1 Step Ahead! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X)

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  1. Never clicked on a vid faster

  2. First comment

  3. World Wide Productions

    No views and 4 likes! Good job Spartan!!

  4. My question is why is the Atlanta firing AP
    Edit: I guess my eyes are bad.

  5. I’m happy that you’ve found some success and fun doing youtube. Keep it up man

  6. Got the Iowa finally

  7. All the fish

  8. Nothing better than 8 torpedoes hitting a ship

  9. Mitchell Erickson

    Got 217k damage in the Iowa yesterday. Beat that Spartan! ?

    • Mitchell Erickson

      @dgeneratio1 yeah sounds like a no win scenario. I’ve been playing semi aggressive with the Iowa lately and it’s been working out. I’ll usually try to engage between 10-15 km. I definitely get more consistent damage and end up with 120k or more. Not to mention it’s far more exciting lol

    • Mitchell Erickson

      @Tim Brant I took a screenshot on my ps4. Just not sure how or where to upload it lol

    • @Mitchell Erickson just giving you a hard time bro. Check out the World of warships legends Community on Facebook. It has 5.5k member. Great group of guys.

    • Mitchell Erickson

      @Tim Brant oh ok cool lol I’ll have to check it out. Thanks meng

    • @Mitchell Erickson no worries.

  10. Well played!

  11. 6:22, If i had a Hydro i’d be running that in Atlanta as has a long duration to see Torpedoes.

  12. Hey spartan, I know it hard for u but can u upload more pls. But keep u the good work

  13. “Hold these for me” ???

  14. So you recommend the American line of destroyers first ?cause I’ve only just switched from WOT for the change and been at it for a couple of weeks and love the cruisers, they remind me of the medium tanks ? but was wondering which destroyer to start with

  15. 82nd Steel Talons

    There she blows captain!!
    There what blows?
    The Iowa she blows up good from torps ??

  16. It’s go big or go home on that map

  17. Lol I love shooting wide range torps at other destroyers in my Kagero

  18. Is the Admiralty backing worth what they want for it ?

  19. I was one of the one of the Atlanta players on your team (LTGrimm)

  20. That was gorgeous!

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