2 brothers, 24 players, 1v1 WINNER STAYS – World of Warships

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So we came up with a brand new idea for Sunday Funday.

I took command of 1 team and StatsBloke took command of other team.

We both picked 12 players (4 BBs, 4CA/CLs & 4 DDs – no CVs allowed) without the other commander knowing which ships were picked.

Then we will send ships in the middle channel to duke it out 1v1 without knowing what they will face. Winner stays.

Who ever ends the game with more points WINS.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

OR directly donate here: [https://twitch.streamlabs.com/flambass](https://twitch.streamlabs.com/flambass)

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  1. mine Hindi it is ready lawd …….. TOP tip never ever trust Flambass with any secrets….

  2. Lol Flam’s team chat is the best part of this

    Also, poor Daring 🙁

  3. “I know that sytex I know!”
    *does it fucking again*

  4. @ 5:42 Flambass, after all the games played, you should be able to answer that while sleeping

  5. dude that shima play was intelligence 9000, fckin big brain guy man

    • @Gutter Snipe He smoked up when he entered the cap circle to pretend to be a Venezia’s Creeping Smoke. thus using a mind game to force the other player to close the distance thinking it was going to be a brawl with a Cruiser and surprise torpedo boat shima vs montana point blank is a death sentence.

    • @john love + if he had died immediately the next guy could rush in using his fading smoke as cover

    • @SkullHuntah Great play sir, I wondered what you were doing then it dawned on me, great play.

    • @hardkur Nah, Marceau was a POS for not listening to the rules. Ignorant dumbass Marceau right there. lol

    • @Gutter Snipe I forgot to take the smoke upgrade then it would have been even more effective that is true

  6. That was really entertaining 😀

  7. I have the thought Flambass will keep thinking of new ways to use two brothers.

  8. That double facepalm though!

  9. Domi[MA] - Hill Climb Racing 2

    It was really awesome! Sadly we cant play this without getting to much points because the end with 4vs2 was really interesting. Its a bit sad that the guys attacked to early but still much fun to watch.

  10. There should be a chess match with this

  11. Order And Discord

    Ah yes.
    Pokemon battle with boats.

  12. 6:50 this is good meme material.

  13. I can’t believe I missed you saying “Hindenburg”…. twice

  14. I must say, This was the best WOWS content i watched this year. so fun to watch GGWP

  15. This is a great combo of the Gulag and Sueze canal lol, more plx!

  16. Meanwhile, the enemy team is sneaking around the side….

  17. This is what happens when Flambass’ one brain cell tries to multitask…

  18. And they aren’t allowed to use their main guns

  19. I love how the Bourgogne saved the DM from the torps.

  20. I would be SO pussed off at that Marceau

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