10k Subscribers! Thank you Stream! World of Warships Legends / World of Tanks Mercenaries

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  1. The salt is strong with you my friend

  2. This stream was so funny

  3. Sorry had to leave early. Wife decided her chore was more important than you tube.

  4. 3:14:59 I know this pain…. *pure rage*

  5. Love the content bud ty for all your hard work and congrats on 10,000 subscribers gg sorry I missed the stream was in the Hospital.

  6. Jackmerius Tacktheritrix

    Congratulations on 10k may the sky be the limit!!

  7. Wolf ScheiBe WOT Console

    Congratulations to 10k. Amazing! ??
    Really glad for Your channel and You!

  8. Congrats mate. Onward and upwards.

  9. Been there bud I havent even made it past tier 3 in wot and it’s been on my xbox for 2 years now lol but in wow I have over 70 ships I guess I can tell what one I like better get some cough drops and get ready for some more videos bud

  10. I left the house but my Xbox didn’t turn off. When I got home and turned on the TV, it was playing your stream because YouTube just kept playing stuff from my feed. You were playing tanks at the time and I thought no was playing a really old video or something!

    I’ve uninstalled WOT from my Xbox and I’ll never play it again.

  11. Why on earth didn’t you switch to HE in your Iowa vs. that destroyer?! ?

    Edit: oh you just explained why ?

  12. My biggest annoyance with this game, is BB’s hiding and sailing away from the action! Pisses me off

  13. I must have a LOT of bacteria in my guts then… ?

  14. Lol. The split second lag has been a thing for the past couple of weeks. Not all the time but enough to be noticeable.

  15. The lag is bad..I thought it was just me

  16. Got to love the lag when u run a death star I know the pain makes u want to break your controller

  17. Division up for your streams with your friends…

  18. Haven’t played world of tanks for 3 years ..looking good still ..

  19. I got to this point 3 years ago with WoT. Not fun anymore.

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