19 cits Des Moines || World of Warships

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  1. so close……….

  2. Степанов Александр

    Хорошие видео ,титры бы на русском кто делал ) так сказать для СНГ контента

  3. Really I play Des Moines better than him/her

  4. Panzerknacker is PRO

  5. Those last 2 ships were the epitome of worthlessness. At the point of it being 2 v1 they knew where he was…capping…the ONLY play for them is to push together straight at him. He had to be killed or they lose. Both chose…literally chose to not in any way apply their actions to securing the win. What the actual **** over?? Boo boo players…Nutless!! There’s a reason it costs 170k to 190k no MATTER what to repair t9 and 10 ships! WG way of saying…go big or go home! Des Moines played beast…red was eunuch.

  6. Bojan Cvetković

    nice aim

  7. テイトクンスキー


  8. Really… Just 3 more seconds and he could win….

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