18 inch POWER – Conqueror 3150 XP and KRAKEN | World of Warships

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doubleollie147 X Conqueror
A 205000 Damage and 3150 base exp Conqueror game (using the 18 inch guns) where allies turn enemies, a battleship caps and lots of medals: confederate, kraken unleashed, dreadnought, Fireproof, first blood and detonation

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  1. and yes, he following the shells a lot…. its the way players play their game – we have to deal with it 😉
    gives us an ideah how the guns perform…- think the more shells/ guns still better !

  2. they’ve got to nerf this ship. give it the montana’s old citadel and get rid of the 419s.

  3. FINALLY a 4×2 guns replay on the Conqueror !

  4. TBH I think the 2 guns in 4 turrets look cooler. It just fits it. I loved the replay! 🙂 Hope we can see more of Conqueror with these guns.

  5. Well played. Take a look at the minimap at 6:00 !! Only ship on his flank for ages, not surprised he did well. I think the only reason this game wasn’t an instaloss was the two DDs on the enemy flank, stopping the enemy team from surrounding our allied team.

  6. Conqueror is like Izumo is a Super-Battlecruiser

  7. At least he fired some AP! I bet they mandate the 18″ guns on her as a nerf – more skill required to get hits.

  8. nerf this ship? nah…..

    how about, BUFF EVERY OTHER SHIPS?

  9. The ship is so OP….I wish I had this right now….the range, speed, fires, dispersion, turning radius, turret speed…..so awesome. I can’t start the grind on this ship though. It’s going to get nerfed before I get there.

  10. 2 DD useless, a lemmings train. It’s boring, im sorry but it’s boring….I see already enough ingame.

  11. Finally someone realizing the power of those 18 inchers!

  12. This ship is way too strong.

  13. Lies.. All lies. 457mm = 17.99213 Inches. Not 18! An 18 inch shell would jam in the barrel! As opposed to the 460mm shells of the Yamato, which are 18.11024 inches. True 18 inch guns!

  14. notoriously brit bb prove herself god damn OP again….. just bs… just…

  15. It is nice to see someone embracing the big guns, I hope maybe these guns get a boost witht he upcoming changes to conq

  16. Why the bullet cam all the time, and why is the camera so close to the ship..

  17. Good lord, that carrier on his team was worthless.

  18. the player in chat during this replay whom was being an idiot saying stupid stuff about gender’s and making his opinion of both genders known, comes across as a bitter person who has never had any luck attracting neither male nor female, maybe he loves animal’s instead and relieve’s pent up sexual frustration that way

  19. Wargaming is listing the Conq and 419mm which is 16″ if they want to list the ships theoretical guns size of 457 they need to adjust the stats otherwise the ship is sporting 16″.

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