1 Potato, 2 Potato, 3 Potato, More! (World of Warships Legends Xbox Series X) 4k

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  1. Awesome video Spartan! Keep it up!

  2. Nice video! I guessed around 69 million potato’s

  3. Spartan do you still use e-op?

  4. hey spartan me again… I just want to say I love your videos and than you for being so persistent! keep up the great work

  5. Nice love the Cleveland snice I live Ohio! Also what’s the next theme week no rush but just asking.

  6. I always defend my side no matter if am by myself one time one player told me he wasn’t going to fight the side because the game is not about winning for him is about hitting as many times possible get as much damage and die go to next one and repeat 🤣🤣 I was like wtf is wrong with you you can do all of that and still win

    • thats not great but at least it sounds like he fires his guns. some peeps seem to just want to boat around the map.

  7. Amazing Cleveland work! I thought all of these ships only sat behind islands and HE spammed

  8. That was a nice dodge on that Nelson ap. Run away…run away.

  9. This is what cruises players should be instead of the ones that hide behind a rock and spam he

  10. I started to wonder when I will get the chance to play with you Sir. Awesome game again 👏 👌 😎 👍

  11. The truck would be Traxxas Xmaxx right, when you drove it across the swamp

  12. That radar visual is clean. Had no idea they added it. Makes me kind of hype to get my Series X whenever I am able to find one. I also love when DD’s think they can hide in a smoke screen with a Cleveland around. I mean execute termination protocol absolutely fits bc I was in a Cleveland and this Yudachi thought he was gonna be sneaky and cap D flag with me right there. I was like “Wait, not today sunshine, it’s time to go back to port.” Reversed, initiated operation Radar and well…It was the equivalence of Deadpool killing the mercenaries on the highway. Good game Spartan.

  13. Could you play the Baltimore again? I love that ship

  14. Quirky Bark32919

    You should do a pan euro weekend as a blitzy theme week and the new one

  15. Every team sport looks at video after the fact to analyze the X’s and O’s. The best use it to get better. Man don’t apologize for that. If folks can’t get that, go play Tetris.

  16. Wish I had more enemies like those 2 cruisers, just throwing their lives away like that to me. But alas, fate is cruel, it’ll keep giving me trash teammates and above-average enemies.

    Most of the time now, the game feels like it can only be won with 85% individual skill, and 15% teamwork. If you’re the only good player in your team (which is frustratingly almost always the case for me), then your team is doomed to lose the match.

    Literally had a domination game with the Akatsuki where we won, but all 7 kills the team had were only from me. And no, none of those kills were kill-steals. After the cruiser and battleship decided to ditch me on our side of the map, I singlehandedly won our side and got 3 kills, 1 DD, who like the Maass in the video, popped smoke for no apparent reason, so I just sent a wall of skill at the smoke and killed him, 1 CC who tried looking for me so I dropped a fake smoke and watched him beeline for it before dropping torps to kill him, then torpedoed a battleship humping the island. In the 4 minutes I did that, half of my team just died. As soon as I made it halfway through the map and started detecting the enemy, I was completely blown away, not even a single enemy had lost a quarter of their HP, “What the hell have they been doing on their side of the map?” was the only thought I had. Only reason we won was because I managed to torp 4 more of them to death when they were trying to take our caps, continued holding them off from our caps and won on points.

  17. Dakotah Anderson

    Sadly I have been in a battle that has just been me and all other 7 were sitting there🤨😒😪

  18. I got the Cleveland in War Thunder recently and she is amazing, I noticed a lot of similarities to how she plays in World of Warships legends actually. She can universally club the shit out of destroyers and unleash a hellfire of 5 and 6 inch shells all while being decently survivable.

  19. Игорь Чебан

    Dear Spartan, was proud to play with you today one game, I even felt nervous, yet, we won the game, you were on Yamato 🙂

    I tried to shout out to you, but I guess you were muted the chat, in any ways, you doing great and hope to see u in game again 💪

  20. Hey Spartan! I was just watching some of your older videos and I was wondering if you’re ever gonna do some more story time with Spartan videos. Got a good laugh out of those!

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