120€+ Engineer’s Gate Loot Boxes Opening | World of Tanks Waffenträger Projekt Hyperion

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Opening 120€ Worth of World of Tanks Waffenträger Lootboxes (Engineer’s Gates) Tanks – New KJPZ TIII Jäger, Jagdtiger Prototype, Object 283 and the CS⁠-52⁠ LIS, the ShPTK-TVP 100, the M-IV-Y, the Object 274a, the T54 Heavy, the Strv 81, the ISU⁠-⁠152K, the FV1066 Senlac, and the K-2. World of Tanks Most Dangerous Tier 10 Tank Destroyer Waffentrager Auf E-100. World of Tanks WAFFENTRÄGER: PROJEKT HYPERION Special Event 2023.

So, let me show you, what rougly 120€ worth box opening can give you in the new Waffenträger event. Opening 155 Engineer’s Gates.

What do you think?


  1. Okay, so the WTF E-100 comes with 4 skills, but all are locked and the generic starting skills. At first I thought thats nice, but after I found out you can not adjuct those it’s quite meh. Altho, all the WT E-100’s are the same at least, on the battlefield.
    Anyway, did you buy them AFTER watching my video? Worth it?

  2. Grats on your demounting kit for 250 gold mate

  3. Edvardas Jakutavicius

    That demounting kits roll OMG

  4. 04:12 To me, that is the biggest F-ing piss take ever. If you re roll you shouldnt get the same item, it’s unreal that they allow it. This is the first time I will be skipping boxes in WOT because their rules are terrible.

  5. WG has succesfully made me not participate in 3 whole lootbox events this year just because the prizes have been so terrible 😂😂😂😂

  6. I trained a crew for the rental Waffentrager E 100 last year and did not retrain them after the event. I’ve been using some of them in the E25. So they are still trained for the WT E100. But now I CAN’T retrain them. I was going to train them for Ferdi. But I get an error:
    “Error:Unable to retrain your crew member: the tank has a unique permanent crew.”
    To reiterate, this is not the new special crew; it’s the crew I trained for the rental a year ago.
    Bonus FU: I can’t put the crew back into the E25 either.

  7. Congrats DezGamez!!!
    I’m still waiting for my ticket to be resolved as I got 3 prems out of 75 “keys” but sadly ALL DUPLICATES and not a single one of the three new ones — and the worst part, I didn’t even get the crew or compensation for the dupes! 🙁 … really annoyed by that right now 🙁

  8. I bought for around 45€ (1x 4,5€ kit and 1x 40€) and got isu 152k, m-iv-y, shptk few 3d skins, boosters kredits etc. I think that’s not bad at all for 45€. 😀

  9. Fett713 aka Mando Dragon

    I bought a 25 pack, and somehow, I got both new tanks and the 3d style, I’ve used up all luck for the year I suppose.

  10. I really, really wanted to know what would happen if you re-rolled your 50th draw and premium tank 😅

  11. Before you started, I did wonder how many demounting kits you’d get.

  12. Jean-Philippe Morin

    Make sure to play all those waffentrager games you got in rental before the end of the event because they will remove it at the end of the event. Happenned to me last time, I was keeping them to play the tank when I want, like the other rental tanks I got that I still have after maybe a year, but they remove3 the rental games at end of the event…

  13. Wouldn’t that be something if WG put the Waffle and Chieftain up for auction but you had to choose one or the other to bid on? How much money do you think they’d make?

    • A fuck ton for the waffenträger. If say 30m a piece at the very least. Depends on how many they will give out. If it’s only 5k on eu server 60m credits atleast

  14. WOW, I don’t think this is worth $2.00. I watched you roll minimum roll many more times than I was willing to buy in boxes…. Thanks Dez, I know now, it is not worth my money in anyway, shape or form.

  15. WG giving you 50 boxes to open is an own goal, as watching you open them and get shafted with rerolls that returned the exact same prize was all the incentive I needed to stay well away.

  16. Went with the 75 gates (re-rolled 17 times) received 5 tanks and the new tvp style. Ahead of the curve big time.

  17. I got Incredibly lucky with just 50 engineers gates. Got 3 premium tier 8’s. 1 with pity and 2 normally. My Luck is just plain good with gambling stuffs like this. I didn’t get to see your video, I actually bought them before the vid :)😊

  18. Bought like 30 boxes. Made it to 50 with reloads. It spawmed ISU shit . I remember there was actually a chance to get premium tank before opening 50 portals. Now it seems it always go to 50.

  19. I just opened 10 boxes just to check my luck and received M IV Y , not a favorable one but will accept the premium tank

  20. Honestly, I love the engineer gates.

    I’m a tank “collector”, the only thing I like wasting money on vehicles. And the WT event has 12-16 vehicles in the starters every year. Out of those, I usually miss 5-6 tanks. I only spend money three times a year, out of which 150 euros on Xmas boxes, 90 euros on WT event, and up to 50 euros on a tank I really like. 50% of the gold I get in the xmas boxes, I save up for the WT event.

    So then I buy 100 starters and reroll them until I get all the vehicles I don’t have. This year I was missing 6 vehicles, got them all in 167 rolls (67 rerolls). 240 euros for 10 tanks (4 from the holiday ops, 6 from WT event), for me that’s a good price. And I’m left with 6k gold and 71 days of premium. All of the other goodies, no matter how good (3D styles from the events) or bad (100k creds, demounting kits, booklets) are just extra icing on the cake.

    I create myself a WoT piggy bank, and every month I set aside 20 euros from my paycheck. That covers the cost of the WT and Xmas gamba crates. On top of that, I allow myself one 50-euro-one-time-purchase per year.

    Due to the boxes in both events, I never find myself running out of boosters (not even credit boosters) – and I run them constantly. I have premium days to pull me through the whole year (from 1st of Dec to 1st of Dec, when the holiday ops boxes are released). I think ~25 euros per month for ~11 tanks and a year of premium is a good price. And all the other stuff is just icing on the cake for me.

    Good luck, have fun, and good fortune if you plan on opening crates!

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