1 TEAM 4 MINOTAURS in a CLANWARS =) World of Warships

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  1. Yan Lou David Song

    dumb enemy

  2. Not bad 😛

  3. do battleship normandie

  4. Patrick Joergensen

    Would’ve launched torps at that DM way sooner while I still had the health 🙂 But otherwise interesting.

  5. I wish we meet them in cw and they have the same 4 minos setup

  6. Only loves CW cuz they give you a chance to reset skill points

  7. On today’s weather forecast, heavy rain of 6 inch armour piercing with thunder and lightning. Remember to pack an additional 30 mm of deck plating to keep dry on your way to B cap.

  8. Hidemburg and Des Moines shooting HE….. T.T

  9. We used 4 Minos, because this game was the last of the day and we wanted to test something spushul. It was very funny and an experience we often think of 🙂

  10. Good player, but the enemy Dems were pathetic.Just by the line up they should have lost lol.Skill>ships I guess.And that radar was useless btw.

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