1 bloody Citadel to Ruin it all – World of Warships

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I’ve been staying away from WoWS a lot lately and focusing on the game that made me happy, excited, smile, laugh and enjoy. That game is ofc Tarkov, but because I know how much YOU guys enjoy watching my World of Warships videos I decided to play WoWS 1 day before I leave and get some content for you guys over NY.

My God was this experience horrible. I almost regretted it all, and this was the only match worth showing.

It is unfortunately in a CV but it’s a damn close match.

Enjoy and have fun watching and have a happy NY flambaHug 😉

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  1. Happy new year flambass & everyone.
    Mr.gibby’s mic is in fact little too far but flambass’s game sound is too high. I can barely hear him, let along mr.gibby!

  2. Your cruisers/whole team at the end threw it
    Although I think your reluctance to use the rockets on zao yammy and go for bombs might’ve been a mistake. Saw it could do 10k and a fire on zao

  3. Press F for the Bismarck, That’s usually how my game goes!

  4. Christopher Jonasson

    Agree with Gibbins, it was a great game

  5. Jules Lemuel Katada

    The reason why i watch flambass is for that salty moments 🤣

  6. I don’t think RNG was the issue here. The issue was that the ship with the biggest guns in the game couldn’t penetrate a CV from 13km.

  7. That wiggling ZAO was me. So proud to have caused you so many problems! It was so much fun. Happy new year, flambino!

  8. It’s like England on penaltie shooting, everyone knows how it turns out 🤣

  9. I’m with G here – that is exactly how I want every game to go – right down to the wire. I hate blowout games.

  10. Sad thing is you can’t complain about CVs when you played a CV yourself that game!😅
    Who lives by the CV will die by the CV!

  11. Manjunathan Ulaganathan

    oh man I love when CVs go down, i actually was rooting for enemy to sink flambass.

  12. Daniel Söderlund

    Mr Gibbins is right. If would have been a done deal there in the end, the game would have been broken. As it was now, the small little chance the cv won that fight happened. Next time it will not be the same case.
    It has to be able to happen this kind of “shit”. Not too often of course. But it needs to be able to happen.
    It was one of the most exciting games I’ve watch in a long time.

  13. Great game regardless of the loss. Nice change from the standard 5 dead after 5 minutes landslide now a days.

  14. New Year’s Day – old rant again! You guys are EXACTLY like these two guys, Statler and Waldorf from the Muppet Show, LOL. Happy New Year!

  15. Wow, you really get some players online on that EU server. I rarely see more than 120 on the NA server anymore.

  16. Olav Handeland - Piratpartiet

    Awesome battle. It sucks to lose, but this was exciting. 😉

  17. Great game but Gibbins was right, even if that DB didn’t citadel him there was still time for another strike from the CV before time ran out.

  18. That Zao had less health than I did in my last Aigle game, though he didn’t have the luck of the game ending right before the enemy carrier could finish him off like I did

  19. That game was really close but, also Shiki not being able to pen a CV is kind of killing my soul

  20. Yes, I agree! With BOTH of you! F. R.n.g. & yes that was a 1,000 times better than any 10,000 blow outs !!!

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