108 CLEAR SKY – Minotaur – CVs Nightmare || World of Warships

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Player: Takimoto_Hifumi
Map: Loop

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  1. Wait, how can he aim in one direction and fire in another?

  2. LOL even a AA Build Des Moines woul be green of envy of that Mino…Annyways decent replay

  3. I pray that midway was a bot

  4. is this exp record?

  5. Who’d be a CV driver now? AA is ridiculous.

  6. Now this is fleet AA defense. First time ever I see a Midway de-planed.
    Also at 16:05…WTF? You team is losing and you are BORDER-HUMPING with FULL HP?

  7. How the hell do you level a CV to tier 10 and still play it like an inept newb who just started playing 2 days ago?

  8. SithLordmatthew

    There is a game defect that does need to be addressed. Lots of ships have dual purpose artillery where secondaries or main guns can fire AA or at ships. But for some reason they have never addressed the fact that the game allows both to be done simultaneously. If your firing at a dd how the hell are those same guns shooting down planes at the exact same time. You can see this happening in this game around the mid way point.

    Wonder what Yamato AA would be like if they ever allowed her main guns to fire the bee hive ammo they had. Yes her man guns had shot gun ammo for planes it of course destroyed her riffling but when your fighting for your life you do what you got to do.

  9. LOL at the number of bounces off that midway’s deck ;p


  11. nme team calls gg with a present, but afk mogami, now thats a good sport.

  12. Risheen Mukherjee

    does anyone other than me think that AA and secondaries being completely automated is a little… wrong?

  13. Really this is a good game? Do nothing, spam, stop and the AA works alone, Really.. Really royal navy is hard to play?
    pfft, easy ships.
    the true cruisers is In German or US.

  14. I got 300+ planes shot down, In training mode.

  15. Rip my score 😛 GG btw

  16. Wtf 2 battleships in the game ?

  17. wie geht das ohne zielen mit der hauptbewaffnung zu treffen ?

  18. Excellent.  I am always happy to see a CV get absolutely wrecked and this did not disappoint.

  19. Did he have manual AAA?

  20. Yeahhhhhhhhh

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