1 ship Navy – World of Warships

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There is not amount of carry you can pull sometimes to help your team win.

However, at the end of the day, some teams srsly do not deserve to win so it makes it easier to bear.

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  1. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    Ah yes. The sequel to the series “One man Army”

  2. The last time i was this early, Jingles was a young sailor in the Navy.

  3. If you want the game to make sense, just wait for the submarines

  4. Meanwhile… my torp hit rate is 8%

  5. Now i can perfectly understand that other video you did about future proj
    ects and such. Gl with that.

  6. 13:13 Not often can a Fiji boast about sinking a battleship with HE shell.

  7. I know that Asashio’s pain at the beginning spotting enemy DD and no one fucking fires at it.

    • You what? Even the BB’s where shooting at flamb. The Alaska pushed down to radar him after the Asashio found him.
      He had all the backup he could get.
      I would much more believe you know his pain on trying to flank a radar cruiser in open water with no escape.

    • @Bonde7280 He was spotted for over 10seconds by the Asashio before he counter spotted the Asashio and not a single ship fired at Flambass.

      When your in the ship tied as the stealthiest in the game and spot and you get nothing from your allies till the DD your spotting starts shooting at you they aren’t backup.

    • @Ushio01 All the ships backing up the Asashio had much longer than 10 second reloads and other ships they were shooting at. You can’t expect battleships to always be ready to fire the instant a destroyer is spotted.

  8. Last time I was in Croatia was in Slav Brod in the mid 90s…nice country and some good people…

  9. That eye roll was PRICELESS.

  10. That chat message was the game in a nutshell

  11. Theokolese The Shadow Of Death

    I am 100% convinced that the Dev’s at Wargaming have a contest to see who can implement the stupidest ideas into this game. That is the only possible explanation. Nobody can be that incompetent and consistently wrong unless they are doing it on purpose.

    • There is an old saying….never underestimate the power of human stupidity.

    • maybe is just natural incompetence. if the high up are incompetent everyone hired will or just weak leadership.

    • It’s kinda the same shit I’ve seen Gaijin do, they’re only in it for the money and that’s all that motivates them. They feel compelled to add new things to keep everything fresh, but it rarely helps matters. I don’t know how they manage to never get anything right though, at least Gaijin makes a decent move every once in a while. You throw enough shit at a wall…

    • @AIRPLANES even a broken clock ir right 2 times a day they make the miracle of dodging that everytime is a skill i give them that.

    • When a develvoper begins by using the biggest buff or nerf sledge they can find in their toolbox,,,, Thats what WG is.

  12. Richard Hutchings

    Talking about pestilence, you should team up with Pestilly for some Tarkov team play. That would be epic

  13. The title is actually the nick of a player I once faced on the NA server. He erased all of my frikkin team in his godam Neptune.

  14. That enemy Lyon name: DrThorPedo LMAO

  15. I think preventing spotting is a generally good idea for CV. Dont change how they see ships themselves, but for allies simply put the ships on minimap (like for cases when they are outside ships render range) and dont render them for allies. Like if DD gets spotted at the start and you are BB, you know DD is there and where he is, but he is not rendered and you cant shoot him accurately.

    • not a bad idea. though the more experienced players will not find it too difficult to still land hits by using the aiming circle that appears on the minimap. but at least it would improve survival chances of spotted DDs, I believe, so still worthwhile

  16. Sometimes I ask myself, do my teammates even have a brain and use it?? Sometimes I wonder.

  17. Me whenever ‘Flamu’ gets 6.9km from any ship: *N O I C E*

  18. Funny to hear Flambino talkin bout Wargaming like they prioritize things “making sense”.

  19. Fleury Jean-François

    It did snow in North-East USA on 1st April on high elevations.

  20. I had a whole week of games like that one. when you realize that its the loose on 5 min

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