100 Super Container Opening | World of Warships

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These are the Super Containers I got from the 8th Anniversary of World of Warships Event. I had opened 5 of them in a 1 by 1 format, and then the remaining twelve, I had opened them a few hours before by accident, and opened those 95 by clicking open all. This is a highlight from Twitch, and as you may have noticed, and therefore, sarcasm is used in this highlight. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the video, and if did, leave a comment or a like. Also, if anyone would like to ask me question about the ship, you can join me on twitch/discord/youtube comments, and if anyone wants to know any of the builds I run for T8, T9 and T10 ships, they are available on discord, link below.

00:00 5 Super Containers
00:58 95 Super Containers


  1. This is Wows letting down the players again! In 100 super containers and no ships at all. What a waste man. Thanks for the video, now I will spend my tokens on Bayard, since I don’t have her, and Bayard is a really good ship! Big fan

    • The reason he got no ships is probably because Malta owns every ship lol

    • he said he has all ships, of course he didn’t get one
      i got a tix prem in 25 containers

    • @UnshiftedCobra7if the SC drops a ship that you already have, you get another ship or compensation in doubloons, so no, there weren’t any ships.
      Edit for clarity: compensation doubloons are shown separately, it’s like when you get a patch you already have.
      Edit2: you only get compensation if you have all the SC ships, otherwise you get another from the same pool. Thanks @perfectpotato_eu4129

    • @András Dosztál Wrong. If you get a ship that you already have you get another one of the same pool. If you have those already you get one from a different pool. The more ships you own the better. The times where you get a full compensation have been gone for about what now? Five years?

  2. Got all 110 and got the last two ships that were possible from the crates which were the Malta and the Bazan and I made it to the “500” club today. Overall a nice anniversary giving the versatility of the SC contents. Stocked up on flags pretty massively. Prior to that I got a welcome back package with a Tier IX and VI container which netted me enough Dubloons to get the Johan. Sometimes..just sometimes the game pays for itself.

  3. I’d argue that opening them all at once is actually better, because it gives a much better feel for what you can expect to get over 100 containers…

    • thats got to be the most mind numbing thing ive heard all day. The end result is the end result, which is exactly what you’d be basing your “feel” on.

  4. is there a mechanic in the containers that you are guaranteed to get a ship after a specific amount of containers? like the Christmas containers?

  5. This is the exact amount of patience I have lmao.

  6. The shortest openning in the wows univers

  7. Lmao my commitment level irl 0:56

  8. fucking knew you were gonna click the open all

  9. Malta: I’m going to open them 1 by 1
    Also Malta: gets bored 5 containers in
    Well played, sir 😂

  10. So Irian or Vanguard?

  11. out of 50 i got ark royale and bearn…

  12. mechanical engineer

    I opened 15 only, 1500 steel, 1000 doubloons 3*75.000 captain experience and flags I guess is good… big fan

  13. Watching this video is the most second usefull think I did today, thank you, big super ultimate fan

  14. I did open them (110 SCs) one by one the classic experience. And I got 4500 steel, 75k coal, 7.5k dubs and 63 days of cringium time (I also don’t need it). Surprised that you didn’t get any research points (I got 3k).

    • so true ran out of prem time and have a hard time going back.. 3 years it took me to run out after buying a year 1/2 off in 2019. then subs and just plane shit development RF4 FTW

  15. 53 containers and no ship or steel… GG WG.

  16. 6k steel 4.5k rb points 100k + coal something like 300k fxp and at least a month or two of crapuum time. Only 3500 dubs iirc. One was a ship ripoff drop which really should award more.

  17. that’s so satisfy to open all hahahaha

  18. So funny…” Iwill open them one by one”……One minute later got bored & opened them all, classic 🤣🤣🤣

  19. Thank god you didn’t open them one at a time lol

  20. Horrible rates after the “rework”

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