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Checking out the updated 4 torpedo which received massive nerfs when the CV rework was first launched. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Japanese Carrier Replay

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  1. I wish that the airplanes had machine guns so I can strafe enemy planes as they fly past my planes or maybe have a player controllable fighter squadron to actively hunt enemy bombers with machine guns

    • @Jay Laforge it was the scenario of the community needing to learn and get good the listened to the whiners and look what its done takes a CV 5 minutes to kill a BB planes melt to death balls its so unrewarding to play the damn things you literally have NO CONTROL OVER THE BATTLE. I see idiots who will move heaven and earth to dodge a shitty little CV torp only to loose 50k to the Yamato they just turned broadside too.

    • +ArrrToo Deetoo in the beginning I used to do that.? when 0.8 was introduced. Not because of the damage, but because of potential flood, it used to be a death sentence.

    • •_Lumia Art_•

      Plus machine guns could take out unarmored AA mounts on deck

    • Being Dumb I can agree with that I never played but a few games past Bogue because I couldn’t figure out the straffing mechanics plus it kinda bothered me a since of realism that I was just turned off from it but at no time did I say CVs shouldn’t exist even though I was not good with them past tier 5 it just wasn’t for me at that time I probably could have and would have learned it in time.

    • ArrrToo Deetoo personally I’ve been trying to adapt to how players react to me as the CV when I play to set my team up with a nice broadside it doesn’t always work but then they have to take the torps or a full salvo of bombs as long as my team wins is what matters to me I just want a way to defend my team some how with fighters or maybe even planes that drop a smoke screen but then at the same time they need to reward xp for that which was and issue in the old version too

  2. SlendyMcTendies

    WG doesn’t care about who’s affected the most, they care about who cries louder.

  3. The bots clearly did not enjoy the match

    • Yes, all they’re doing is driving straight. They must hate their life so much, as they’re perfectly Imitating the “potato-style” of gameplay from Live. Of course, potatoes that drive in straight lines shouldn’t be punished by torpedoes, they should be protected by nerfing the players that can line up torpedo shots on straight-line targets! Yah, that’s the ticket!!

  4. What you are proposing is literally rts cvs…. players don’t like having to use their brains.

  5. For defensive , I’m thinking about fighters as independent squadron and controlled like the old RTS via map

    • Would you want them be able strafe or just auto attack based on proximity like old low tier CV’s.

    • I really like that idea. I do as much as I can with the existing fighters but, unless the enemy CV is completely distracted, they are way too easy to avoid.

    • I like it, but problem is in random not many people would use them. Why use fighters and basically nulify one enemy ship when you can go and do damage? Not mentioning rewards for defending your friends have always been pretty crappy and not rewarding at all.

    • Rather than fighter bots, why not just make it so the CV actually directly controls the squad. The mechanics would be the same as other attack squads but they’d just damage aircraft instead of ships. Good CV’s will field their fighters to actively shut down enemy CV’s and defend their teammates. The one con (according to WG) would be that there’d now be a skill gap between the CV’s but I think that’d be outweighed by the benefits this would bring to the game. Those being, more interaction between CV’s, more utility for the team, less time just straight farming damage (possibly) and brings a layer of depth to CV play that it’s sorely missing. They’d have to make aircraft kills just as profitable as doing damage to ships for CV players.
      They could also adjust the CV loadout to prioritize using fighters. Leave the initial prep timer on attack squads while fighters can be scrambled immediately. Have fighters replenish slightly faster than the attack squads. They could slightly reduce the damage fighters do and reintroduce the reduction in accuracy effect fighters had back in the RTS days.

    • +Dakababo I think you could just make the fighters like old CV’s you can click where you want them to go and just have them auto-engage when in proximity to enemy squadrons. The main issue right now is that the fighters are to easy to dodge because the can’t actively chase enemy aircraft.

  6. Dude you did all that damage against BOTS. Stop it Notser.

    • This guy is a hypocrite, he is thinking about how to please the majority of the community. He doesn’t care about game balancing, You really think He doesn’t know the difference between bots and real players?

    • Just a random Horse.

      I’ve quite literally been farmed in my Des Moines by tier 8 carriers, and not once since the rework. I’ve also lost games to the amazing idea of carriers being 100% safe from damage and the battle tucked away in a corner consistently farming damage with no risk because me, carrying my team the hardest I possibly can and kill nearly half the enemy team, using AA, keeping cover over my allies with said AA and taking caps in a ship that’s not even made for caps is clearly OP and broken, I mean why should player skill matter after all. Crazy thing to have in a PVP game. I’m glad I stopped playing, meeting people like you in my matches after I literally do mountain moving actions in most ships I play only to be told “get good” , “just dodge” , this is “balanced” and stop complaining or the great “Stop playing the game if you don’t like it” is beyond ridiculous and frustrating. And in fact I did stop playing as I’ve been advised, fun fact, I have no other option to wows that is similar to the game. So this whole idea of “just quit” after spending 4 years of your life, and thousands of hours following a game and concept you love is a-fucken-mazing I might add. Thanks to WG , for being yet again a pile of dogshit at balance and making the game work, and especially thank to you guys that keep saying this stupid shit only reinforcing WGs dumb ideas.

    • Ser Garlan Tyrell

      AA isn’t skill based.
      Sector reinforcement works against you half the time, most ships don’t have defensive AA and battleships aren’t exactly known for their manoeuvrability either (not that it really matters when the carrier can drop 60kt torpedoes about 0.8km from your ship…)
      So it doesn’t matter if he’s playing bots or not.

    • Just a random Horse.

      +Ser Garlan Tyrell Isn’t it funny how these so called professional players cannot look at the bigger picture and stop being dumb and overly worried about how shit they are at playing CVs, thus requesting them to be easier to deal damage with because it’s “oh so hard”? I’ve noticed basically every CV player / idiot like this always wants more power for CVs. They really don’t care what CVs actually bring to the game, the meta they produce and their effect as a whole on gameplay, what they care about is their own match and feeling dominant as fuck. Nor do they dare to admit this because they wouldn’t want us to “know” , although we do know… Shame really, one good game ruined by idiots as usual.

  7. >carrier farm dmg is bad
    >carrier spot is bad

    Now what in warships do you want carriers to do.

    And yes ACTIVELY MANEUVERING MATTERS. ESPECIALLY FOR IJN CV. USN CV bombs can literally hit anywhere and they do damage since HE. IJN cant!

    Also for god sake people is just complaining too much. Im alr accustomed to this update and alr actively playing shimakaze. HOW DO I PLAY IT? STAY WITHIN 5 OR 6KM OF YR TEAMMATES. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A PLACE TO SCRAMBLE BACK TO IF YOU ARE SPOTTED.

    A DD can stay stealth and spot the entire game with no BB counterplay is fine. But DD with no counterplay against CV is not. God I love the hypocrisy.

    • Thats too hard for people that cant muster a average of 30k damage over several thousand matches.

    • Hmm ever thought about the possibility of manouvering in a bb to avoid dd. That’s already enough counterplay to render a torp dd useless and the average intelligence bb captain knows sailing in a straight line for 3min isn’t good for their health. And no it’s not just dds that have no counterplay to CVs it’s EVERY CLASS IN THE GAME.

    • Fermin Horacio Guerreiro Arenas

      He has to make content for the average viewer of his channel. Bashing CV = free views

    • DD players dont understand what hypocracy means.

  8. >cv is too op
    >got into a t10 match with solo t8 cv
    >planes got shredded for spotting
    >nerf cv pls

    • yea idk what people are talking about either, with the exception of HE bombs

    • This is Notser’s take on CVs. no matter what WG does, they need to be nerfed more until they’re utterly and completely useless.

    • Akihito Koizumi

      Don’t forget your team complaining about you not doing anything and then complaining when your planes die and so you couldn’t do anything anyway.

    • Wilson McDonald

      The problem as I see it is that tier X CV’s are too good while all the other CV’s are either just barely good enough, not good, or just straight up garbage. I do agree with Notser though that they need to re-examine the role of the CV because right now it feels very undefined compared to the other ships in the game.

    • >Lex HE dbs are capable of decimating dds and cruisers or even battleships in a single bombing run
      >WG: lets nerf all the reticles, despite some of the cvs db can barely do anything
      >Graf zep Planes can go 260 knots when boosted, spotting everything in the first minute of the match
      >WG: lets give all cvs a service penalty, as well as nerfing all (except Japanese) engine boost


      >hakuryu has dbs that do 25k damage in a single run, as well as torp bombers that does 27k damage against the best torpedo protection ship
      >WG: this looks like a job for me

  9. Defending your teammates doesn’t work. a lot of times they move out of the coverage of your fighters. Even if they stay in it the enemy can zoom in and out befor the fighters aggro. Its only for a min. Now the DDs that ge wrecked all have one thing in common they are all on their own. It drives me nuts that people complain about having to play as a team in a game about team play. Stay within 6 to 7 km of your fleets, boo hoo so caps won’t get capped within the first 2 min of the game. You keep that distance and you can duck into the most effective AA of the big ships. Its the same principle as the RTS mechanic when the CV would loiter their fighters over a DD or set up cross drops you get close to your allies. Ask yourself why are you alone? Is it because you are chasing the CV? then you deserve to get blapped by him only a moron whines when they get killed by a ship they are trying to kill, it the epitome of childishness to demand that another ship can’t hurt but that’s an old hat.
    Are you alone because your team mates melted around you? Newsflash the CV did not kill all of them, either they were that bad or the reds were just that good but again not the CVs fault. Are you alone because you rushed the cap? Ever since radar has been introduced that has been a high risk high reward strategy, if you are doing it now same thing high risk high reward.

    The rework is fine, the skill lvl for CVs was lowered so that anyone can play them that also means that people who are good can be amazing. Using CC gameplay as the meterstick and saying that it is the avg for CV is stupid.

  10. This video is like showing us a yamato farming easy damage in co-op and claiming yamato is OP . Yea reality in randoms and competitive is much different.

    • Yeah we said the same when 0.8.0 was in PTS…then Hellkuryu happened

    • I think your missing the point, a Yamato has to work to get high damage (or your enemy has to be stupid). A CV can do this against humans consistently with little effort, that is the problem.

    • Isaiah Sherrill

      +Anthony Hovens Look dude, I love baseless anecdotal rhetoric as much as the next guy, but do you have any numbers to back that up? Because the stats I’m seeing on NA show only the Audacious having a higher dmg per game than Yamato, and she’s still fifth in line. Hakuryu’s 8th and Midway’s 15th. “Little effort” my ass.

    • +Anthony Hovens first go play some CV and then come tell me how “easy” it is.

    • +Expied Time just like any other class

  11. You take full dmg all the time, this TB don’t have dmg reduction when atacking and also their heal only heals 50%.

    • Ser Garlan Tyrell

      Because if you take a torpedo amidships where you have torpedo defences, then the damage counts as citadel damage, not regular damage. So you have a choice whether to take full damage and a flood on the nose which you can repair, or slightly reduced damage and less chance of flood to your citadel but you can’t repair as much.

  12. What the point?
    Bot wont maneuver
    Bot wont sitck sith aa
    Bot dont do def aa
    Bon wont do priority sector

    • I agree that testing them against bots is useless.
      On the other hand,Def AA is pretty much useless (CV will still have enough HP to drop at least twice),only a handful of ships have good enough AA to matter and maneuvering out of the way of bombs/rockets/torps is nearly impossible against a semi-decent CV player.CVs are garbage.

    • ​ tunnar79 BS, I spec non AA dds full AA and kill at least 30-40 a match while surviving most of the time. Building AA only works if you build Completely AA, with modules and everything. Not picking 1 module and 1 CT point and call it done… it doesn’t work like that. Also maneuvering doesn’t work? If you maneuver wrong, then yes, it doesn’t work…. 0.8.3 has been pretty balanced apart of the Midway DB’s. This coming from a DD main…

    • +Nico Cosyns I call BS on that,random stranger,or you’re just farming fighters and planes that are 2 tiers lower than you.
      Also,it’s an utter fuckin waste to spec full AA in DDs when those 30 planes are nothing when a T8 and 10 CV can lose 100+ planes and still be combat effective.
      And no,maneuvering doesn’t work against rocket planes & RN bombers.Perhaps once out of the 3-5 attack runs you’ll dodge,but that still leaves 2-4 attacks that you’ll take.The first is just too accurate and the latter just saturates the whole area.
      If you have to hope that the enemy is an idiot in order to save your bacon,then something’s not right.

  13. Pls..play in PVP…this video give ppl wrong impression.

    • Norbert Daniels

      +jay choudhary It’s not just that the Alpha damage matches that of a Yamato. It’s that the damage occurs on more salvos (attack runs) percentage-wise and that there are 4 opportunities within a Yamato’s 30 second reload. This is ocurring all while not suffering enough consequences for the frequency of the damage. it’s unbalanced to be out damaging every other class in the game by that quantity. That is the argument being made against the play from my perspective. The Midway, at least, can’t do that much dmg per match on average.

    • +Norbert Daniels now that is a logical take on it. I agree

      What i can say is
      I play a CA i can end up dealing 0k to 200k
      But i play a cv i definitely deal above 100k no matter what . That can be frustrating .

    • Norbert Daniels

      +jay choudhary I feel the learning curve of the new CVs is causing some to be frustrated with them. You have to know what AA does what, and how each of your attacks can be maximized for dmg, when then depends on which tier and which nation. With the other ships it’s “AP broadside, HE angled,” for the most part. And that’s when I realized Notser was right and that as a CV, I’m always trying to do more damage rather than something useful for the team.

    • Yeah… I can do 300k dmg in coop vs just bots in any t10 ship, does that mean they are all broken? Look at these planes being busted up from unspecced aa from ships that are completely alone in almost all of the match. When is the last time you saw a team not ball up?

    • My issue is if it comes down to a 1v1 to win the game. Every other ship can counter each other in one way or another. Of course each situation will favor on type of ship or the other. If it’s a 1v1 and one ship is a CV, there is no counter. Unless you happen to be in a mino and just need to survive to win. I shot down 50 aircraft in a Texas one match. Most of which were in the last 5 minutes. It was a two CV match. I was able to kill one but the other got out of range because our CV wouldn’t spot him and then himself died to the CV. I just had to survive to win. Even though they were just T4 CVs that suck. Even though I was full AA spec. The aircraft just kept coming. It didn’t seem like I had made a dent in available aircraft. Even though most off their aircraft were getting shot down enough got through to start fires or floods and whittle me down from just under half full hp. I may has well as just turned off my AA to save us all the time.

  14. skilled player iam not a skilled player if the rules are ment to change in every patch

  15. Clubbing Bots: claiming CVs OP.
    Great, whats next?

    • But Indeed CVs are OP mate until annoying levels have been deleting my account after 0.8.2
      Most of you guys (as majority) not talking everyone are not team players you are concerned about farming damage not supporting or spotting and in addition to that you have all the tools to abuse the game mechanics (slingshot, sharp angled turns and strafes) and most surface ships has their aa nerfed the fuck down and cant get deplaned and you think its not overpowered? For fuck sake mate stop being a whimp go into a surface ship and after you felt the power talk to me. Try it as a dd you will se what im talking about when you will get divebombed constantly

    • +Flllopakk yesterday kraken on my khabarovsk with 2 midway’s in the enemy team. Git Gud Scrub!

    • +Flllopakk Not sure what your problem is “mate”. I’m still playing all classes and still can provide feedback, since I still play the game unlike you.

  16. หลัง สวน

    test with bot then call its OP . lol so dump

  17. Great! The midway has its overpoowered 20k HE drops while the hakuryu has its 20k torp drops.

  18. if you actually do the drops outside of AA range like u say you could on your first run you are going to be hitting like 1/12 torps. these torps are slow and quick to spot. also as mentioned vs bots with no captain skills, modules and a non full lobby yea the AA is lacking. you attacked 2 isolated battleships back to back….

    there are problems with carriers for sure but this video adds almost nothing to the discussion.

  19. Ben Fleckenstein

    Bots use A-hulls… which means not only do they not behave like human players (setting priority, speccing for AA, using islands or grouping together), they also don’t have much of the AA that B and C Hull ships have.

    Play PVP, or it didn’t happen.

  20. The DDs are clearly suffering tho. Couldn’t play with my DDs because I’m constantly getting shit on and I’m out of the game in 3-4 minutes…

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