1 Outta 30 – World of Warships

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1 memorable game out of 30 x_x


  1. First video in years hahaha, forgive me if anything isn’t perfect 😀 Looking forward to reading your comments!

  2. Lick Kitty Split

    The guy I learned from on how to play WOWS. Great to see that you’re back hope to see you out on the sea soon

  3. This was an awesome game. I’m glad we managed to carry it, and it was the most fun we had in years.

  4. Welcome back, dude. I really liked how everyone in chat saluted you at the beginning lol. I can’t wait for your boat talk streams on Twitch!

  5. Glad to know you’re doing good. Good luck in school. Maybe one day you’ll be showing us architectural designs of ships on here.

    • I’m done the naval arch portion, so I’ll already start talking about ships hahaha. The Masters is just pushing me into more higher level stuff

  6. It’s awesome to see you again dude. Big hype.

  7. Dang…just cool to hear from you! Glad you’re “real” life is going and growing well. Still here for ya…

  8. YES. Please give us more detailed info on ships and the industry. Im becoming a patron just for that.

  9. It was nice getting to hear your voice again! Glad everything is going well for you, hopefully I can see you around on the NA server sometime.

  10. Hey Chase, would be cool to know more about your boat building and engineering knowledge!

  11. Good breakdown of the match. Congrats on your achievement, helluva first step. I never unsub’d hoping you’d come back, thanks, looking forward to your new approach to content.

  12. Colonel David Davenport

    IChase – Welcome back and Congratulations! I am looking forward to watching any of your content! I think your idea about naval design videos is a good one – Again, welcome back my friend!

  13. Welcome back. Must say that your guides back in the days were very much appreciated, and was what I used to learn the game mechanics and various ships. Far better than the guides WG put out.

  14. Welcome home ichase, glad your back!! I am looking forwaed to the new vids you mentioned about making (updated how to’s). Even though the ‘how to play” videos you’ve already done are excelent, some are outdated. But weather you get around to making more now or not welcome back to the game…..

  15. I mostly have always watched your videos for the WOWS content, both educational and the more just for fun/cool games. Even the videos where you talk with a game in the background I’m always in for. Less likely to watch more technical ship analysis, not super interested in that area overall, but will still check it out and see!

  16. Welcome back, iChase. Your channel was the 1st one I got into for WoWs.

  17. I’m glad that you’re including material on real-life ship design. I like the subject and have several of Norman Friedman’s books. And I play WoWS a lot. Looking forward to your return to YouTube.

  18. I hate to say I thought Covid took you out . I, glad your back. Your guides made me way better in the day . I’m glad to know that you were just studying and not dead. I look forward to more Content now.

  19. It’s good to see you back, hope everything goes well? 😄

  20. Grand Admiral Raeder

    welcome back iChase – I will be fascinated to see your take on various aspects of naval architecture

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