant go solo or is it just your god complex making up imaginary rules??
      9) dd’s know we are not safe ever!.. thats the thrill of playing dd’s, high risk high reward. if you ever played one you would know that.. stupid comment!
      10) nobody asked for noob proof you wanker!!.. just to keep it fair!

      i really hope this helps you.. it took a fucking long time to type!

    • +D Gray killing yourself is a bit harsh?? but one day you may understand that your type is not wanted in wows..
      “YAY, more attack aircraft please” in a ship game, said nobody ever!

    • +MrSoloun lots of us feel this way mate!.. Sooner the cvs are gone the better!..

    • +Quintiax as a sims player i was semi excited my ship might see relevance. this video shut that down quickly

    • +Quintiax Potatoes will always potate

  2. new CVs are worst idea WG ever had….

    • +Litio 3 not only are you wrong, it has been done. warspite destroyed a german destroyer be literally gutting the thing. with 2 shells

    • +Ivan Buncic
      Are you some sort of sociopath? Look, WG isn’t going to bully away 10% of their player population. Now you’ll have CV cancer for longer, without them suffering from plane losses. Enjoy. 🙂

    • +Quintiax 10% lol? More like max 5% if that. All of these things that people complain about can be easily balanced. The concept itself is great.

    • Quintiax I believe they can tweak the numbers to balance AA and CV flood/fire chance more directly now that CVs have unlimited planes. The CV is no longer limited to planes and cooldown so numbers tweaking for damage and dot should be easier. I am glad Alpha strike is gone regardless.

    • +Litio 3 Yes they never even bothered most of the time as IRL secondaries were as accurate as other guns.(in this game secondaries are like fireworks at new year). So main guns didnt shoot DDs – secondaries did and with good results.
      Also trust me main guns could and did hit DDs getting too close and … those hits were not “overpens” they were dev strikes.

  3. So the Kidd looses a huge amount of its flair and identity, and AA Sims will be useless. So sad.

  4. I actually liked the old system.

    • +Chris Parkin That’s a subjective point of view about the “old way” being boring, since plenty of people found it satisfactory. However, the re-work that’s being displayed here is *objectively* bad and worse than the old system.

    • Spineking Jørgensen

      +Chris Parkin Its boring for you. Sorry i like the RTS genre and no bias but u cant just say its Boring. Its not a fact. Some people are engaged.

    • +TOWexpert1 Yay, you want to get into objective arguments 😀 “Plenty of people” is incorrect, the active player base of carriers was too small (less than 5% of the total population from memory) that’s the main reason for the rework. Objectively, more of the general population prefer the new version (most do also see the need for further refinement) FYI you need to discount the vocal minority of those who like playing the RTS version, as while they are more than 50% of the comments that I keep reading they are still 2.5% (Half of 5%) of the population. Say we lose 1/2 the current CV players, but gain 10% of DD, CL and BB players – you end up with over four times the current # of players.

    • +Spineking Jørgensen Yes, its my opinion that the current version of CVs is boring, but it’s also backed up by statistics. There are far fewer CV players than are needed to make the game work (its sitting at around 5%).

    • Spineking Jørgensen

      +Chris Parkin That is true. I see that players that play wows obviously keep playing the game because they like the playstyle expect CV’s are completely different which makes them not play that class… You’re more in the right actually since more people find the old system “boring” than those who dont.

  5. Yeah, Full AA speck Minotaur 5 planes shot down with sectors reinforced in a 20 min game, didn’t feel the AA was there at all and the continuous DMG in AA is a joke as high tier planes are so fast they wont stay long in the AA area for it to take effect at all

    • +D Gray DMs get deleted by Midway AP bombers now quite often. Full AA builds are not that worth atm when you might see CV 1/10games. And about mino well when they are spotted they get deleted quite fast since its so easy floating citadel. So mino got strengths and weakness quite balanced

    • They are straying too far from real life. DD should be almost impossible to dive bomb. If they are hit the damage should be catastrophic. Any squad that strays into a BB flak area should suffer so many losses as to make only kamikaze attacks viable. That’s real life. If I wanted to play arcade I’d play wows on my phone.

    • +Jerry Glaze All those mentioned ships are strong in non CV games. If you think they are only good for AA then you must be solid sub 40% WR potato. I hope you were just drunk after New Year party when making this comment.

    • +Mario wow its a Unicom player trying to stay sham. Wow so impressed.

    • +Jerry Glaze indeed because its natural for human being to justify things we dont understand. In my case I cannot comprehend how someone can find DM,Worcester and mino useless outside of AA job. Even worst among worst can see merit in using those ships in non CV games. I though maybe you were drunk and incoherent when you made this comment. Sadly my worst predictions were true and its not just new year hangover but common potato. Happy New Year!

  6. Happy New Year to you and yours Notser!

  7. If we let this change happen it will ruin the game…

  8. Issue is that cv is only class that is not punished for playing badly… you mess up in dd here is your -10k, you show broadside in your cruiser? here is your devasteting strike, you sail in straigt line in bb? here is your torpedo salvo…. ho you lost last three squads in enemy AA? here is another… maybe this time it will work…..

    • +D Gray Did you even watch the video? Everybody here is referring to the current state of CVs in PTS, myself included, and the video itself plainly displays a full AA spec gearing failing to kill a single plane despite burning every single DFAA charge available over the course of the game. An earlier video shows notser’s full AA Montana barely put a dent in loitering squadrons with its own AA, only really successfully demolishing squads with the catapult fighter.

    • +elmateo77 WUT?!?!? really? u sure?

    • +Kris K Punished by plane loss. Ok. You ever play carrier? Punishment is an understatement. If you are in a t6 carrier vs t8 it is near impossible to do anything. Same for t8 vs t10 the AA is devastating. Now I would not mind strong AA if the planes would not be gone. Lets say if your flight makes it back the reload timer will be normal. You lose all planes it takes longer. Something like that. But not as it is now. And not as it will be. Both are bad.

    • Christopher Jonasson

      Yeah they need to have a 5 minute delay before the next squad can launch

    • +Monty Well it was in one of the test versions, not sure if they’re keeping it in the final version.

  9. again this rework is crap. start realizing it

  10. I don’t want this system at all. Please Notser rally the community and stop this from happening. I can’t believe WG thinks this should go live!

    • they wont let facts interfere

    • +Andreas Loefke I think that the fix to all of this is that most ships should get an AA buff or planes get lower HP and everything would be balanced. Btw if you don’t go solo you will see that with just two cruisers in close proximity planes get shredded even now.

    • +Schwidere almost all wanted and still want the CV rework. That doesn’t means it has to be THIS kind of CV rework. This is going to be pretty lame, boring and frustrating.

    • +Nightrapture again. this is what notser wanted =3 I did not like the rework by the 2nd testing period. meanwhile this guy who’s not a CV main.

    • Spineking Jørgensen

      +DKP555 True. There was a Moskva behind an island and I in my Salem decided meh I cant pen his deck or casemate contrary to the Missouri behind him with lots of 32mm but I shot the Moskva to help my BB and jesus christ i got 4-5 K salvos everytime and the best thing is unlike a BB player he was not used to HE spam. He began reversing and shooting at things and when got too stressed charged out from the island even with his angling succumbing to the powerful guns of my allies

  11. This feels scary, I hope my favorite game isn’t getting ruined. Happy New Year.

  12. So one of the arguments Wargaming gave for removing stealthfire was it created situations of a player feeling helpless and unable to do anything.

    That is the exact system they have created here where a CV can sit on the other side of the map, completely immune to damage, and apply constant pressure to ships. They can just suicide everything they have due to the asinine infinite plane supply and there is no risk to the enemy ship or their ability to be useful.

    This rework is 6 months of testing away from being playable and they’re going to just release it and drive a significant number of players from the game.

    • +Lord of the Noobies Yup while your readying some tb planes your rocket planes your suiciding on the worcerster is knocking it AA out so when your next suicide TB planes are ready they kill it. Yup its balanced no issue there. Infinite planes v Limited AA modules and Def AA

    • I don’t care how long it takes him to ready a new squad. Because I’ll be dead. If all a cv has to do is trade squad per ship it’s pretty predictable.

    • +Monty idk why they arent going the WoT route and just making consumables infinite with an overall nerf to cooldown based on consumable type (so bbs cant spam heal at the back of the map) or something. its an easy change that keeps all ship types relevant through the whole match.

    • +MrShudragon no no no … no WOT stuff please. Gold ammo, stock guns not able to pen other ships from any angle, horrible economy, clutchy spotting mechanics.
      WoWs is far from perfect but taking ideas from WoT – please no !

    • +Mario I don’t think they can screw this up like WOT. boats can’t have enough armor for the gun sizes they mount. It sure as hell looks like they are trying to, but ship guns vs ship armor…. We won’t be getting into the stock guns can’t pen problems.

  13. Squadron miss their mark? No worries, just immediately launch another squadron. This is no risk damage farming at every other classes expense. Carriers continue to ruin the competitiveness of this game.

    • No need to launch a squadron right away. If you miss, swing around and try again. In most vids, players are able to get 3 good passes on a ship before they run out of time.

  14. Give me ONE good reason of why CVs have unlimited airplanes.

    Just ONE.

    • +SuperIby They tried and wasted 7 billion dollars on zumwalt

    • +SuperIby Old school battleships are too slow and vulnurable, and modern missile destroyers are too expensive to operate because of high costs for the missiles they need to shore bombard. Problem should be fixed once we sort out the railgun’s teething problems

    • Maybe they should have “unlimited” airplanes. But they need a downside. The problem is always that these “God players” sit in their end of the map and can not be punished. Maybe their ship HP should be linked to the planes shot down?

    • Because now IJN captains can more accurately replicate the Divine Wind. (I didn’t write history. I just repeat it.) @ snowflakes

    • +Jerry Glaze planes already had unlimited ammo the planes themselves should not be unlimited.

  15. CVs have infinite planes, and this is the AA we get… WTF wg

    • +HW Clor If you cluster together there won’t be any torps or rockets to worry about.

    • The more I look at this, the more I sense that this is all wrong. They have succeeded with gameplay that allows not so skilled players as today to succeed as a CV player. It looks promising. But the CV have NO downside. They will wear down any other player in the game. Now it will be actually worse, as they do not even lose planes. If you are a slow moving target with a bad turning circle ….. And on the top of that …. this is the AA you get….. You do not have to be very imaginative to understand that players do not want to play slow-moving ships anymore and if they do, then we are probably going to see way more long-range sniping than ever.

    • Bring Back Stealthfiring….. because that’s what this is.

    • 99CCFF756e6b6e6f776e6578696199CCFF647072746c646b

      I hope they just copy/paste Navyfield 1’s system. FUEL SYSTEM

    • They aren’t exactly infinate. They take up to 2 min per plane to recover if killed – you can still deplane a cv and force him to wait a long time for next strike, but the manual AA system is absolute shit. I played the new cvs and the rework is garbage. T4 is the worst experiance i had in this game, they want to increase the population but you have to play with absolute trash.
      T4 just do noting , no damage at all. T6 is OK, T8 OKish and T10 is straight OP.

  16. WG sold the Kidd as an AA-platform, wonder how it will perform in the new set up.

  17. Judging by Notsers tone of voice, I think this patch is slowly driving him insane. Though at this point I think the entirety of the community feels the same…

  18. I specifically purchased a Kidd for it’s aa …..will I get a refund?

  19. AA speced Gearing WITH DFAA fails to shoot down ONE plane – meanwhile the CV has UNLIMITED PLANES and if it decides to, it WILL KILL ANY DD!

    This is just so broken and wrong that there has got to be NO WAY this change goes live without a MASSIVE re-work – if it goes live like this and CVs start to be everyhere, I MIGHT JUST SELL MY ACCOUNT!

    • +Chris Parkin current….it really was an awesome move on the RED CVs part….and I complimented him on it.

    • +Pikko Zoikum OK on the AA buff….Notsers not seeing it. And Time limited not piece limited means Suicide squad is the best strat then. You want to run them planes through the mill and get them shot down so you don’t have to wait for the return flight times before readying a new flight. So you want ALL 110 planes possible to play a roll in the match. Ideally they don’t come back. Burn and Turn. At most I’ve seen maybe 40 or 50 planes shot down in the current meta. And if AA is nerfed. As Notser is demonstrating in this video. That means 75% will reach targets. So how is this not a HUGE buff for CVs? I agree with your premise. The only limitation therefore on planes is the time length of the match. So it is a defacto limitation.

    • +OCTOOZZY No, that doesn’t work with suiciding. Planes are returning while dropping. So, while you attack with the rest of the squad, some planes are already returning.

      If you suicide your first squad, you will have to reload them in 10-14 minutes. You wouldn’t get them back in time. The reload is long. The AA is not strong enough right now, but as I said, they will be stronger in future. If you suicide all your planes, you will have to start your squads without the full number… And at some point your squad will have only 1, 2 or 3 planes.

      Just an exmaple: If you waste all your flight deck in the first 5 minutes, than you want be able to start full squads. Are you wasting them as well, you want start any squads or just single planes… Is one torpedo bomber a threat for you? ;D

      Just to clarify: The AA is getting a buff. What Notser is showing, is not the future buff of the AA (guess we will see it in test round 2 of PTS)

      It makes no sense to talk about that, the CV rework is not final yet. They are working on it. And they will keep working on it, even after the release of the 0.8.0 patch…

       Here is the link, please read it : https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/absbr2/psa_080_pts_aa_and_cv_vs_other_classes_balance/?ref=share&ref_source=embed&utm_content=body&utm_medium=post_embed&utm_name=eccca709f2eb4347a4b0f21cd75a46b8&utm_source=embedly&utm_term=absbr2

    • +Pikko Zoikum so you’re saying it takes less time for a squad to return and rearm then for a new squad to be readied? That I can deal with. Honestly if they just modeled the ships historically and realistically the game would find it’s own balance.

    • +OCTOOZZY True, nobody would play destroyers, only battleships and Carriers. ALso the AA of destroyers and Cruisers were weaker than the AA of battle ships.

      How it works with the flightdeck:
      The Midway has a flight deck of 14 Torpedobomber ready for take off. The reloadtime is 90s per plane.
      The Midway can start with 9 planes, until then the reload of flight deck starts.
      The Torpedobomber approach a target after 1 minute, 3 bombers attack and return to the carrier, while the squad stays there. Lets say after 30 seconds the first 3 bombers return to the Midway, while the squad is still attack with other Bombers.
      The flight deck was 14, 9 plane took off, so the flight deck has 5 planes loaded. Than in 1,5 minutes one bomber is reloaded. So the flight deck has 6 planes. Than 3 Bombers return and the flight deck has 9 planes loaded. While the squad is still perfoming an attaack.

  20. That ‘sector’ AA system is pathetic. 15%? I wouldn’t even waste the time setting the sector for a measly 15% increase in DPS. This is just a lame little mechanic that is supposed to make you ignore the fact that WG isn’t about to spend any time actually re-balancing the AA on every ship like they should be doing.

    I’ve been playing since Closed Beta, and if this rework goes through as is, I’ll delete the game from my PC. Trashing every other class of ship in order to make CV’s more approachable is NOT the way to make treat long-time customers, WG.

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