1.2M Missouri Game 6 Kills || World of Warships

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Player: Yasenpoi
Map: Warriors Path

1.2M Missouri game

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  1. First comment !

  2. First Like :D

  3. Missouri war jeden penny wert das ist echtn taffes Mädel die Kanonen sind
    wie ein Schlag ins Gesicht ?

  4. hello Panzeknacker, sorry for me English, I’m french
    but I want to say I like really you’r jobs, I love so much you’r vidéo and
    I think I’m better in the game with it, thanks verry much !

  5. Steven was not getting enough sleep lately, I`m afraid. Someone make him
    some coffee.

  6. sturmpanzerwagen ATV

    3:03 ‘MERICA!!!!!!
    yeah, didn’t see THAT ONE coming, did ya, Tojo!

    say hi to Uncle Sam
    right here
    fuck yeah
    XD the Mighty Mo strikes back!


  8. Sabbath D. Cayman

    > Loses his shit after watching that first salvo.

  9. Missouri is a gorgeous warship. Hands down the best looking vessel in the
    game. (next to her sister Iowa)

  10. we not play the same game,
    all your ennemies are full broadside and nobody shot at you. noob premium.

  11. Is it me or this guy talks like Trump?

  12. You make so beautiful videos Panzer -) and you are pretty brilliant in
    these war games. A slightly Op boat” Gj sir

  13. Legionaryeagle England

    Dis this the high tier voice over for US ? It’s so annoying .”……..WG
    you need to change it back

  14. garuburn the raging pheonix

    The uss Missouri is in wows now I have to go get a computer and download
    this asap

  15. the first kill epic

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