1 YAMATO vs 12 Minotaur – Damage Saturation – World of Warships

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Yamato vs 12 Minotaurs [Training ] Saturation – Broken Mechanic?

Player: ScorpionTank111
Ship: Yamato
Map: Open Ocean

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  1. Mehmet Onur Erçetin

    one yamato vs 10 cleveland or atlanta

  2. But if any of those shells hit the bow section it would be a dead Yamato
    within seconds. Regardless, this is a pretty ridiculous mechanic.

  3. How do you get the training room?

  4. looooool

  5. its raining

  6. Αρης Γαβριελατος

    there was a hell of a storm

  7. Why does he not die at 2900 hp ?

  8. Wie kann man so ein battle machen ? danke im voraus

  9. OMG i love your fucking intro of the videos!!! Are freaking awesome. How
    did you do thouse ones????

  10. *Yamato pulls into dock* Dock hand asks ” wtf happened to you guys?”
    captain says ” don’t ask…”

  11. This is wet dream of BB players.

  12. Thanks for uploading. Can’t belive someone actually watched that. I thought
    it was funny and was worth sharing so people can try that when they are
    bored 😉
    – ScorpionTank111

  13. 30.5+million damage potential XD

  14. 25 pens, 21 ricochet?

    British cruiser armor OP, WG pls nerf.

  15. Bet that was fun, I’ll have to try it I think :-)

  16. This is absolutely sick. :-)

  17. Dark Prelate Mohandar

    1 word: Cancer

  18. I actually lost it once the damage counter stopped at 2900hp while
    constantly raining shells.
    Also I imagine how much explaining the Skipper will have to do at Port to
    the repair crew. “Dude you ship has more holes in it than Swiss cheese.”

  19. LOL, now that you can exploit to your advantage hehe…

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